Shadowrun – The Neo Skillsoft Store

   The current Shadowrun party has managed to collect quite a few knowlege skill programs – in fact, an outrageous number of knowledge skill programs since they were the most expensive. Since they’re being used fairly often, here are the Knowledge Skillsofts which are currently available: 





Very Large


Animal 6

Psychology 6

Sociology 6

Anthropology 6


Cryptography 7

Linguistics 6

Communications 6

Information Theory 6


Hardware 6

Languages 5

Software 5

Interface 5

Earth Sciences

Ecology 5

Hydrology 6

Meteorology 6

Geology 6


Materials 6

Structural 8

Mechanical 8

Technical 6


Current Events 6

History 5

Archeology 6

Paleontology 5

Life Sciences

Biochemistry 6

Genetics 6

Biology 6

Evolution 6


Spellcraft 6

Magic Theory 8

Spirit Lore 6

Metaphysics 6


Number Theory 6

Probability and Statistics 6

Analysis 6

Multidimensional 6


(City) Lore

(Region) Lore

(Country) Lore

Geography 7


Logic 6

Theology 7

Philosophy 5

Civics and Law 8

Physical Science

Quantum Mechanics 6

Chemistry 6

Physics 6

Cosmology 5

   That accounts for almost 5000 MP of the 18,000 MP worth of material that was downloaded.

   The City, Region, and Country Lore skills are special cases: There are a LOT of them, albeit mostly at relatively low ratings – 2-5, and the sizeable majority at 4. They account for close to 6000 MP – although this does mean that the collection includes a decent database on pretty much every major city, region, and worthwhile country, in the world.

   Another 6000 MP is in the form of less-powerful (and often specialized) skillsoft programs; there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to pay for Rating-6 when a nice Rating-2 program or a speciality program (Ancient Egypt 2 anyone?) will answer their questions and let them write their novel or RPG scenario or whatever-it-is they want to know for quite satisfactorily. 

    There are also a selection of about 20 highly specialized knowledge skills, at ratings hovering around 5 – but none of those matter that much, since the more general skills usually cover enough to get by on. They tend to be popular-culture subjects, although there are a few on infant care and similar practical topics.

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