Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 29

   As usual, this is a combination of Kira’s personal log and information on what everyone else was up to. After their dramatic escape from the Winter Moon, the Dark World, and the opening of slow-motion discussions with the Sith, there was some time for individual projects.

   Alternate Alys was beginning to want to get home very very badly indeed… This entire galaxy seemed to be full of madmen and incredibly hostile life forms. Perhaps part of it was getting out of the habit of dealing with people, but it certainly looked to her like this particular group was the biggest collection of maniacs she’d ever seen. HOW could her alternate self tolerate it? They actually made the notion of a near-empty galaxy seem attractive somehow… Still, since she was probably going to be stuck here for a little longer – and had plenty of income of her own – she spent some time upgrading her equipment and picking up some databases on technology and its maintenance and on homesteading and colonization and such. If she got back home, she might need that stuff.

   After some thought, she purchased a duplicate set of upgraded gear to leave behind. After all, even if that cartoon WAS bringing in a lot of money, her alternate’s share wasn’t entirely hers.

   Meanwhile. Lazlo was getting his starfighter into real working order. He’d had most of it fixed once, on Tattooine (at considerable expense), and then those blasted Rakata and their Orbs had burned out half the systems again… Still, their base – and the Furripedes – were now capable of turning out… pretty much everything he needed. Hyperdrive components, life support systems, missiles, rockets, launchers… even computer systems. OK, this “base of their own” thing actually was working out better than expected.

   He happily went to work rebuilding and replacing systems. With this much equipment, he could go way beyond “optimization” and into “complete design overkill”. Hm… Ion cannons and… secondary rocket pods. Considering the things they got into, a sudden burst of firepower was far more important than aim. For that matter… he didn’t usually use ranged weapons, but a blaster carbine was beginning to look like a good idea.

   Ben, meanwhile, was reconsidering… His idea for using pseudogravity fields to collect a mass of material around himself to serve as armor would certainly off him protection – but a malfunction could easily leave him buried under a ton of rubble or exposed to his own pseudogravity fields. It would be better to start small – and a single field generator would make it possible for him to carry a great deal of equipment. It would be a relatively simple project.

   He’d have to get a droid for the armor testing.

   Meanwhile, Kira was – once again – reviewing things.

   These are certainly strange and unusual circumstances. Here I thought it would be Valerie that would be coming to drag me back to the Academy. Now it looks like I will be the one to bring Valerie back to the Academy and her father.

   This Valerie had watched the messages from her family in this universe and definitely seemed deeply disturbed by it all. I can’t say I blame her. It was jarring for me to listen in on her calls to her version of them back in her universe. Valerie finished watching the recordings with a renewed resolve to get back to her universe as quickly as possible.

   Which is more or less the same conclusion Alys came to, although she was more willing to admit she thought us all mad. You would think someone so willing to volunteer for all sorts of insane experiments, stunts and escapes would be a little less regretful of those same decisions. Oh well.

   The group opted to take the opportunity to upgrade our equipment before contacting the Varen. Lazlo played with that fighter of his. Ben started putting weird antenna on his armor for reasons I didn’t really understand. They all bought weapons and armor, and some of them even started paying premium prices for the higher quality stuff.

   I pretty much already had all the weapons and armor I wanted already. Of course it helped that I had looted bounty hunter ships full of weapons and armor a few times too. While they all played with the manufacturing facilities, I took the time to review the news. It had been months since I was last in this galaxy.

   Biggest news was the story going around that I was somehow associated with the galaxy’s most infamous assassin. Apparently the whole Glasknecht fiasco with Sith star destroyers, teleporting office buildings, the infamous Kira, antimatter warheads, freighters taking on star destroyers, and associated chaos firmly established that the assassin and I encountered each other. The media was unable to figure out the exact nature of the encounter but that didn’t stop the speculation.

   The Jedi were refusing to comment and the Republic had yet to release a report on the matter and wasn’t likely to for some weeks. Mrs Beasley added her nonsense to the mess stating that the assassinations were all practice runs for the assault on her cats. I suddenly found Valerie watching with me.

(Valerie) She can’t be serious.

(Kira) Well she is, thankfully most of the galaxy doesn’t seem to take her seriously.

(Valerie) In my universe she’s this really nice old lady that made sandwiches for everyone and kept dogs for breeding.

(Kira) Well here she is the crazy cat lady constantly getting seats on talk shows regarding all sorts of baseless accusations aimed at me.

