World of Darkness Timeline


World Of Darkness Timeline;

For First and Second Editions


    This timeline does not necessarily agree with all the published material. That’s because the published material doesn’t even agree with itself. Even a very loose interpretation of “history” has problems with things such as; “13,000 BC; Settites Arrive In Africa. 7000 BC; Set Embraced. 5000 BC; Set Is Born. 960 BC; Set Founds The Settites”.
   Even worse, each separate game presents a separate version of the World of Darkness – centering, naturally enough, on the type of characters the players are going to be using.
   Instead of trying to make sense out of that kind of thing, this version concentrates on (re-)constructing a coherent sequence of events that could reasonably have given rise to all those differing versions of history. It isn’t perfect, but it ought to do for most purposes.
   The timeline ends in 1994, since everything after that can be found in the old campaign logs anyway.
   As an appendum, I’ve included the lineage of Caine at the end of the timeline.

  • Before Time: Ahu – the timeless void, the beginning and end of all things, the primal foundation that lies beyond life and death, transcendence and oblivion – exists as nonexistence.

  • Creation: The Triat – Creation, Preservation, and Destruction – create and maintain the universe. The play of energies between them births the Celestines, Gaia, Helios, Luna, Chronus, Nidhogg, and others. The lesser spirits – Incarna, Avatars, Preceptors, and Gafflings – descend from the Celestines. Things are a bit primal.


  • -220 Million Years: The possible reign of the Dinosaur Kings – Earth’s first evolved sentient beings – and the creation of the Proto-Mokole as the keepers of memory. They may or may not have been sentient at this point. While some Mokole remember this, they all remember it differently – and there are no physical traces.

  • -70 Million Years: The Weaver gains consciousness and goes mad. The Wyrm Of Balance attempts to restrain it, instigating the Wyrm War. The devastating clash of powers destroys the Archosauria – and instigates a wave of extinctions across Gaia. At it’s end, The Wyrm is defeated and trapped in the pattern web, where it goes mad. The Wyld, unable to manifest directly within the web, cannot intervene, but entrusts what power it can pour through the flaws in the web to Gaia, who uses it to begin evolving new lifeforms to replace those which had been destroyed. The proto-mokole begin their long dreaming.

  • -15 Million Years: The trickle of mad thought and raw power escaping from the Wyrm’s imprisonment gather together into another greater Celestine, the Corrupter Wyrm. Able to work within the web by “corrupting” it’s strands, the Corrupter Wyrm slowly begins to inflict a great deal of damage – unobserved.

  • -8 Million Years: The Corrupter Wyrm is revealed, as weakened sections of the pattern web give way – and the Shattering separates the greater celestines (Gaia, Helios, Luna, etc) – and opens the first, narrow, rift between matter and spirit. Across the ages this primal event will be “reflected” many times. Opposed by Gaia alone, the Corrupter’s slow reinforcement by the power of the primordial Wyrm Of Balance gives it a small advantage. It will take eons – but the ultimate victory of the Corrupter seems assured. It is, however, the nature of life to grow, change, and adapt to anything which threatens it. Gaia begins to use the trickle of power which She draws from the Wyld to work on creating/evolving something utterly new – a species capable of restraining the Triat.

  • -1 Million Years: The first, faint, traces of the ability to directly manipulate reality allows the rare creatures known as Homo Erectus to control the spirits of elemental fire well enough to use it as a tool and as protection against predators. Over the next 900,000 years, variants evolved with greater powers. While not yet able to warp reality directly, they could shift it enough to channel the energies of the umbra – allowing them to develop nuministic talents. Still, so long as they were restricted to “natural” energies, Gaia could hide them from the Wyrm. It is in part for this reason that their population remains extremely low – usually around five million in the entire world.

  • ~300,000 BC: Gaia bonds the proto-mokole with the proto-humans. The ability to pass along ancestral lore and experiences passes into the proto-human strains in a greatly weakened form, manifesting as the ability to pass along complex narratives. True Language is born. The proto-mokole gain the ability to take human forms, imaginations, and true sentience. Mnesis becomes subject to change and interpretation – and the streams of time begin to diverge.

The Rise of Humanity:

  • ~100,000 BC: “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” evolves – the first creatures with the potential for True Magic, and thus the potential to bind the Corrupter. Knowing that it would take time for them to realize their potential power, and that they would be vulnerable to corruption in the meantime, Gaia intervenes directly – creating a series of protector-races from among the most powerful numina-masters of the basic human stock and from those animal types best suited to their specific duties. The shapeshifters are closely tied to the humans they must protect, and are equipped with powerful numina to enable them to stand against the minions of the Wyrm.

  • ~30,000 BC: The last ice age is at it’s peak, and the first true mage is born. His power alerts the Wyrm to both a terrible threat – and an enormous opportunity. If the Humans could be corrupted.

The second Wyrm War had begun.

  • ~30,000 BC: Drawing on the awakening potential of their human blood and the unconscious support of their human relatives, the shapeshifters gain the ability to employ high-level “gifts”. They will need them. The Mokole gain the power to reshape the past thru Mnesis, although they will not realize it for millennia.

  • ~27,000 BC: The Corrupter gains a major victory – capturing and imprisoning Ananasa, racial totem of the Ananasi. Her children, already strongly attuned to the Weaver, enter the service of the Wyrm to save her.

  • ~25,000 BC: Gaia sends a contingent of Humans and Garou across the land bridge (Now the “Bering Strait”) into the pure lands. The two Magi in the group perish raising wards against pursuit. In Eurasia, that first, nameless, mage was long dead, burned out casting the spell which broke the grip of the ice, and opened up the world to his people. Others were born – but some fell to the Corrupter, becoming gateways through which it’s full power could enter the physical world. That was to prove the first rift between the normal humans and their shapeshifting guardians. Of course, with a total human population of about ten million, there are rarely more then ten Magi at a time – to some 20,000 Garou. In North America, the Nuwisha permit the newcomers to take over most of the Caerns – and all the associated work.

