Onwards to Apocalypse

Terin Aderath, the Nighthunter

   L2 Genetically Augmented (cheetah genegrafts) Human, Federation Apocalypse Campaign.

Genetically Enhanced Human Racial Bonuses:

  • Fast Learner (Specialized in Skills, +1 SP/Level, 3 CP).
  • Enhanced Health: +2 Bonus d0 Hit Dice (Essentially + [2 x Con Mod] HP, 8 CP, required to qualify for the Cheetah Genegrafts).
  • Enhanced Intelligence: +4 Int (12 CP, thanks to half-price attribute modifiers)
  • Longevity: Immunity/Aging (uncommon/minor/minor, 2 CP. Can expect to live for several centuries without much of any signs of aging)
  • Cheetah Genegrafts: Shapeshift, Attribute Modifiers, Hybrid Form, Clear Speech, Variants (Human Appearance). Specialized: Cheetah Form Only, Corrupted: Cannot actually Change Forms (27 CP base, net cost 9 CP). Design Note: This is a cheap way to get a bunch of physical enhancements. Of course, in a setting where you can turn your car into fusion-powered, reconfigurable-force-field, powered battle armor, are enhanced physical attributes really all that important?
  • Disadvantage: Enough “big-cat” instincts leak through to leave him Inept with Social Relationships (-2 on charisma based skill checks, -3 CP). This comes to a net cost of 31 CP.

Available Character Points:

   Disadvantages: History, Recorder, and Hunted (+10 CP), Duties (regular offerings, +2 CP/Level), and +6 CP for his L1 Feat. Total 72 CP Base + 20 = 92.


  • Attributes: Strength 22/+6, Dexterity 25/+7, Constitution 21/+5, Intelligence 22/+6, Wisdom 12/+1, and Charisma 11/+0. (Rolled: Con 17, Dex 15, Str 16, Int 18, Chr 11, Wis 12)
  • Saves: Reflex +1/+8 Core/+10 (3 CP), Fortitude +1/+6 Core/+8 (3 CP), and Will +1/+2 Core/+4 (3 CP).
  • Hit Dice: L1 d8 (4 CP) +2d0 (racial modifier), L2 d4 (0 CP). HP 8+3+ (4x Con Mod) = 31.
  • Languages (7): English, Old English, Infernal, Chinese, Latin, Ancient Egyptian, and French.

Combat Information:

  • Proficiencies: All Simple, Martial, and Exotic Weapons (15 CP, -14 from Dex = 1 CP),
  • Move 50′
  • Initiative +7
  • BAB +1 (6 CP), +4 Unarmed (magical boost, only outside of core).
  • Armor Class 10 + 7 (Dex) + 4 (Smartclothes) + 4 (Heavy Effector Module) + 1 (Wis) + 1 (Natural) = 27

Purchased Abilities:

  • Luck (Specialized in Saves, Corrupted, also costs 1 power whenever used, 2 CP)
  • Psionic Power: Wilder Progression, constitution based, with no caster level, Specialized [provides no disciplines, x2 effect, for an effective level of four]. 25 Power, 6 CP,
  • Witchcraft: Basics [18 CP] and The Secret Order [6 CP], plus two Pacts [Epic Quest and Rituals] which pay for Ridden by the Loa with Firm Control. Total Power of (Str+Dex+Con)/3 + 25 = 44.
  • Ritual Magic: Channeling once per Day (3 CP) plus L5 Spell Conversion (Specialized: requires 5-10 minutes per level of the desired final effect to use and creates a very noticeable magical disturbance. Double Effect: L10 “Anyspell” [produces any desired spell effect of up to L6]. Corrupted: requires drawing a ritual circle, assorted minor ingredients, and may cause strange side effects when he attempts effects of above level (his level + 1)/2 – unless he’s memorized an appropriate ritual. 6 CP).
  • Cleric Package (10 CP: includes Clerical Spells I [Spells: L0: 3, L1: 2+1 (convert to Harming)], Undeath and Magic Domains.
  • Innate Enchantment (Corrupted: detects as dark magic, 4 CP/5000 GP value: Ranged Strike [gives melee attacks a 100′ range increment with otherwise unchanged statistics for 3 rounds, 1400 GP], +3 BAB in Unarmed Combat [700 GP], a +2 Luck bonus on Skill and Attribute checks [1400] GP, +2 Resistance Bonus on all Saves [1400 GP], leaves 100 GP value not yet expended).
  • Martial Arts (1d4 unarmed damage, counts as armed, 3 CP)
  • Fortune/Evasion (corrupted, costs 1 power whenever used, 4 CP)
  • Mana: 1d6 (6) with Reality Editing Option (Specialized, only for operating dimensional gates, Corrupted, also costs 1 power per point of Mana expended, 2 CP).
  • Skills: 8 SP (8 CP). Total of 8 SP (CP) + 5 SP (Human) + 30 SP (Int) = 43 SP. Obviously, Terin has been coasting on his high intelligence, rather than applying himself properly.


Personal Data:

   Sex: Male, Height; 5’8″. Weight; 183 Lbs. Hair; Brown. Eyes; Brown. Age; 31 (318). Occupation; Agent, Revolutionary, would-be Overlord. Birthplace; England. Marital Status; Single. Religion; Egyptian Pantheon. Patron Deity: Set, Lord of Deserts, The Night Sky, and Ambition. Allegiance; The Nightwraith Order and the House of Roses, Education; Core Educational Programs, Apprentice Merry Man, the Monks of the Nightwraith Order. Base of Operations: the City of Nottingham (he usually buys or rents a useless plot of land or old ruin and uses a ritual or two to make it a comfortable and reasonably secure base), Source of Income: Sale of Magical Services, Adventuring.

Domain Effects:

   Magic Domain: May use spell completion and spell trigger items as a wizard of equal level. L1) Nystul’s Magic Aura, L2) Identify, L3) Dispel Magic, L4) Imbue with Spell Ability, L5) Spell Resistance, L6) Antiagic Field, L7) Spell Turning, L8) Protection from Spells, and L9) Mordenkainen’s Disjunction.

   Undeath Domain: Grants Extra Turning. L1) Detect Undead, L2) Desecrate, L3) Animate Dead, L4) Death Ward, L5) Circle of Death, L6) Create Undead, L7) Control Undead, L8) Create Greater Undead, and L9) Energy Drain.


The Nightwraith Order:

This martial order of darkness-priests trains in witchcraft, the use of poisons, and assassination techniques as well as in the use of C’hi and the martial arts, usually specializing in Witchcraft/ The Secret Order, Poison Use, Witchcraft/Venomed Touch, and Sneak Attack. The Nightwraith Order actively recruits possible candidates, expects its alumni to give proper respect to its elder members, and expects them to undertake occasional special jobs for the order. While they do pay for such services, refusing too many such missions may lead to unpleasant consequences.


Witchcraft Basic Notes:

   Total Power: 44

   Save DC: Will 13

   Base Range 20 Feet + 20 more per extra power spent.

Witchcraft Abilities:

  • Adamant Will: 2 Power to resist mental effects or make an extra save versus mindreading and truth effects, 3 to present a false aura.
  • Dreamfaring: detect and communicate with spirits, trance-based spirit projection at 3 Power +1/Hour.
  • Elfshot: Lay minor curses for 1-3 power.
  • Glamour: Projective Telepathy. +6 skill bonus for 1 power/10 minutes, L0-1 spell effects for 1-2 power,
  • Hand of Shadows: Basic TK. Free tricks, 1 power/minute to exert your strength, 1 power per hour worth of work done, L1 animation effects for 2 power.
  • Healing: 1 power and 1 hour for a days worth with a +5 bonus or to resist drugs, up to 3d4 healing/round for 1 power/d4.
  • Hyloka: Metabolic manipulation, delay poison or shift 6 attribute points around for 1 point per hour.
  • Infliction: 3d4 for 1 power, 4 power for a 5-foot radius,
  • The Inner Eye: Thought-sensing and object reading, +6 on relevant rolls for 1 power/10 minutes.
  • Shadowweave: 1 power for 10 minutes of minor illusions, can provide +6 on relevant skills.
  • Witchfire: Molecular TK. 3d6 damage for 2 power, +1 for small area, -1 for pre-existing flame, 1 power for prestidigitation.
  • Witchsight: +6 bonus on sensory checks or special ability for 1 power/hour, triple effect if only for a single round.
  • Ridden by the Loa: Calls a spirit into your body. It has a a fair amount of influence over your actions, but also provides an appropriate template worth up to +4 ECL.


Martial Arts:

Lunar Orbit Kung Fu: (Str)

  • Concentrating on whirling, twisting, and circular techniques, Lunar Orbit Kung Fu attempts to turn strength into crippling leverage against vulnerable spots.
  • Requires: Improved Unarmed Strike or equivalent.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 2, Defenses 2, Power 2, Synergy/ Tumble, and Synergy/Escape Artist.
  • Advanced/Master Techniques: Breaking, Deflect Arrows, Versatility, and Whirlwind Attack.
  • Occult Techniques: Focused Blow, Inner Strength, Ki Block, and Vanishing.


Nine Deadly Winds: (Str)

  • Flowing with the wind, masters of the Nine Deadly Winds drift as if they were weightless and strike with the terrible force of a tornado tossing wisps of straw through mighty oaks.
  • Requires: Improved Unarmed Strike or equivalent.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 3, Power 3, Synergy/Hide and Synergy/Move Silently.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Mind Like Moon, Instant Stand, Rapid Shot, and Weapon Kata/Shuriken,
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Ki Focus, Light Foot, and Touch Strike.


I’ll try to get his skill list up later, as well as noting how much of those martial arts he actually knows and putting in his combat information. Things are a bit busy at the moment.

3 Responses

  1. A level 10 Anyspell? I appreciate the note about weird effects if he pushes the spell level thing though.

    Versatile with a few bing bangs stashed away to help in a situation if things go bad.

    Sigh, I need more practice tweaking at this rate. Or I may give my npc’s a hefty number of bonus points to compete.

  2. Ah well, virtually every player will try to squeeze every posssible bit of efficiency out of their character designs. Just look at the d20 optimization discussions. Some of them are just better at it than others are.

    More importantly, that’s why Eclipse has page 163 and the note on page 191 about converting NPC’s. The players have a lot more time to work on individual characters than the game master (and usually find it a lot more fun) – so its entirely fair to add 25 or even 50% to the NPC’s base points. That achieves roughly the same effect as all those optimizations and takes a lot less time.

    The L10 Anyspell is carefully selected by the way – for another 3 CP it could have been taken as L15, granting access to spells of up to L11 – but that would have been entirely too much. Access to a heal spell, to plane shift, to fabricate, or to teleport at the price of an hour or so of ritual, sending up a big magical flare to attract attention, and weird GMO side effects is one thing: access to spells with major, long-term, ramifications is quite another.

    Finally, of course, this pretty well establishes the basis of what this character does: he may add a bit of pact magic or something – but mostly he’s going to be buying up his saves and clerical spellcasting.

  3. […] Terin Aderath is using Channeling to represent Ritual Magic – a fine example of using a given mechanic to represent something else entirely. In this case, as a world-hopping character for the Federation-Apocalypse game, no one wanted to have to worry about how rituals would function or vary in each new world, or to bother with component-hunts, or anything like that – and so a fixed mechanic was used instead. That’s also why he can only perform one ritual a day and why no one cared whether he was channeling positive or negative energy to begin with. […]

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