(Valerie) Is everyone in this galaxy insane?

(Kira) Now you are beginning to sound like Alys.

(Valerie) I am not.

(Kira) If you think someone is normal, you don’t really know them very well. It’s just a little easier to see that in this galaxy.

(Valerie) You know, it scares me when you do that.

(Kira) Do what?

(Valerie) Make really wise sounding statements out of the blue.

   Other news included an update regarding my own bounty. Apparently how badly the Sith wanted me was drawing a lot of attention. I suppose that was one small point in my favor, you don’t put extravagant bounties on your allies. The Sith had also started laying minefields around various captured assets. This was draining Republic resources from the war effort itself to work on dismantling those mine fields.

   Also the Sith have apparently taken to crashing freighters full of explosives into targets in larger numbers. We had seen evidence of that before but figured it was part of Valerie’s operation. Now I am not so sure. It was also becoming apparent that the crew was not teleporting out like we had speculated, but was actually going down with the ship. Add in the reports that the pilots showed no signs of coercion before the crashes and I was deeply disturbed.

   I mean, it is one thing if they strap a bunch of people to the seats and have droids do the piloting. That’s ruthless and cruel, but not something I would put past the Sith. But to find this many crews willing to go on suicide missions suggested a ready supply of such people. A few crazy and suicidal nuts is one thing, but enough to be carrying out a campaign like this meant they had to be brainwashing people or something.

   News had also broke regarding that massive shipyard we found. The Hutts restated their neutrality and began selling ships to the Republic side. The Republic government refused to buy any though as they did not trust ships built by the Hutts. Still a large number of privateers and such were now buying ships from the system – and it looked like smugglers and the underworld had been doing so for some time.

   There was also insane and rampant speculation going on regarding our activities. I think the one that really amused me was the theory that I had teleported an office building using the power of antimatter missiles shot at me. I can only imagine what the bounty hunters chasing me must believe I am capable of at this rate.

   One Sith faction has now offered to betray the rest of the Sith and join the Republic war effort in exchange for a position in the Republic. I cannot see the Republic taking such an offer seriously save to drive a wedge further between the factions. I mean, can you seriously trust a bunch of Sith, who are known for constant backstabbing and betrayal? Especially when they are offering to betray their own people to you?

   A final bit of news was of a new Sith Lord appearing on the far side of the galaxy calling himself Darth Zandaras. Apparently that meant “The Darkness that Returns” in one of the old dialects from centuries or millennia long gone. The big news regarding this guy was the fact that he was apparently competent as a commander, extremely powerful in the Dark Side, efficiently eliminated enemies, and seemed to be good at subverting people – and it was pretty bloody rare for a Sith to be all-around competent. I don’t know if it was the Force, intuition, or what, but I looked up that section of the galaxy and compared it to where we lost the possessed bioweapon.

   It was a match.

   I figured it was only a matter of time before we heard from that thing again. It also sounds like this one is going to prove problematic. Why can’t these nuts all be mad nutjobs like in the holos? Damn it, I told the Republic to shoot that shuttle down. Do they listen to me?


   About that time the news feed cutoff as the base jumped to hyperspace yet again. I can only assume more bounty hunters found us and the crew had taken us into hyperspace to retreat again. This is going to get annoying fast.

   Ben, meanwhile, was a bit annoyed… Apparently Valerie had been running around programming hyperdrive researchers to be Sith traps. That meant that the only source of research assistance that they KNEW was uncompromised was the Furripedes – and they and their own base was the only source of hyperdrive components that they could be absolutely sure of.

   OK, the galaxy was big enough that Valerie couldn’t possibly have programmed any significant percentage of the experts out there – but precognition didn’t pay much attention to probability, or they never would have met at the laboratory! That meant that he was going to have to come up with all his components locally, which was going to slow things up a LOT.

   He set to work building test setups anyway – although, come to think of it, it would be a really bad idea to try and test them within another active hyperdrive field.

   Meanwhile, Alys was talking to her parents – or at least to her alternate set of parents. If Ben did manage to get her home, she might not ever have another chance.

   They were having a hard enough time dealing with their daughters notoriety. She decided not to burden them with anything about alternate dimensions. Oh dear… they were asking about Jarik. Apparently they’d rather approved of him. Oh dear; when they found out that he’d gone Sith, they were going to go right through the roof – and possibly through the planetary shields. She wanted an express ticket back home; their own daughter could deal with this!

