The Storm Diaries of David Mayseren, Fit the Third

Fight using Kadhara

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And on the second day of the Chaos Storm, things got even screwier, and the characters spake onto the game master, “why us?!”. Once again, far, FAR, more time (several weekly sessions) went by in the real world than in the game…

About a week ago, Robert Lee, a fifteen-year-old martial arts student, had been sitting in the garden and thinking about what jerks the guys from a rival school were, when the full moon rose.

The next day he woke up naked on the school steps – and the rival school had been massacred. The ensuing complications forced him to leave Bangkok very, very quickly. He hopped a freighter “in disguise” as a big wolfish mutt. If he could make it back to the American west coast, maybe his father, Adrian, could help him – even if the man was a survivalist loony. This was just too weird…

OK, so this flight business is a great way to avoid the traffic snarls… I wouldn’t have thought that acquiring a decent set of prospecting gear would be so hard. It is California after all, you’d think they’d stock that kind of thing just for the tourists.


Sorry man, I didn’t mean to land on… What are you doing with that phone booth? And with the guy inside? You’re desperate, you’re hungry, and you keep losing all your clothes when you turn into a dog?

Oh bloody HELL.

Look kid… Put his wallet back, I’ll heal him up, and you’re coming with me… (Sorry officer, but It’ll be better if I deal with this. Who am I? Why, I’m The Warlock! Stop snickering! Yes I’m serious!)

Well, that’ll make him take me a bit more seriously next time… I got nice and high before kicking in the invisibility spell. Jeez… Strong, tough, and shapeshifting. The kid couldn’t be a Zarkonian could he?

Nah… What would be the point?

I’m not gonna set him down though. If I keep him levitated, there’s no way he can hurt anybody – and he does seem to have some awfully violent tendencies.

I’ll call the professor… Good Lord. He’s eaten up all the steak in the freezer ALREADY. I’ll have to go and pick up some hamburger or something.

Now THAT’S an AURA. A giant wolf?!

I don’t BELIEVE it. I’ve found a werewolf. NOW what am I going to do?

At about this point, Adrian Lee parked his helicopter in the street outside and started banging… Well, Robert had called him – and Adrian had implanted a radio tracker before he sent him off. Some sort of government job he stole. Stuck itself to the stomach lining. David and The Professor eventually managed to get rid of him… Seeing his son shapeshifting was enough to set off all kinds of paranoia. Still, what were they going to do with Robert? However unintentionally, the child was violent, dangerous, and had killed at least twenty people in Bangkok. Putting him in one of Dr. Genos’s cells seemed a bit much – but the juvenile authorities would never be able to handle him.

Now that’s strength… I’m not sticking my arm near him again. I’d like to keep it attached! He doesn’t have any idea what he’s capable of does he? Wait just a minute… Wasn’t there something about Bangkok a few days ago in the newspaper?


We can’t just let him go… I don’t think he really deserves to die – but… Hmm.

Control. He needs control – or at least we do. If he cooperates, maybe I can work a binding spell on him somehow. It’s worth a try.


Having settled that, The Professor sent them out to get the boy some clothes… Preferably, at the rate he seemed to run through them, some cheap ones.

Meanwhile, Desrae was learning to adjust to her new status as a vampiress. Quarreling with her father was just the start of it… Still, adapting to a new role wasn’t much trouble for a theater arts major.

Unfortunately for them both, (As faerie and vampire), She and David bumped into each other at the mall. It was proving difficult to find anything which satisfied Robert – except army surplus. Survivalists…

Now Isn’t that Desrae? From college? The one taking acting courses… God, she’s lovely.

(Slip… Bump… BOOM)

Whaaaaat the FUCK!?!?!


Good thing I can work some healing magic… So what the – the – I can’t think of anything obscene enough – was THAT?!?

The ensuing discussion had to be put off until after they evaded mall security and some would-be protectors (AKA about one-half of the the local male population). Both David and Desrae could see that each others auras were extremely weird…

Besides – the energy flares which started going off whenever they got too close to each other made it just a bit obvious tat something weird was going on… The professor found meeting her very, very, interesting…

At least she only needed to drain some C’hi energy, not blood.

Great. Just great… The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Bright, lovely, pleasant, and with a lot in common with me – and if we get too near each other we explode.

This really sucks.

