Twilight Isles – Shadow Elf Houses II

   Next up, we have a few more Shadow Elf houses…


  • House Talents: +2 Con, +3 on all nautical skills (Balance, Climb, Knowledge/Nature, Knowledge/Geography, Survival, Swim, Use Rope, and appropriate Crafts and Professions), and Sea-Sense (allows the user to sense the local currents, find fish, tell if they’re approaching shoals, predict the weather at sea, and so on. This also provides a +5 insight bonus on relevant checks).
  • The Aiscaire are – obviously enough – amongst the premiere sailors, fishermen, traders, and navigators of the Twilight Isles. Unlike many of the other houses, Aiscaire prefers to rely on cash and economic power rather than military or magical might – although they try to make sure to always have some combatants (often Veltine, with whom they have tighter ties than most houses) on hand.


  • House Talents: +2 Str, +3 with all dexterity-based skills, unlimited use of invent-your-own plant and plant-material affecting cantrips.
  • The Falaes are a quiet, and generally lower-class, house (or bloodline, since they have little formal organization). Those of it’s members with special training usually focus on either learning to chain together their plant-manipulating magics to produce more impressive results, or on upgrading their power to produce more impressive results directly. While they’re not the most impressive expert woodworkers, or clothmakers, or even farmers, in existence, they’re certainly among the most productive in the Twilight Isles. Falaes workers and slaves turn out quite a lot of the basic goods, and produce quite a lot of the vegetable foods and fibers, in Ishorin.


  • House Talents: +2 Wis, +3 on all intelligence-based skills, continuous Protection from Evil.
  • The Galucof are notable scholars and exorcists, with minds disciplined enough to resist a wide variety of external controls and an inherent protection from spirits. They’re commonly skilled in a variety of magics – and are usually personally insufferable. Born with knowledge that most people would take years to learn, they grow up feeling that most of the other houses are foolish and uneducated – and they rarely outgrow that attitude entirely.


  • House Talents: +2 Strength, +3 Bonus with all martial arts skills, are considered proficient with any weapon they touch.
  • The Narbengyr simply have a knack for combat. All kinds of combat. To a fairly absurd degree. After all, a Narbengyr is not only inherently proficient with any weapon that comes to hand, but can choose two basic martial arts abilities to go with it (to fit their effective skill of +3 in a self-defined art to fit the moment). That may not be an overwhelming advantage, but it’s certainly very convenient – and those who opt to build upon those talents can be quite formidable. Members of house Narbengyr tend to prefer unexpected confrontations. If the only thing to hand happens to be a broom when the fight breaks down, it’s nice to be the only one in the room who happens to both be proficient in brooms and to “know” the basics of five or six martial arts which specialize in using them as weapons. They have quite a reputation for it.


  • House Talents: +2 Cha, +3 Bonus on all charisma-linked skills, can shapeshift to an otter-hybrid form at will, gaining 1d4 natural weapons, +1 natural armor, and a +4 bonus to Balance, Climb, Move Silently, and Swim.
  • The Yesol are a minor bloodline, and – like most such – may disappear at any time. Still, at least for the moment, they’re doing reasonably well as divers, pearl-fishers, and seamen.

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  2. […] Racial Traits). Since the Shadow Elves have numerous bloodlines, here are some samples – Part I, Part II, Part […]

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