   Once we finally dropped out of hyperspace again we did our best to hide ourselves inside a gas giant before hooking back up to the subspace network. We sent a short message to the Sith to meet with us on the Kira the Kat forums to facilitate anonymous communications between us. While we waited for a reply, Alys and Ben took the time to run their own calls to various people. I took the opportunity to continue working on my training with Valerie.

   Odd, it seems the training has gotten easier recently. I wonder why that is? I don’t think I’ve experienced any sort of breakthrough.

   Finally we did get a relevant reply on the message boards. The general gist of the text was mainly complaints regarding the fact that the communications were not private since everything was posted for public discussion. I was of the opinion that they were just upset over the tongue in cheek attitude of it all. After all, for someone to figure out which of the millions were posting to the forum was us would take a massive amount of effort with no guarantee of payoff. Surely no one would go to that kind of effort.

   Ben was rather disappointed… Valerie’s “recall” gadget was apparently simply a resonating circuit to make targeting a little easier and a coded subspace beacon to let her ship know when she needed a pickup. That was simple and practical enough, but really didn’t tell him much about how they targeted the tunnel! Every version he tried was still hopelessly inaccurate! What had she stumbled across – or deduced – that he was missing?

   I was quickly proven wrong when alarms started going off and Handell announced over the intercom that bounty hunters had found us and we now had hunter satellites on our tail. He immediately began to make a run for hyperspace. By the time I made it to the control room/cockpit, most of the rest of the party was there as well. Handell told us we had only a few options on destinations given our present course. Looking over the options, we decided to go for a system with a single planet and a dense asteroid belt that we could hide in.

   I felt the familiar transition to hyperspace as Handell made the jump. The trip itself was slow. Apparently even with our massive power systems and a capital ship class hyperdrive, moving a major asteroid was still a massive load on the system. After some hours, Handell dropped us neatly into the asteroid belt and we figured we had lost our pursuit.

   Only to find out that the bounty hunters had followed our course and arrived here first. As Handell took us weaving through the asteroid belt, we debated options. Many options were voiced, some good and some bad, but the one that really caught my attention was using the capital ship class ion cannons to incapacitate the bounty hunter ships and steal them. This may well become my personal modus operandi; stealing large amounts of equipment from the bounty hunters chasing me.

   Watching the bounty hunters scatter as the base turned around and began firing massive weapons at them was satisfying on a lot of levels. The bounty hunters tried to return fire but couldn’t do squat against our shields. Lazlo launched in his fighter to try and slow down their escape as we hunted them down.

   Evidently pushing this asteroid around hyperspace and around the system was consuming a lot of power as the power systems started consuming nearby asteroids for more neutronium. It was an impressive sight to behold, especially when one ship tried to hide behind an asteroid only to see the asteroid vaporized and consumed as fuel. That ship promptly got ionized.

   Actually, Ben had started the systems simply eating asteroids that were in the way, and pouring the power into the weapons and drive systems, rather than trying to go around them. They had the systems to do it with, why let an asteroid belt slow them up? Lazlo was faster and more maneuverable than the bounty hunters ships, and he could run interference while Handell closed in. Between his precognitive shield-tweaking, the targeting systems aboard, Shipwreck’s ability to track the bounty hunters with sensors, and their groups various other skills, there wasn’t much chance of a couple of bounty hunters getting away.

   The bounty hunters were indeed surprised; they’d looked at the asteroid, and used their instruments – they’d and figured that it was running on low-grade power systems and storage systems. After all, it didn’t show the typical hypermatter reactor signature of a military level craft, and even the fusion plants seemed to be relatively small. There was no way that Kira and his friends could be pushing that lumbering thing around the galaxy and still have power to spare for serious weapons and defenses.

   It was quite a shock to find out that they were wrong about that – and Lazlo had more than enough weapons on his fighter to make it impossible to simply ignore him and focus on escaping. Their orbital tracker-tracer drones would relay some of what they observed – but they were in serious trouble.

   At which point I couldn’t resist getting on the communications channel and hamming it up a bit.

(Kira) Foolish mortals! You dare think to capture the mighty Dark Lord Kira Keldav? My power is so great I am moving this asteroid around with the power of my mind alone! I want their crews captured alive. My pet Force predator hasn’t had any live prey for sometime and it hungers for living flesh! Their souls will be used in the ritual to resurrect the great Dark Lord Zomogoostar.