Just to top the cake, on the television, they found THE CRIMSON EARRING (OK, so he claimed it was “the Crimson Seer”), had taken a studio hostage – and wanted Warlock to come and engage in a “test” of their mystic skills…

Just great. What skills? I’m running on guesswork here… He’s only giving me/us an hour. I guess we’ll just have to go…

So where is this place? Well… Hell. I’ll call and ask. Where’s the phone book?

What’s that Azrael? All of your ships are still in orbit – but they might have shuttled down? It’ll have to wait… We’ve got an immediate problem.

Hell. That’s sixty miles away. With traffic like it is every saturday night? We’ll never make it… Put the guy on. Maybe we can talk him into waiting.

Yes, I know it would be a lot faster if you had one of your ships Azrael… We’ll try to get you one, OK?

OK, so that’s not going to work. There’s got to be some way… Ebonflame? You teleport… Can you carry other people with you? You think so? Let’s go for it guys…

The trip through the dimension of darkness wasn’t a pleasant one… The “place” seemed to be the domain of primal nightmares. Azrael went down instantly. Master Dao poured power into his psi-shields – but the effort left him dazed.

Warlock, still too young for his mind to have fully sealed away the childhood fear of the dark, was warded only by his instinctive solar spell. Primordial night poured through the open gateways of his consciousness.

And passed. Unlike his elders, the Warlock had yet to forget how to fully awaken, to find the world fresh and new and full of wonders.

Unfortunately, the strain of taking the other three through his portal knocked out Ebonflame as well. That left David and the Professor to deal with “The Crimson (Whatever)”

Uhhh… (gasp… pant…) Gotta remember not to do that anymore… Fuck… Is that what happened to the kids he swallowed up?

Well, there he is. At least he doesn’t seem to have brought any thugs. The studio audience doesn’t even seem to be taking it too seriously. They seem to think it’s some sort of publicity stunt.

Thank god we beat the cops here.

<Ahhh… There you are Warlock. Sneaky aren’t you? What’s with the goody-goody bit? As another mage, you surely understand that there are times when… (As he leaned forward, the Seer took a closer look). You’re just a boy! No wonder! You’re still full of totally impractical ideals aren’t you? How long have you been at this? THREE DAYS?!?! Look, I only sacrificed three homeless kids – nobody wanted them anyway – and it was for the greater good…

You haven’t taken philosophy yet?>

The Professor had recovered… The studio had more then enough electrical power to draw on. He channeled it into a massive electrical bolt, beginning a curious combination of an arcane battle and a discussion…

(Warlock) “Cuerennos Invocat, Entra Canis Perdo!” (Seer) “LATIN? Why on earth would you use LATIN?” (Warlock) “Fulimenta Jove!… It seems to work!) The Seer engulfed Master Dao in mystic flames… (Seer) “OK; what the hell are those huge slobbering things?” (Warlock) “If they’re what I called, they’re the hounds of the wild hunt! (Seer) “THEY’RE WHAT?!?! I’ve been trying for years – and I’ve never been able to contact anything like that! Could you call them off? I’d really like to talk about this!” (Warlock) “As far as I know, they’re supposed to be unstoppable!”

It got even more complicated when Michael showed up and started shooting… First with bullets (Look, kid, I was expecting the police – did you really think that I wouldn’t be prepared for bullets?), and then with some sort of plasma beam… (General chorus; Whaaa…?)

(SEER) “Look, can I have your phone number?”

(Warlock) “On TV!?!?”

Meanwhile, the audience was applauding madly – as a variety of binding effects, disruption, flight, mystic energy, and kinetic spells went off. The Seer complained bitterly when the hounds started levitating themselves after him (“What, now dogs are casting spells?”) – and tried to teleport out… David, while he wasn’t really sure what the Seer was up to, tried to stop him. He threw a disruption spell. The resulting wild gate took them both… Master Dao swore in annoyance… Wizards. He’d probably get a call asking for the fare back from Stonehenge or Easter Island or someplace like that.

He scooped up Azrael (Evidently Ebonflame was still someplace in his dimension of darkness) – and went after the earring. It’d seemed so important to the Seer that he’d gone to a lot of trouble to knock it off… It’d gone through the wall into the parking lot.