  • ~20,000 BC: The second Wyrm War ends. The Garou successfully break the Corrupters grip on the physical world, while the Magi seal the gates. While virtually all those involved perish, it’s a definite victory for the forces of Gaia. The Corrupter, unable to maintain it’s unity in the face of such a defeat, splits itself up into three lesser celestines (Eater Of Souls, Beast Of War, and the Defiler Wyrm), and numerous incarna (The various Urge Wyrms, Dark Totems, and so on). It is not a total victory; “Rage” has infected the shapeshifters and the Weaver has “noticed” humans.

  • ~18,000 BC: Humanity becomes a prize in the great war between the Weaver and the Wyrm. Since the Wyrm was trying to claim the race, the Weaver extends her power to aid them.

  • ~16,000 BC: Ananasa, having spun a shield against the Wyrm potent enough to make destroying her far more trouble then it’s worth, reaches out to the Ananasi, and commands them to turn back to Gaia and the Wyld. They are not, however, accepted by the other shapeshifters, and are thus hunted by virtually everyone.

  • ~10,000 BC: While Magi are still incredibly rare, the human population begins to unconsciously use their powers to manipulate the natural patterns of growth in plants – the beginning of agriculture. Gaia reveals to the shapeshifters that the humans are destined to rule the world.

  • In a victory for the Wyrm, the Garou fall victim to envy – and betray their ancient command to protect the humans. While few will ever admit it, agriculture was merely an excuse. The leafcutter ants had developed a far more efficient system of agriculture shortly after the first Wyrm War – and the Garou had never seen a need to “Protect Gaia” from them.

The Impergium had begun.

  • ~9500 BC: The Bastet become seriously “irritated” with the Garou’s refusal to listen to reason. The rift between the races never heals.

  • ~9000 BC: The Gurahl compound their opposition to the Impergium with a plan to purge the Wyrm’s curse of rage from the shapeshifters, beginning with themselves and the Garou, who were some of the worst afflicted. The Garou respond by initiating the first War Of Rage. The Bastet soon become involved by warning the Gurahl, and are hunted as well. Fortunately, the war against them is never as total as that against the Gurahl. On the other hand, it lasts far longer. The Grondhr side with the Gurahl as well, but lack their durability.

  • ~8500 BC: The Mokole, in an attempt to assist the Bastet, try to negotiate the ongoing War Of Rage. They make the mistake of pointing out that the Silver Fangs and the others in general are thoroughly in the wrong. The Mokole join the target list, and, thanks to the fact that they clearly remember every Garou screw-up, get a high priority despite the problems inherent in attacks on crocodilians in swamps.

  • ~8200 BC: The Apis or “Moon Bulls” – the sages of Gaia – are lost to the War Of Rage. Their intervention and self-sacrifice allow the survival of the Mokole, but the ability to transform memory into wisdom is lost.

  • ~8000 BC: The Gurahl withdraw into the deep umbra or remote fastnesses. Their Kinfolk are slaughtered or scattered, and the bear-cults that’ve been wide-spread for the last 50,000 years begin to die out. Curiously, as organized villages appear, so do the Ratkin. The Garou refuse to recognize their mandate from Gaia, and soon begin to slaughter the new shapeshifters – rather then allowing them to become the wardens of the cities as Gaia intended. The few who survive this second War of Rage become vicious, stealthy, assassins. The last of the Grondr fall to the Garou, and their beast-kinfolk are domesticated by humans.

  • ~7600 BC: The “Impergium” has become the accepted order of things among the surviving shapeshifters.

The Rise of Civilization:

  • ~7200 BC: A farmer named Cain, possessed of great strength of will, anger, and luck, kills a werewolf in single combat. Terrified of the likely consequences of sheltering a werewolf-slayer, his village casts him out. In his wandering he encounters Lilith, a powerful mage (Not likely to be a coincidence). She transforms him into a vampire. Cain returns to his people, throws out the Garou, and thus allows the humans to build the first city. Over the next few centuries, Cain creates the second generation, and the city becomes an empire, dominating the “fertile crescent” in the middle east – despite the massive flooding the region often suffers. Unfortunately, Cain, seeking to duplicate the power of the Garou’s “Spirit Magic”, stubbornly disregarded all warnings, and “opened himself” to powers other then what he could draw from fellow humans. While this did allow him to draw on external power sources (“Thaumaturgy”), it also opened him up to the influence of the assorted faces of the Wyrm. Without tradition to guide them, his “descendants” would thereafter prove somewhat more vulnerable to corruption then the Garou. On the other hand, unlike Rage, it’s bestial touch will never come to be seen as “normal” – or desirable.

  • ~7200 BC: In a possibly-legendary incident, Caine takes his brother Seth as the first ghoul. Seth later fathers twin revenant children who become mages – the guardians of humanity – and continue to make appearances to the present day.

  • ~7000 BC: Aided by the fact that many of the most warlike Garou had been killed by Cain and his progeny, the Children Of Gaia, Glass Walkers, and Stargazers, all of whom honor, at least partially, their ancient duty, bring the Impergium to an end. Greater villages, and the beginnings of true civilizations, begin to rise across the world. Sadly, enmity between Garou and Kindred has been burned into the consciousness of both races.

  • ~6800 BC: Driven by the tales that “great ancient kings” had defeated the terrors of the night, ancestor worship spreads through the villages of the far east.

  • ~6700 BC: Enoch, Zillah, and Irad begin to create the third generation. Born into a prosperous and secure society, freed of the threat of the Impergium, many of them have little respect for their guardianship. Over the next seven hundred years somewhere between fifteen and twenty members of the third generation are created before Cain forbids further siring.

  • ~6600 BC: The innate reality-shifting power of the burgeoning human population of the orient combines with their widespread ancestor worship to create a localized “reality divergence”, greatly weakening the gauntlet; The spirits of wise and holy ancestors begin “dropping in” to assist their descendants. The effects are profound, and even extend into Mnesis; there are now two true – quite contradictory – histories of the east. The Tao is born.