   At which point Valerie turned to look at me to verify I wasn’t serious. Once she had reassured herself that I was just screwing with the bounty hunters, she was having great difficulty not laughing audibly over the communications channel. Seeing her laughing definitely brought a smile to my face as I kept it up.

(Kira) How do you pitiful insects like my new Living Asteroid of Death? It took quite a bit of work to incorporate the bioweapon designs I captured into the asteroid itself, but the results speak for themselves. Once this one has consumed enough raw materials, it will spawn even more Living Asteroids of Death to terrorize and devour the galaxy!

   We finally managed to capture the last ship, although the hunter satellites escaped from us. Taking the ships, we disarmed the crews and put them into stasis. We decided it was probably not a bad idea to mount one of the big ion cannons in the landing bay so that we might easily disable hostile ships we captured. Ben then immediately began drawing up designs for a giant stun cannon that ships would have to enter in order to dock. That wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but ok.

   That was fun, although I imagine word will quickly spread that we have the equivalent of a capital ship at our disposal. Hopefully that will discourage all but the best equipped or the most desperate bounty hunters. If I am lucky, some of the bounty hunters might even buy that Dark Lord Kira Keldav nonsense and stay away.

   At which point Handell announced we had a problem. Apparently the base had consumed so much raw material that our mass had increased dramatically. Asking for clarification, I found out that our ability to move in hyperspace was now barely better than walking. Obvious answer was to dump some of the neutronium, but that was going to be problematic in an inhabited system like this one. We finally settled on dumping it on the far side of the local star from the planet bit by bit instead of all at once. They were even able to use that dumping to cover our exit vector from the system somehow.

   That was simple enough actually; they just dumped enough chunks of neutronium- which promptly evaporated into blasts of radiation and electromagnetic energy – to burn out nearby satellites and make it really difficult to observe them at all closely.

   Heading to yet another system, we got back onto the subspace network and began negotiations with the Varen Sith. We agreed to try to recover Valerie and send her back to them. In exchange, the Varen Sith would reduce the bounty on my head. I was disappointed we couldn’t get anything much more in the way of concessions, but our leverage was rather limited beyond refusing to retrieve Valerie or offering up information I wasn’t prepared to give to the Sith. Bad enough that we were confirming most of what they’d gotten from Jacob.

   With that settled, Ben and the crew then proceeded to start running experiments with combining the transtemporal hyperdrive modifications with the hyperspace tunnel system. Not being able to contribute anything myself, I sat back and watched the process unfold.

   I was most impressed when he decided to run the experiment several light minutes from the base to allow us a chance to escape should something go wrong. At first I made some wise cracks about not having enough extension cords for that, but Ben ignored me as he got into his tinkering mode. After some time he announced that the setup was complete and that he was ready to begin testing.

   The first tunnel opened around the emitters with a spectacular show. Ben tried sending radio signals through the tunnel only to find that they got horribly scrambled passing through the tunnel. Not giving up, Ben went and bought a probe droid to send through the tunnel instead. An argument started over whether it was ethical to send droids on suicidal missions like this. This brought up the classic argument of whether or not droids are people.

   Ben sighed. He should have expected the photon losses. Photons oscillated on the edge of hyperspace anyway – that was why they traveled at a fixed speed, and that was why ships jumped to lightspeed as they passed into hyperspace. Everything that existed on that interface moved at that speed – but that meant that they could scatter into each universe the tunnel passed “through” (went past? There were no WORDS for what it did really). Worse, each universe would contribute a bit more static of it’s won. Still, Lazlo and the others could argue the ethics of using a probe droid all they wanted, he’d paid for the thing.

   Then he found himself unable to do it. Pesky light side!

   Alys wound up giving the order.

   I will admit that some of the more autonomous droids like 10CH definitely seem to be people to me, but the vast majority look to me to be nothing more than talkative equipment. Ill-defined and arbitrary to be sure, but some droids just seem more…. aware and competent than others. Nevertheless, Alys finally volunteered to send the droid to almost certain destruction. I wasn’t sure if that was heroic, cruel or what of her.

   Surprisingly, the droid came back with a scan of a ring galaxy from the other side. That didn’t look anything like what we were looking for though. Ben immediately began fiddling with settings on the trans-temporal hyperspace tunnel system (that’s a mouthful). The others began thinking of names for the probe droid. I didn’t get involved in that mess as I figured it was only a matter of time before Ben lost it somewhere.