Unfortunately, an enormously fat fellow in a pickup truck had already picked it up – been compelled to put it on – and was peeling rubber getting out… Master Dao gave chase – and ran straight into a skateboarding teenager who’d just barely dodged the truck. He’d never catch it hauling Azrael… On the other hand, this was the one place in town where an alien napping on a park bench would attract no attention at all – just outside the Sci-Fi channels studios.

Oddly enough, the teenager was using his skateboard – and a handy passing car – to pursue the truck as well. He got there first – and started yelling… Master Dao flipped aboard and tried to grab the earring. It burned his hand off… While he was still in shock, the teenager smashed the back of the drivers head in.

At nearly 90 MPH, this did not work out well… The fat fellow wound up “technically dead”, sustained only by the power of the earring. Dao and the teenager wound up fighting a duel of psychic energies… Dao won, and stashed Azrael and the kid in a hotel room before going back to await an ambulance.

Elsewhere, David opened his eyes – and regretted it very quickly…

Urrgh… Ok. I’m lying on a glowing pathway made of golden light, which drips endlessly into a black void. The sky is purple, and covered with strange flecks and twisty patterns – and the path slopes steeply upwards. There’s the Seer…

Well – I don’t feel dead.

Call it a truce? Sure… We fought and we wound up here. I’m not about to try it again at the moment. Up or down? Up I think…

OK, so it’s clicheic. Look at this place. Have you got any better ideas?

Why did I interfere with your spell? Didn’t I have any idea how dangerous that was?

No I didn’t… And as for “why”, well, we were kind of fighting, so I figured that whatever you were doing would probably be bad for us.

The Seer groaned.

It was a long way to the gate… Just an extension of the path really. With bars of blue light. Warlock and the Seer spent a few minutes tinkering, but didn’t get very far before that fellow in the black-and-white outfit showed up again. This time he stuck around long enough to talk;

It seemed that this was the “Path Of Ascension” – a way of initiation into the higher magics. Most mages didn’t come here until they’d had a century or more of self-teaching – and they might spend many centuries more here, learning, in the realm of mages at the bottom of the path.

“Magic” wasn’t something you did – it was something you lived.

He asked how Warlock and the Seer had gotten there, and listened to their stories – the Seer’s tale of a tower in an ancient cave, the books and relics it contained, and of his years of study.

Of Warlock putting on Issilor’s ring last week, and the ensuing confusion…

WAITAMINUTE! You know about this ring? Who’s this “Issilor” guy? What do you mean he must be dead “Or I wouldn’t be wearing his ring”.

He’s the only mage who ever completed his Ascension and got out? How long does this stuff take anyway? I gotta get home by Thursday, or mother will have a fit!

“Your arrival was an accident child… I think that I can send you back. Perhaps you will return when you have outlived your ties to the outer world…”

(POOF!) Oops… Police again. Would-be interviewers and “we’d like you to answer a few questions”… Look, guys, I really haven’t any answers for you! Which way did Master Dao go? Through the parking lot? I’ll never get through this mess…

Hey! I can levitate without casting a spell! Maybe it’s some side effect of taking a walk on that path… That place had been incredibly overcharged with magic. It was made of the stuff. Now where? I’ll try another mirror spell.

OK, the Professor’s in the hospital (OW! That must hurt unbelievably… Maybe we can regenerate his hand somehow?). Still, he’s fine for the moment…

Where’s Azrael?

Well, perhaps you could… WHY AM I ARGUING WITH A HOTEL DOOR!!! Come to think of it… HOW AM I ARGUING WITH A HOTEL DOOR! SHUT UP AND LET ME IN! (How??? Oh. Am I radiating that much magic? Can’t bind it in. Hey! Maybe I can shunt it to the workshop I was setting up! It might even be useful there…)


Azrael?… He’s way out. Maybe I can work a mind- healing spell? Huh… I can, but not a very good one. Oh well, it worked. So who’s this guy? No idea? Lets wake him up and find out why Dao flattened him.

So that’s why. He’s a nasty little thug with power. He wants his skateboard. Never mind. I’ll conjure him one and put a tracer spell on him (in case we want him later). Let’s get out of here…

It’s a door. It can’t have much of a mind. Just zap it would you Azrael?

Warlock and Azrael flew… The junior thug decided to hitch a ride in a Porsche and visit the hospital as well. Who knows why… Once there, he started looking for things to steal, but at least his skidding, spark-throwing arrival made a good diversion from Warlock and Azrael dropping in.