  • ~6500 BC: The Garou Litany is formalized. Several of it’s provisions are relatively new. In the Far East the weakening umbral barriers allow the Yama Kings (An assortment of very powerful, wyrm-associated, spirits) to manifest themselves physically.

  • ~6400 BC: The “Glass Walkers” are recognized as a tribe, among others. That doesn’t mean they’re liked. Out in the east especially strong-willed and enlightened spirits have begun re-occupying their bodies when they return, allowing them to confront the Yama Kings. The Wan Xian are born.

  • ~6200 BC: Saulot and Chaffri visit the far east. As a result, several extremely odd strains of Kindred are created there.

  • ~6000 BC: Osiris is embraced, and blood bound, by Zillah to bring his excursions under control, and to use his forces against some threat in Asia. His brother, Set, is embraced by Irad, and destroys Osiris. Far more importantly, the Magi Isis and Anubis create the first Mummies (Mestha and Horus), the first beings below the Triat to possess true immortality – the power to stand against even the destruction of the Wyrm. Agriculture, including systematic irrigation, and the plow, spreads across the earth. Khetamon, the last Childe of Osiris, flees to India – leaving behind the Cult Of Isis.

  • ~5900 BC: Khetamon returns from India bearing the discipline of Bardo – and founds the Children Of Osiris. Over the centuries, this story gets badly distorted.

  • ~5800 BC: The first Jyhad. The third generation rises up against their elders. Enoch and Irad are slain, although there are rumors that Zillah survived. Cain, realizing that continuing the struggle would devastate civilization, withdraws. Set retreats to Egypt, and vows revenge against the slayers of Irad. The exact length of this period is unknown – but two to three centuries would seem a reasonable minimum. The reckless use of “summoned” storms as weapons during this period causes massive flooding throughout the fertile crescent.

  • ~5600 BC: Absimilard embraces the Nicktuku and sends them after his former childer, the Nosferatu. Various other Antediluvians take action against irritating and /or treacherous “offspring” as well.

  • ~5400 BC: The Wan Xian and their various Hengeyokai allies consolidate their victory over the Yama Kings and begin healing the injuries inflicted on the land. The Wyrm turns it’s attention to corrupting the rebirth of the Wan Xian, attempting to tilt the karmic balance in favor of the return of the corrupt and evil, rather then the good and holy.

  • ~5200 BC: The massed belief, and unconscious power, of the Egyptian populace consolidates into a “barrier” against the Wyrm. The population exceeds five and a half million – more then the Garou had permitted to live on all the earth during the Impergium. The tale of Osiris becomes a popular myth cycle among the populace. Set is not pleased, but even an antediluvian can do little about faith.

  • ~5000 BC: The thirteen surviving third generation vampires consolidate their control over the remains of the empire – although several essentially “sit it out” or go off on their own. With the Garou no longer much of a threat to human villages, small settlements begin to spread widely, a situation that archaeologists will later believe marks the beginning of civilization.

  • ~4900 BC: The first innately-corrupted Wan Xian – the Wan Kuei or the “Ten Thousand Demons” – draw their second breath.

  • ~4800 BC: Dracian creates the first Tree Of Life, but is assaulted by Amriat. Deanna, Dracian’s mortal wife, eats the fruit of the tree, and escapes with her brother, Sarrath – a werewolf. Over the centuries, she mothers the Gypsies, entrusts the seeds of the tree to them – and uses a few drops of blood from her husband to sire Ravnos. For long centuries, the Gypsies evade the wrath of Amriat by remaining hidden in the far east.

  • ~4600 BC: The solemn councils of the Wan Xian are now dominated by the manipulations of the Wyrm. They instigate the “War Of Shame” between the courts of the hengeyokai. There will be many centuries of bloodshed before the deception is revealed. The spirits withdraw many gifts from the Wan Kuei, including the ability to draw umbral energy from nature – forcing them to drain it from others in order to “live”. The Wan Kuei become the Kuei-jin.

  • ~4300 BC: Horus, having gathered immense power in his sojourn in the spirit world, resurrects himself, and breaks Set’s hold over Egypt, beginning many millennia of power struggles over the land. His action inspires the burgeoning revolt among the fourth generation.

  • ~4000 BC: Humans begin the more-or-less organized production of booze. This period also marks the birth of organized chinese culture – and the creation of the five great courts of the kuei-jin.

The Jyhad:

  • ~3900 BC: Troile diablorizes Brujah. The Jyhad goes into full swing, and the second capital of Cain’s ancient imperium is laid waste. The fourth generation scatters and sires the fifth – and begins using armies of humans in attacking their elders and each other. This leads to a considerable number of “final deaths” among the fourth and fifth generations – and may destroy some of the third (According to the basic book, there are only seven surviving members of this generation).

  • ~3500 BC: Horus revives the Spell Of Life – and the roster of true immortals begins to expand. The Garou begin to enjoy a few real “victories” in their attacks on Vampires, as Cain’s power dilutes too far to permit their use of near-invincible high-level disciplines.

  • 3100 BC: Menes the great unites kingdoms of upper and lower egypt. He is later murdered by a sorceror-priest disguised as a hippopotamus.

  • ~3000 BC: Writing is invented. As might be expected, the earliest known fragments of the “Book Of Nod” date from shortly after this time. It should be noted that, while the vamphyric memories may be long indeed, this is still more then 2500 years after Cain departed – and 4200 years after the creation of vampires. The Book of Nod is not an entirely dependable source.

  • ~2800 BC: The first pyramids are created. Across the world simpler, but almost as effective, megalithic structures are used to channel the pattern of reality. The “Horizon” takes form, sealing off the mad denizens of deep umbra. Unfortunately, as a side effect of this raising of barriers, the Sundering divides the Shadowlands from the world of the living – and the Faerie from Arcadia.

