L5R Campaign Log Update

   The Borderlands of Twilight, Mist upon Tablets of Emerald. Alex, Michio, Shigure, Okari, Ninsei, and Kochige.

   While Alex, Kochige, and Okari let Continue reading


On to the New Technology

   First up for today is chapter eight of the Advanced Battletech Rules – Exotic Systems.  This chapter covers the new technologies which are either presumed to be widely available or which may be purchased as special resources during game setup.

And more for today:

   Next up for today we have Ilthulsin the Outcast – a renegade horror from the underworld now accompanying the party in the Federation-Apocolypse game and yet another d20 point-buy example for Eclipse: The Codex Persona.

   Secondarily, here’s the next chapter in the Level Four Battletech Rules – Technical Improvements.

Champions Log Session 21: Wherefur Art Thou?

   By the time everyone else got back, the situation was approaching total meltdown. None of the Continue reading

And Back to the General Warfare

   First up for tonight is Chapter Six of the Battletech Level Four Rules – the Battle Setup tables. I’ll try to get the next section of the Champions log up a little later on and the L5R log updates before friday.

Eclipse: The Codex Persona Web Expansion

   Well, the reconstructed Eclipse Web Expansion is ready for download, and just barely on schedule. This version has been updated with the basic 3.5 races and a few other race examples, as well as the Merchant L1-20 design example, the Errata and FAQ, and a few other items as well as the rules for no-experience points and no-levels play it originally contained.

Final Editing

   Final editing on the reconstructed Eclipse Web Supplement is taking longer than I thought it would: still, with any luck, it will be up sometime tomorrow.