   The decision came to name it “Probie” (after much discussion and some REALLY unsatisfactory – not to mention embarrassing – suggestions), I didn’t express my opinion of the name mainly because I was more concerned about what would happen should we get this system to work.

   Next test came back with scans from within a galactic disk. Ben left that portal open for some time while running more tests. His annoucement that the portal was relatively stable was reassuring, but the declaration that this was likely a different galaxy from the last test wasn’t as reassuring. I could feel him tap into his precognition but couldn’t feel what was going on specifically. Once again I sat and watched, trying not to interfere as he wrote down another series of hyperspace coordinates.

   For reasons I didn’t understand, Ben asked Alys to stand next to the portal system this time. Once again, Alys surprised me by volunteering to do just that. Seriously, I think you lose the right to complain if you volunteer for every insane experiment someone proposes. “Probie” came back from that test with sensor scans of a galaxy with unlivably high radiation levels. Ben started theorizing that the portal generated was linked to whoever was standing next to it.

   This led to another argument over how safe this whole process was and how smart it was to stand next to the damned thing as it fired up. At which point someone fired off the comment that I was sufficient to render any universe intolerable, so what was so bad about trying to find somewhere else to go?

   I glared at them for that, and Valerie nearly choked on her drink from laughter. Firing off another glare at her only made her laugh all that much harder.

   I’ll give them something intolerable….

   Next test looked to be the same universe, or at least a similar-looking one, but further from the galactic core than last time. The radiation level was still high, but it would only take weeks to for it to cause enough damage to pose a serious danger.


   Ben pulled the droid back and added a subspace transmitter system to it and sent it back. Letting the droid connect to the subspace network over there did uncover that a version of Ben and Alys were building a version of the old Centerpoint Station system to try and dismantle the galactic core. I never really understood the fascincation with that particular fictional superweapon save that apparently that holo trilogy was insanely popular some generations back.

   Against what I thought to be prudent precautions, Ben fired off a message to that version of Alys and Ben asking if this might be where our Alys ended up. The answer came back with a no, and Ben further surprised me by handing over the designs for the trans-temporal hyperspace tunnel. Great, months from now we learn that actually this Ben and Alys are galactic tyrants out looking for more realestate and we just gave them the keys to the front door. And somehow this will be construed as my fault.

   It seemed that – in that version of the galaxy – a sizeable star cluster was slowly falling into the black hole at the galactic core, and the resulting radiation blasts were threatening to sterilize the galaxy. They were hoping to build a hypertunnel-tractor system powered by a smaller black hole capable of remotely dragging stars away from the galactic black hole – and material from the accretion disk – to reduce the radiation output. Otherwise, most of the worlds of the galaxy would soon be destroyed. Alys had found Ben (who had previously proposed dismantling most of the galaxy to rebuild it to provide more living space; few engineers thought on that scale), and organized the project – which was currently estimated at six to twelve months, given the industrial support of the known galaxy.

   Ben started wondering… If you established a hypertunnel, could you then drag one end of it? It seemed like that might just work – and it would be one way to create a stable link. On the other hand… mixing hyperfields that way could be quite cataclysmic! For that matter… an uncontrolled shutdown could theoretically drag back a great deal of random matter from across the dimensions. That could be very bad.

   He’d save that notion to experiment with later. At the moment… Did the operator affect where the tunnel came out? There had to be some sort of input!

   Lazlo sighed. It presumably wasn’t REQUIRED that all their plans be insane and suicidal! So why was that always the way it worked out?

   More experiments followed with Ben mixing up who stood next to the machine and who pushed the button. We saw the remains of a Faded victory (with practically nothing left in the galaxy and a HORRENDOUSLY slow time-rate), what I figured was the third Sith war and the break point between our galaxy and the Codifier galaxy (which had a slightly slower timerate – which had apparently made a difference of some 23,000 years by now), and nearly two dozen other locales with their own quirks. Finally it was determined that a Force user could steer the tunnel – or at least fine-tune it – and that Ben didn’t have the skill needed to do that effectively.