  • ~2750 BC: The Children Of Gaia persuade Gilgamesh to reject the embrace and institute a purge of the vampires within his kingdom. This enjoys some success, at least where vampires use it against each other. In the lands of the dead, Charon has arrived.

  • ~2500 BC: Continent-spanning trade routes, better, hybridized, crops, specially bred animals, metalwork and other improvements become the norm. In the dark lands, Charon has organized the Ferrymen.

  • ~2200 BC: Foundation of the Shih. The Kuei-jin are forced to concede most governance of humans to humans.

  • ~2100 BC: The first formal bureaucracies and written codes of laws are created. The Children Of Gaia manage to get involved in both.

  • ~1700 BC: Advised by “Mummies”, the Egyptian priests produce early versions of “The Book Of Going Forth By Day”.

  • ~1650 BC: Aryan invaders wipe out the Indus Valley culture. The gypsies are forced to flee and return to the west.

  • 1523 BC: The first HIT Mark I’s are made in china.

  • ~1500 BC: In the Shadowlands the Shining Ones have sought the “Far Shores”. While they do not understand the effect, they shape their own paradises and hells – and open the way for others with lesser force of will.

  • ~1400 BC: Early steel, the first simple alphabets

  • ~1360 BC: Attempting to undermine the influence of Vampires (Especially the Settites) in Egypt the Children of Gaia manage to “get the ear” of the pharaoh Akhenaten, and institute various reforms – as well as assaults on the vampire’s havens. Unfortunately, the Children are so incompetent at running Egypt that most of their reform efforts are discarded as soon as Akhenaten dies – and Egypt is left gravely weakened. Horus concludes that the Garou are idiots.

  • ~1200 BC: The Tal’mahe’Ra is founded by Magi fascinated by death. Naturally enough, a few vampires get involved. Vicissitude/The Souleaters are accidentally “brought back” from the deep umbra sometime during the next few centuries. In a possibly-related incident, the Fomori Wars are fought, as the Wyrm unleashes it’s first new weapon since the second Wyrm War.

  • ~1000 BC: The lords of the Assyrian empire fall to the Wyrm, resulting in an incredible “reign of terror” throughout the middle east. In the far east, the Rig Veda is compiled, and the Artificers – the precursors of Iteration X – wield great influence in Greece and China, and will continue to do so for many centuries.

  • ~950 BC: Horus finally drives Set out of Egypt and destroys all his progeny. Unfortunately, Set perfects his own powers in exile and founds the true “Followers Of Set”.

  • ~900 BC: The Himalayan Mage Wars between the Akashic Brotherhood and Handura (Precursors of the Euthanatos) begin. The Ahl-i-Batin are formed, and the verdant plain of Afghanistan is reduced to desert during a conflict between the Celestial Chorus and the Handura. The war will take some 300 years to resolve.

  • 800 BC: The Ahl-i-Batin begin the Unity Plan. Rome and Carthage are founded about this time.

  • ~650 BC: Children Of Gaia explore the far east, and commune with the dragons of the Celestial Bureaucracy. Along the way they help to codify the Confucian Laws and battle the eastern vampires – without much success.

  • 600 BC: In one of the oddest alliances in history, Zoraster, a prophet of light, somehow winds up working with the Settites to crush the Baali. Charon, lord of the dead, sails to map the Far Shores.

  • 563 BC: Prince Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Buddha, The Enlightened One. is born. He is recognized by the Children Of Gaia in the far east as an emissary from the celestines.

  • 550 BC: Lao Tzu’s wisdom confounds the Stargazers. His enigmatic philosophy/way/method is recorded in the Tao Te Ching, a work so enigmatic that it’s rumored to occasionally awaken a reader’s avatar.

  • 507 BC: Operating independently, the Children Of Gaia, Glass Walkers, and Brujah, found the first great democracy in Athens. As thoroughly corrupting such a system requires far more work then corrupting a single overlord, the Wyrm promptly tries to crush the idea.

  • ~500 BC: Kindred gain control of the Tal’mahe’Ra and the Brujah take control of Carthage. Troile himself is often seen visiting the city. Rome becomes a republic, and, in the Shadowlands, Charon returns carrying signs from the Shining Ones who had become the custodians of the far shores. He founds the Republic of Stygia, and begins raising the city Stygia on the Isle Of Sorrows. Over the ensuing centuries, while Rome ruled on Earth, he also constructs “Roman-style” roads throughout much of the Shadowlands of Europe.

  • ~250 BC: The Artificers invent gunpowder.

  • 146 BC: Carthage is betrayed and sacked. The Brujah face a coalition of the Cappadocians, Malkavians – and Toreador – all controlled by the Ventrue of Italy. The city is destroyed, Troile is gravely injured or slain, and rituals are performed to keep earth-melded Kindred from rising. The Brujah begin the shift from a clan of philosophers to a clan of rebels.

  • ~100 BC: Set virtually wipes out the Cult Of Isis, and gains a twisted version of the “Ritual Of Life”. He uses it to create the seven Bane Mummies. They’re not what he had in mind. Set vanishes, probably going into torpor, sometime before the birth of Christ.

The Christian Era:

  • ~5 BC: Christ The Anointed One is born (OK, so the calender is a little mixed. That’s not my fault). The Children Of Gaia recognize him as an equal to Buddha – an emissary from the celestines.

  • 19 AD: Glamourgan, a faerie mage, defeats various monsters and builds Cardiff Keep.

  • 33 AD: Death of Christ. Malkavians claim that the “miraculous” disappearance of the body is one of their best pranks ever. The gypsies claim that he gave them permission to steal everything that isn’t nailed down, in gratitude for their stealing one of the nails which had been forged to nail him up.

  • 132 AD: Horus resurrects, and takes the Alps as his stronghold. His war with the Settites continues, on an ever-larger scale.

  • ~150 AD: The White Howlers fall to the Wyrm – and are transformed into the Black Spiral Dancers.

