Fursona Body Armor

   This was originally written up for Ixian Astbiliancoatl – who, as a heavily cybered neojaguar, had an excellent reason for wanting phony fur: he thought that he looked awfully silly without any.

   The Fursona line is essentially a variant on the standard Industrious Coverall, Rapid Transit Jumpsuit, and Second Skin lines adapted a bit for an “animal” look. Unlike most of those forms of “armor”, it’s extremely conspicuous.

   The Fursona line is all legal, but must be individually tailored and fitted by speciality shops – hence it has no street index. They’re also all made with fireproof fiber, since otherwise they go up like torches. Thanks to this, and to the thickness of their fur, they offer their full armor value against both heat and cold and reduce the power of chemical attacks by two.

   The Basic Fursuit suffices for most parties, but those who go out to nightclubs or think they might encounter a dangerous situation on the streets (i.e. anyone relatively sane these days) often opt for the heavier versions. The optional helmet is, naturally enough, designed to look like an animal’s head.

   Why post this information? Who the hell would want one of these things unless they’re indulging some weird fetish? I can’t think of anything more conspicuous! <Wrath>

   Leaving aside the people with weird fetishes or who feel that they’re somehow linked with some animal, I can think of a couple of uses. How many anonymous, full-body, masks can you wear and still get into plenty of places by insisting that it’s “your `real’ body”? <Ironfang>

   It’s fun sometimes and it’s not like you were going in for the full-body mod surgery. <Masque>

   A point I suppose. I’ve certainly seen enough nutjobs with outre bodymods walking around that a costumed kook shouldn’t surprise me any. <Wrath>


Fursona Line







Basic Fursuit





















Beast Helm







   Possible extras include:

  • Adaptive. This (rare) suit is tailored to accommodate characters with shapeshifting systems. This is rare, since most such lunatics have undergone enough body mods that they don’t need artificial fur, but it isn’t very hard. All it takes is some stretch fabric, smart plastic, and an extra 250 NY.
  • Chameleon; Color-altering electrosensitive materials make this a minor trick, but this modification is still popular. The user may store up to 10 patterns and/or color schemes in the suit’s internal memory or hook up an external computer to store more (1 MP each usually). +500 NY.
  • Neon; A few simple fiber-optic “hairs” hidden among the others and some LED cloth and behold! Fur with its own, built-in, programmable lightshow! +500 NY.
  • Restraint; These fursuits include built-in restraints with external controls – although most include an internal override. +750 NY.

   What the hell is this for? <Wizzer>

   You did see the part about “Fetish” didn’t you? <Benito>

   What’s a spellcasting aid have to do with it? <Wizzer>

   Come by again when you’re older kid. <Benito>

  • Shielded. These suits have been modified with built-in conductive and nonconductive layers grounded through the soles. Reduce the power of electrical attacks by their impact armor value and the user is effectively immune to EMPs. +1250 NY.

   This mod, or the circuitry layer of the Tactile Feed mod (below), makes it damn hard for sensors to tell what’s inside. With a bit of tweaking you get electronic camouflage. Sensors will see the cosmetic wiring, but can’t tell what’s underneath. Handy sometimes. <Ironfang>

   Don’t count on it. The better systems will sort it out fairly often. <Scimitar>

   (+2 to sensor target numbers if unmodified, +4 if tinkered with, just like any other camouflage design).

  • Tactile Feed; a thin layer of sensors and a simsense feed allows the user a full sense of touch Most suits limit pain inputs and sensory peaks to safe levels, but enhanced sensations are available – and you can easily convert to BTL level sensations and/or record the signal output. +1250 NY
  • Thermal System; The suit includes heating and cooling circuitry to keep the wearer appropriately warm or cool in bad weather. +500 NY.

   This can also be used as a short-term thermal damper – but you’ll freeze or roast in short order. <Ironfang>

   (If so used, +4 to the target number for being spotted with thermographic vision – just like any other camouflage design).

  • Restraint Melters. These handy heating coils in the sleeves can literally melt away plastic security restraints on the wearer’s wrists – given about thirty seconds (10 combat turns). +250 NY

   Popular features on the helmet include standard sensory systems and comlink gear, as well as Expressiveness – a system that, for 500 NY, lets it show facial expressions – cued either by the wearer’s actual expressions or by cyber-command. Given that, it can be remarkably difficult to tell the difference between who’s wearing a Fursona suit and someone who’s actually undergone a full-body conversion.

   Minor cosmetic features – mobile (if functionless) tails, antennae, and similar appendages (or concealed pockets)- are included in the base price. Functional claws and similar items may be added as they’d be added to any other suit of armor.

3 Responses

  1. Hehe, and so it is that art imitates life which imitates art…

    How funny!

    Here’s a link to where shift (hybrid) can be found. :http://thehowlingvoid.com/sr4-menagerie-sapients.html

    Fox in hybrid form running into a furry convention… a perfect getaway in the making!

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