   It was decided that this time I would lead the effort considering I was the most powerful of the group while Valerie served as an beacon for me to lock on with. The others would then serve to back me up and give my efforts more power so that I could focus on control. The Arethi complained for a bit before finally deciding that helping someone return home was a noble thing than even if it did involve poking tiny holes in the universe (which he was against on general principles). With Ben, Jacob, Telera, the Arethi Physician, and Alternate Valerie all supporting me, I have to admit that I’ve never felt so powerful before…

   The easiest way to describe the process was like trying to pull a piece of fabric tight so that I could see between the gaps in the threads. This would have been intensely difficult if it wasn’t for the fact that the others were supplying power and I had Valerie next to me to try and trace back to her universe. Soon enough a portal opened.

   Ben had been using Shipwreck’s course data – but it looked like the Hypertunnel effect was just too unstable to target effectively by mechanical means. Ergo, you could get close with the right coordinates – but the fine tuning was up to the force. Botheration.

   The probe sent back reports consistent with what we knew of the COdifier galaxy, so we had Valerie try to send a message to Akira. At first we weren’t sure what to send, but decided on asking him if “Trans-Temporal Hyperspace Tunnel Test Successful” meant anything to him since he was evidently aware of how we planned to bridge the gap between his universe and ours. We almost immediately got a reply back indicating that this did mean something to him and what the hell took us so long to get there.

(Valerie) Don’t let the lunatic version of me kill you, I’m trying to get back.

(Kira) Damn it, what if she’s listening in?

(Valerie) Then she better not kill him if she knows what’s good for her.

(Akira) So when are you getting here to fix this mess?

(Kira) Not sure, targetting is proving to be a real pain in the rear with this system. Looks like the tunnel opened near the galactic core on your end.

   More arguments sprung up from there with things really giving me a major headache. Ben transmitted the information on how to construct and operate the system we were using in case we ran into problems on our end. I really didn’t want to know what he meant by that.

   The tunnel closed and we ran some more tests with trying to target that same universe. Once I learned the trick to it, it became a lot easier to consistently hit that universe, but the problem got to be that we couldn’t aim within the target galaxy with any degree of accuracy. Ben eventually determined that this issue was likely related to the fact that we were using the hyperspace tunnel system, which was notorious for it’s targeting issues – and that just hitting the right universe was a small miracle of the force. Asking for more would be a LOT more difficult…

   They had to stop to refurbish probie anyway. It was picking up a lot of dust particles – and not a few atoms of antimatter – on it’s trips. The alluvial problem again. Still, that meant that a ship with alluvial dampers would probably be safe enough.

   Alright, two way travel would be a lot easier between universes where we have something living from the destination. That made it easy for us to go there, as we had Valerie to use as a guide. Getting ourselves back was also easy as we were from here. Returning to the Codifier galaxy or granting the Codifiers access to our galaxy was going to be harder though. Their lack of Force users was a serious hindrance, but a pilot on par with Handell would apparently make it somewhat easier.

   I voted we take a cutting of the glue tree with us to plant there for the Codifiers to use to get here and take a cutting of something large and plant-like from there to bring here. Ben expressed his phobia of all things tree-like a gluey and I ignored him. It was large, happy where it was, and wasn’t likely to go anywhere without a lot of effort to move it. That about made it perfect to use as an anchor point.

   We began modifications to the Asrai to take us to the Codifier galaxy and made our preparations. I voted we offload the bounty hunters we have in stasis to keep the crew of the base from getting any smart ideas regarding the bounty on my head. I really don’t like the idea of coming back to find my base taken over by bounty hunters and traitorous crew trying to capture me.

   I also voted we equip ourselves with stasis belts with the understanding that if any of us exhibited “twin resonance” in the other galaxy that we would activate the belts on each other to prevent problems from occurring. I figured Valerie and I were the ones most likely to have issues since we were the ones most likely to meet our alternates, but it was a prudent precaution for everyone to take. While I hoped the Codifier versions of Valerie and I might be able to keep the resonance under control, I wasn’t about to stake my sanity on it.

   I was also worried about how my Valerie would react to our arrival. If she proved cooperative, then maybe this could all work out. But if she proved obstinate and was likely to give the secrets of the Codex to the Varen Sith as another path to greater power, then I wasn’t sure what I would do. I couldn’t let the Varen get their hands on a means to overwhelm the Jedi, Republic and other Sith, but I also was hesitant to just simply take her down either.

   Not to mention the new heights of awkwardness the reunion between me and her will take as our alternates reunite next to us.

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