  • ~200 AD: The Roman Empire starts to disintegrate, in part due to Settite meddling. In the Shadowlands, the “Christian” wraiths set sail for their own version of the far shores – “Paradise”. Being strong-willed, they call it into being within the Tempest.

  • 350 AD: Creation of the Kiasyd. They’re next heard from in 1215, when they take over Strasbourg, Germany. Nobody ever does find out why they wanted the place.

  • 413 AD: Creation of the Cainite Heresy.

  • 438 AD: Set up by Settites, the Tal’mahe’Ra goes to war with the Assamites. This continues until 517 – when they find out what’s going on, and both groups turn on the Settites. Along the way, the Talmahe’Ra splits into subsects, which don’t get back together until the Treaty Of Enoch in 1750.

  • 476 AD: Thanks to Brujah efforts the city of Rome falls to attacking barbarians. While remnants of the empire will continue for some time, the end is coming. As the empire falls, many Toreadors slip into torpor – hoping to awaken in another time of debauchery and excess. In the Shadowlands, the first Maelstrom erupts.

  • 500 AD: The Dark Ages begin. While many mourn the destruction of the roman empire, others view this as a chance to hold a centuries-long vamphyric party. In the Shadowlands, Charon appoints himself emperor – and banishes the Ferrymen, who refuse to accept the notion – or the changing of the Senators into the Deathlords. The rebuilding begins.

  • 537 AD: Battle Of Camlan and death of King Arthur.

  • 541 AD: The bubonic plague appears in Egypt. Over the next fifty years somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3’rds of the population of Europe will die. Minor outbreaks will continue, but the bubonic plague will not be seen again at this intensity until 1347.

  • 652 AD: Morgan Le Fey retreats to Avalon.

  • 754 AD: The Cainite Heresy is uncovered and declared anathema. While it’s impossible to fully stamp out the various blood cults that have infiltrated the catholic church over the centuries, if only because they’re all independent, things get far more difficult for them.

  • 800 AD: Charon creates the “Dictum Mortem” or Code Of The Dead, to restrain the excesses of the wraiths and their interference with the living.

  • 812 AD: Thanks to Charlemagne, Ventrue control of Christianity reaches its all-time high.

  • 848 AD: Magus Tremere is narrowly prevented from taking control of the entire Order of Hermes. He is now recognized to be dangerously ambitious.

  • 900 AD: The Fisher’s/Christian’s golden ship – the first built on the Shores of Paradise – sails into the harbor of Stygia. Charon recognizes the Fishers.

  • 960 AD: Jorsca, a young Gypsy, establishes a loose alliance with Lareth, an elder Gangrel. Their pact of mutual assistance gradually becomes a tradition within both their “families”.

  • 999 AD: Gerbert of Aurillac, later Pope Sylvester II, and by some accounts an accomplished magus, orders the founding of the “occult” section(s) of the vatican library, and (supposedly) sponsors an order of mages.

  • 1022 AD: Under the leadership of Tremere, several Magi try for immortality thru alchemy and vampire blood. The attempt fails, resulting in undeath rather then in eternal life. It also gains the enmity of the Tzimisce – who are not pleased at having clan members used, and used up, in experimentation. Sadly, the usual Kindred infighting reaches such a level that the line begins a policy of blood bonding all initiates. Rumors, always denied, state that the members founding council itself are also blood bound – probably to Tremere himself.

  • ~1030 AD: The Tzimisce ally with the Gangrel and the Nosferatu in a pogrom against the Tremere. Progress is slow – especially at first – but the newly-established “Chantries” will eventually begin to fall.

  • ~1100 AD: Several Knights are embraced during the first crusade, and sent to find the Holy Grail. They do, and in drinking from it gain special powers against evil – as well as the ability to get along without drinking blood. They become the Order Of The Bitter Ashes – but soon lose custody of the Grail. In the Shadowlands, Charon adopts a feudal style of government, takes many deceased crusaders into his service – and institutes the system of guilds. The “Christian” wraiths set up their own orders of knights.

  • ~1120 AD: The Tremere creates the Gargoyle line. Now reinforced with powerful, loyal, and swiftly self-reproducing shock troops, they begin to hold their own against the Tzimisce – and even begin to inflict serious losses on their foes.

  • 1128 AD: The Templars are officially recognized by the pope. They prove willing to go to incredible, and perilous, lengths to regain, and hold, the holy land – studying assorted numina, learning of herbs and poisons, gathering relics, collecting wealth, recruiting magi – and sometimes even accepting vamphyric backing. They’re supposedly purged in 1314 – but rumors of holy knights wielding magical powers continue long after that date.

  • 1133 AD: Tremere diablorizes Saulot, who seems to accept it willingly. The Tremere council divides the known world into areas of responsibility. The Inconnu quietly begin backing the Tzimisce pogrom in vengeance for the death of Saulot.

  • 1200 AD: The foundations of the Sabbat are laid as youthful, blood bound, Tzimisce – ruthlessly exploited as disposable troops in their elder’s conflicts – seek to find a way to break their elders control over them. Those who do rebel, with some success, but are finally driven to take refuge in western europe. Minor magical conflicts mark the beginning of the “Ascension War” by later reckoning.

  • 1215 AD: The Magna Carta. Humans formalize ideas of rights, limits to authority, and “the natural order”. The gauntlet between matter and spirit is reinforced and the link between the Dreaming and Earth is damaged.

  • 1229 AD: The Inquisition is founded. While the far more prominent Spanish Inquisition doesn’t begin until 1478, and torture will not be approved until 1255, the inquisition is still a terrible threat to supernatural beings throughout Europe, as the great catholic church begins to admit their existence. It’s more of a threat to vampires, as so many of them employ it against each other. Goratrix, a founding Tremere, is disciplined for overdoing just that – and sulks for centuries.

  • 1231 AD: P. Gregory IX officially creates the Society of Leopold. Originally a scholarly order, charged with keeping good records of the supernatural, it will take over the anti-supernatural mission, and the fervor, of the inquisition after that organization winds down. It will begin recruiting, and swearing in, Condottiere (High-quality mercenaries), as protectors, guards, and hunters, in the late 1400’s.

