End of the year updates

   Well, there may not be too much going up today since – with the cancellation of the d20 license – I’m busy updating some of the free stuff and purchasable downloads.

   Yes, I know: “Free Stuff” always gets some attention. We’ll, there’s some in the download box on the lower right. The stuff that’s being updated is over on RPGNow.Com, and includes:

   Eclipse: The Codex Persona– a design-your-own races, powers, and abilities point-buy system for pretty much all open-game-license/d20 games. Since the d20 license has gone the way of the Dodo, this is now bundled with the OGL web expansion, covering how to get along without experience points and – if you want – without levels.

   The Practical Enchanter: Magic, whether as spells, psychic powers, or superheroic abilities, for – once again – pretty much all OGL/d20 games.

   Paths of  Power: A revised magic system for OGL/d20 games, featuring spells arranged in sequences of related effects.

   Other than that, I have a link for you to a sentient computer character built using Eclipse over on one of the player blogs. Little “Limey” is an NPC in the Federation-Apocalypse campaign, and will – hopefully – be both of great help and and perpetually frustrating to his owner – and throughly entertaining for the players.

   Regardless, if I don’t get back to put anything else up today, have a happy new year!

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