  • 1240 AD: The first Anarch revolt flares as elder Kindred force blood-bound Childe’ to face the fires of the Inquisition alone – while they escape. The Tremere Gargoyles start to become “stubborn”, the Anarchs kill everyone, and the Assamites strike at will. The false Black Hand is founded.

  • ~1285 AD: The Anarchs unite with the Assamites, and destroy Lasombra. The Anarch revolt is at it’s peak.

  • 1289 AD: Founding of the Sons Of Ether, originally a secretive cult based on an ancient scroll.

  • ~1300 AD: The Mistridge Covenant (Order Of Hermes) is destroyed by Artificer Magi. The Ascension War goes into full gear.

  • ~1320 AD: The Camarilla forms. Due to extremely strict enforcement of the “traditions” the Inquisition comes to believe that it’s crusade against the Kindred has been successful. The war against the Anarchs and the Assamites continues – while the inquisition returns to chasing more conventional heretics.

  • 1325 AD: The Cabal of Pure Thought holds a meeting in the White Tower and founds the Order Of Reason, later to be known as the Technocracy.

  • 1331 AD: The Aztecs begin building their empire and Shaitan orders the deaths of any and all shapeshifters in Mexico. He’s been working on the Aztecs since 1116 – and isn’t about to let anyone, or anything, interfere.

  • 1347 AD: The black death comes from China. Within a few years it has claimed one third of the population of Europe and even, reportedly, quite a few Vampires and Garou. The social repercussions are monstrous. While this is not the last outbreak of the plague, it is the last to approach this magnitude. It spreads so swiftly throughout Europe, and kills so many, that it provokes the second great maelstrom. Between this and the dawning “Age Of Reason” the dreams of humanity are shaken, and hence the “Shattering” almost destroys the Faerie.

  • ~1400 AD: First Technomancer Symposium decides to usurp control of reality. In the Shadowlands, there is a rebellion of the “Fishers” against Charon. It fails, and Charon brands the Fishers, the Shining Ones, and the religious in general, Heretics. They are ejected from Stygia, and an inquisition is instituted against their possible return.

  • 1425 AD: An army of demons rises in Lithuania but is defeated by a coalition of earthly magical beings.

  • 1435 AD: Their position now (virtually) hopeless, the Anarchs sue for peace. Some, however, refused to accept defeat and turned to new tactics – putting all of the Kindred at risk of discovery. These defiant rebels christen themselves the Sabbat. Their war against the Camarilla will reach it’s European peak in the 1500’s, but will continue for centuries thereafter.

  • 1440 AD: Sensing the shift in the occult climate, the Verbena, Hermetric, and Celestial Chorus, adopt more formal organizations.

  • 1444 AD: Augustus Giovanni diablorizes Asshur, the founder of the Cappadocians. He’s unpleasantly shocked when his first attempt to “pass on” the new potency of his blood results in the creation of Baron Samedi. It may not have been a good idea to diablorize the master of Mortis after all.

  • 1449 AD: The Battle Of Flames. The Hermetric and Verbena Dragonrider Mages defeat the Craftmasons and the Artificers – but losses are heavy. The dragonhost will not rise to war again in this age of the world.

  • 1450 AD: Construction of the Horizon Realm refuges begins.

  • 1453 AD: The Renaissance begins and will continue for the next two centuries – more or less.

  • 1466 AD: The council of the nine traditions forms, and the structure of magic (The nine spheres, the levels of skill, and so on) is designed. Still, some few Magi go their own ways – especially the Marauders.

  • 1478 AD: The Spanish Inquisition.

  • 1486 AD: The Camarilla begins a blood hunt against the entire Assamite Clan, most of whom did not join in when the Anarch’s sued for peace.

  • 1492 AD: Columbus, while not the first to discover N. America, is the first to “popularize” it in Europe. As the ancient wards collapse, massive exploitation, and colonization, efforts will be underway within the next few decades – bearing with them numerous wyrm spirits.

  • 1493 AD: After years of negotiation, the Camarilla and Anarchs sign the Convention Of Thorns – officially ending the Anarch Movement.

  • 1496 AD: The Camarilla imposes the Treaty Of Tyre on the Assamites. Those who refuse to accept flee to join the Sabbat – while the others accept the curse of the Tremere.

  • 1515 AD: First known use of ritual magic to change a vampire (Talaq the Assamite) into a revenant.

  • 1519 AD: Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men and a few elder vampires. He claims Mexico for Spain with their help. Shaitan calls to his masters for help, and they respond by spawning the Pandemonium. Helena finds Shaitan in Torpor, and is scared away – leaving behind one of her Progeny, Galbraith – who becomes the Prince of Mexico City. Shaitan takes control of Galbraith for his hellish masters. Melinda Galbraith is recruited by the Sabbat two years later. She will later become the Sabbat Regent – and quietly protect the Infernalists.

  • 1524 AD: The last surviving Camazotz are found, and slain, in their south american refuge.

  • ~1525 AD: The Heretics / Renegades assault Stygia and reach America in the shadowlands. Shortly thereafter the third great Maelstrom erupts – and creates the sharp division between the upper and lower levels of the lands of the dead. The Shroud now stands between the living and the powers of the dead. The stygian “guilds” seize the chance to rebel, but are eventually put down.

  • 1609 AD: The more blatant and obvious members of the Sabbat are forced to take refuge in Scandinavia. More subtle individuals simply conceal themselves. Fighting continues, but on a much smaller scale.

  • ~1635 AD: The first Tremere Chantry in N. America is founded in Boston.

  • 1639 AD: The Order Of The Golden Dawn is founded.

  • 1650 AD: Enoch falls to attacks by various wraiths and creatures of the Shadowlands. For the first time in centuries, the Tal’mahe’Ra is without a home. Given that they also believe that several Antediluvians – or even Cain himself – slumber there, it is a major blow.

  • 1692 AD: The Ventrue begin the Salem Witch Trials in an attempt to destroy the Tremere. While they think it did, the tactic doesn’t actually work.

  • ~1700 AD: The Sabbat – apparently believing that it didn’t have enough enemies already – starts a “war” with the Black Spiral Dancers in Europe. This doesn’t do either side any good at all.

  • 1720 AD: The Sabbat sees a chance to get out from under three centuries of the Camarilla’s interference, and begins a mass transfer to the new world.

  • ~1725 AD: The Garou accuse the Nuwisha of working with the Wyrm, initiating begin the third War of Rage. Like the first two, this is a bad idea – and costs the Garou some of their oldest and most valuable allies. The vast majority of the Nuwisha effectively end this one- sided “war” by (more or less permanently) transferring themselves into the umbra sometime around 1750.

  • 1743 AD: An anarch reveals his “true nature” to a masonic lodge. This creates a group of hunters and – far worse – the information is passed to the higher levels of the masons.

  • 1750 AD: The Eastern and Western branches of the Tal’mahe’Ra sign the Treaty Of Enoch. They retake, and rebuild, the city of Enoch in the Shadowlands.

  • 1752 AD: Goratrix, a founding Tremere, is found to have defected to the Sabbat, and to have encouraged more defections. The Council, aided by Tremere, mystically brands all Sabbat Tremere as traitors.

  • 1763 AD: The Technomancy arcanely maps the city of El Dorado out of existence, although many of it’s Magi are slain by paradox in doing so.

  • 1778 AD: Muricia employs the rite that transforms her into the first Ahrimane.

  • 1790 AD: The industrial revolution. The Settites move into Haiti. In the Shadowlands, Charon begins the wholesale “smelting” of wraiths, beginning the stygian version of the revolution.

  • 1804 AD: The Sabbat Inquisition is created.

  • 1808 AD: The Sabbat consolidate their grip on NYC, and successfully take over Washington DC – although it is burned, and reclaimed by the Camarilla, in 1814.

  • 1812 AD: The Sabbat reaches it’s all-time high.

  • 1822 AD: Charles Babbage “invents” the difference engine. The Virtual Adepts are founded.

  • 1834 AD: The unexpected final death of the current regent kicks off the Sabbat Civil War.

  • 1848 AD: The Inconnu-Tremere battle hits an all-time high.

  • ~1860 AD: The Garou – still unwilling to listen to anybody and throughly paranoid – are led by agents of the Wyrm to initiate the fourth War Of Rage, destroying the Australian Bunyip tribe. This time, however, the Wyrm’s agents are unable to resist gloating – and a few of the wiser Garou begin to realize that they’ve been screwing things up for nearly 12,000 years. Most of them refuse to admit it.

  • 1885 AD: The founding of the Arcanum. The first chapterhouse is built in london in 1889.

  • 1892 AD: Premium Oil Incorporated is taken over by the Wyrm. In 1932 it will be renamed Pentex Inc.

  • 1900 AD: The amazing Conversion Engine of Professor Vargo is demonstrated during the Paris Exhibition. He’s most upset that machines of war are more popular, and leaves. In related news, a Technomancy Symposium votes against the existence of Ether, provoking the Sons of Ether to leave the Technomancy for the Traditions.

  • 1911 AD: The Mexican Revolution marks the start of the Second Anarch Revolution. It ends when the Sabbat screws over both the Anarchs, and the Camarilla, and takes control of most of Mexico.

  • 1914 AD: Czar Vargo’s airships fly over New York, Washington, Paris, London, and Rome – demanding the surrender of all national powers, and world rulership for the common good. His death rays beat off an Iteration X robot army, but he is finally overcome by Progenitor clones thanks to his reluctance to kill living beings. The NWO covers up the “incident” with enormous effort. In the meantime, the German Ventrue and French Toreadors start world war one. This does not work out well.

  • 1917 AD: Lenin and the Bolsheviks seize “control” of Russia – with the help of the Brujah Council. Sadly, the “council” never manages to agree on anything else. On a different front, Premium Oil, (Later; Pentex) establishes an alliance with the Black Spiral Dancers.

  • 1920 AD: The Shadowlands are battered by the 4’th great Maelstrom. The spectres begin direct attacks on the living world.

  • 1924 AD: Reestablishment of the Sabbat Inquisition by Julian of the Black hand.

  • 1933 AD: The Code Of Milan is adopted to establish the modern Sabbat, as their civil war winds down. The sect is reasonably coherent again by 1940.

  • 1938 AD: The Void Engineers attempt to invade from mars, but create so much paradox that reality rewrites it as a radio broadcast by Orson Wells. The rest of the Technocracy is not pleased.

  • 1940 AD: The Technocracy aids the Nazis, in a bid to control Europe. In the Shadowlands, Charon goes to war with the Jade Emperor over the distribution of the souls of the dead.

  • 1941 AD: A Gangrel embraces a lot of gypsies in a concentration camp, and leads a mass escape. The Virtual Adepts denounce the Nazis, report the death camps, and condemn Iteration X’s using them for experiments. They threaten to take direct action themselves.

  • 1944 AD: Prince of Los Angeles orders the “punishment” of Jeremy MacNeil (Brujah). His thugs overdo it – and covering up the incident provokes an Anarch revolt. The result is the Anarch Free States, under Jeremy. In the wider arena, the Virtual Adepts information on the Nazi necromantic experiments causes the Technocracy to shift their support to the Allies.

  • 1945 AD: Atomic bombs used to force the surrender of Japan. Fifth Maelstrom engulfs the Shadowlands, on a worldwide scale. Charon battles the Malfean Gorool, and is lost with it. The Hierarchy of the Shadowlands begins to lose control in the aftermath, especially as many/most of their older and more powerful wraiths can no longer reach the upper levels of the Shadowlands.

  • 1946 AD: Technocracy abandons Mexican industries. Pentex is quick to grab it. They also drain all but four of the Nodes in Mexico City. The four Nodes that remain are hidden by Shaitan and his forces.

  • 1947 AD: Pentex allies with the Sabbat – allowing Harold Zettler (A Sabbat Pricus) to join it’s board of directors.

  • 1950 AD: A Nosferatu delivers the plans for atomic weapons to the Soviets while disguised as Julius Rosenberg – thus provoking an immense spate of underground shelter building. In just a few years an immense, comfortable, underground warren will be available. Many similar projects, artificial disasters, and construction manipulations are also carried out. The Nosferatu have places everywhere.

  • 1952 AD: H. Hoover creates “SAD” (Special Affairs Department) of the FBI on the advice of Dr. Emil Zotos – his psychiatrist, and a technomancer. Charles Horner is named head of the department. The Sabbat Caitiff are united as a “clan” by Joseph Pander.

  • 1954 AD: The Technocracy tries to destroy Turing, his AI plans, anyone or anything nearby – and to bring back the pieces. Turing programs an Infinite Creation Loop, and creates the Digital Web. He is sucked into the new Realm and never heard of again.

  • 1955 AD: Virtual Adepts escape with great amounts of information about the Technocracy. Orders are given to destroy them – without exceptions. The Technomancy is delayed for decades as a result.

  • 1957 AD: FBI “Special Affairs” Department, now at it’s largest size ever with 25 agents – loses 6 agents investigating Denise Gerard and Dr. Timothy Clarke.

  • 1960 AD: Some few Followers Of Set join the Sabbat as “Serpents of Light”.

  • 1961 AD: Virtual Adepts join the Traditions – but are required to accept a five-year probationary period before acceptance. Quite a few see the entire deal as a simple matter of bribery; data on the Technomancy in return for sanctuary.

  • 1966 AD: Timothy Leary founds a “faith” aroud LSD and free love.

  • 1968 AD: Lodin, Prince of Chicago, gets permission from the Ventrue Justicar to settle the Anarch problem once and for all. More than 100 vampires are said to have disappeared that night.

  • 1969: The lunar landings open the gates of wonder in millions of human minds. The “Resurgence” opens the paths to Arcadia to again. The Sidhe nobles return and try to regain control with the Beltaine “Night of Iron Knives Massacre”, starting the Accordance War. It ends in 1972, with recognition of “Commoner’s Rights” and the rise of High King David.

  • 1984 AD: The first cyborg HIV Marks are built. In a celebration of 1984, the Virtual Adepts have a field day of computer and electronic sabotage – annoying the Technomancy no end.

  • 1985: The Tal’mahe’Ra launches the Shadow Crusade against Vicissitude.

  • 1990 AD: “Baba Yaga” awakens, destroys the Brujah Council in Russia – and permits Boris Yeltsin to “take control” there. She embraces Sergei Voshkov, but still finds it almost impossible to understand or manage the modern world.

  • 1993 AD: Pr. Lodin of Chicago orders a Blood Hunt against all lupines within the city. The Garou and the Sabbat attack, destroying almost half it’s Kindred. A rather fragile peace results. In Washington DC, the FBI Special Affairs Department director is driven mad, but Senator Grubhold’s incident with the Garou results in increased funding for SAD.

  • 1994 AD: Relevant information on this period is found in the Runestone Chronicle and other campaign logs.




The Lineage Of Cain:


Enoch Firstborn, First Ruler:

Chaffri The Traveller

  • -Mei-yu Kwan: Damuzi, Katsumi Wu (Founder of the
  • Dragon Walkers)
  • -Ptah2:


  • -Montano: Marconius (Founder of the Kaisyd)
  • -Gratiano:


  • -Troile
  • -Anis (Founder Of The Anistatins)
  • -Orion:


  • -Nefer-meri-Isis
  • -Elihu1: Rebekah,
  • Regulus, (Alexander Vargoss, Sunder)

Troile The Usurpur

  • -Meneleus: Critias, Clear Bear
  • -Harrmack (Founder of the Quaballah):
  • -_________: Ibn Alomar, Robin Leeland

Irad The Ranger, Guardian Of The Paths:

Haqim (Assam) The Slayer

  • -Amriat
  • Jamal and Tariq


  • -Varisa: Mictantecle, Elijah, “The Egyptian”1
  • -Loge’: Brunhilde
  • -Enkidu (-1200):

Absimillard (Nosferatu)

  • -Baba Yaga: Sergei Voshkov,
  • -Azazel
  • Osric?, Alexius, Glendon


  • -Gorgo: (Founder of the Daughters Of Cacophony)
  • -Andelon1 (Most Tzimisce)
  • Vlad The Impaler, Kartarirya

Sutekh / Set

  • -Tiamat: ?
  • -Nefertiti
  • -Kementiri


Zillah, First Seer:

Arikel (Toreador)

  • -Marikassha: Alexandria,
  • -Minos: Iontius, Helena (Usurped, Sired Eletria and
  • Maria – and Melinda Galbraith, Sabbat Regent)
  • -Villon: Petronius

Asshur (Cappadocians)`s

  • -Shaitan
  • -Lameth
  • -Selina: Pendragon
  • -Giovanni (By Diablorie): Samed


  • -Dionysius: Jharkov,
  • -Nucklavee: (Founder of the Zharasian)
  • -_________: Necross


  • -Seker (Founder of the Children of the Dreadful Night)
  • -Hephaestus (Founder of the Master Smiths)
  • -Dracian: Ravnos (Founder of the Ravnos)
  • -Tremere (By Diablorie)


  • -Khetamon: Mineptah (Founder of the Osiran’s)
  • -(Several Deceased)

1) Deceased.

2) Missing

   Sadly, this particular project is notably incomplete: there simply wasn’t enough information to sort out the additional members of the third generation other than Osiris (who must have been 3’rd generation since Khetamon is known to use a ninth-level discipline and has never committed Diablorie). Still, even as it was, ir provided plenty of plot inspiration.

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