Dao was in surgery to get his stump neatened up. They were having trouble anesthetizing him… He kept using his powers to block the drugs.

A member of the surgical team then proceeded to use his pocket-watch to knock out everyone else and turned into a janitor. It didn’t work on Dao – but, this turn of events did leave him throughly confused…

When Warlock and Azrael showed up, he decided to go and check on the fat fellow in ICU instead.

Up in ICU, the doctors were puzzled. The fellow had no heartbeat, no blood pressure, and a wrecked brain – but he was still breathing and refused to die…

Unable to get the earring off, Warlock and the others decided to try and patch him up so he could do it. That idea left them with a virtually invulnerable “earring-powered” zombie on the rampage. Warlock repaired the walls – and most of the patients – on the way out.

Look at that loon skidding in… I’ll add a display of sparks. That ought to divert anybody who might spot us landing…

OK; the surgical team is unconscious, and the patient is awake. Aren’t you getting a bit overenthused about this knocking people unconscious bit professor? It was the janitor? With a pocket watch?

Maybe I should try the mindhealing spell on him.

So where’s the earring? (Shut up! I don’t talk to surgical tables! I’d better work on that power shunt a bit more…)

Look, why don’t you quit arguing, let us in, and go sound the alarm or something?

Yuck… So what’s wrong? He’s had a massive heart attack, a broken skull, brain damage, various injuries – and his heart quit beating twenty minutes ago? He’s still breathing though…

Hell. I’ll try. It’s not like I could hurt him…


Well that was a lousy idea… Sorry about the wall. I’ll fix it… Hell. I’ll heal everybody while I’m at it.

How are we going to stop that thing? We can’t just let it smash it’s way through a hospital… Well, just blast the earring loose again! All together now…


Overcome by curiosity, Dao tried on the earring. It promptly took him over – and teleported him away.

This was not good.

Oh boy… Maybe I can get hold of the Seer? After all, it’s his earring. Maybe he knows how to…

Blocked. DAMN

OK, so where’s the Professor? He’s crawling down a crevice in a cave – someplace where there’s a blizzard overhead. Can’t see a thing – but it feels like a long ways off.

Damn. I don’t think I can do anything.

I’m not even sure I ought to.

Maybe I can do something with that big mirror I was working on enchanting… I can’t get into the workroom because it thinks I’m the wrong person? I think maybe that I channeled too much power into it.

Now my phone is talking to me. OK – telephones are supposed to do that – but not by themselves. I’ve got to find a way to cut off the rest of that mana leak… It says that Michael is calling. Caller ID. How very convenient! I’d been meaning to get back to him anyway.

So what’s up? You’re calling youself “Xenomorph”, and you’d like to meet me at the pizza place? You’ve found your powers? (Oh boy… SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?)

Let me get this straight… You “found” a secret US government base in a sub-basement of that condemned old office building you were using as your base – and it was full of alien technology and a bunch of GI stuff – and a bunch of records dating back more then twenty years.

(What, are we living on a planet or a swiss cheese? I mean, if you count the little workroom I set up in a cave back behind the house (on the edge of Fern Park) that makes three secret underground bases in less then a week…)

So you moved all the stuff to your new secret base, and put the armor on. You haven’t got it all figured out just yet, but some of it’s systems are really easy to use? Especially the flight, camouflage, and weapons systems?


Look, Michael, lets just have some pizza, OK? Just don’t push that button again…

How come I can see the armor if nobody else can? It doesn’t work on strong minds? Weird.

Meanwhile, the “junior thug” had decided to go back to the hotel room… It wasn’t often he had a room. It talked to him… It (The consciousness of the room???) could feel where Warlock/”Father” had sent most of the power, and it wanted to be moved there… Otherwise, it would run out – and die – in a week or so.

Well, why not? Besides – if “Warlock” could simply conjure stuff up, he’d be a truly handy guy to know…

So. A map, a compass bearing, and a range estimate. Right on the edge of… Fern Park? Well, he guessed it wasn’t too unreasonable… Nobody ever went there. It was just a bunch of little mountain valleys and woods. It wasn’t even all that pretty compared to some of the NICE parks around…

OK; Off to Fern Park.

Unfortunately, the place turned out to have another visitor… The Lizard. Now eighteen feet tall and more annoyed then ever.

The ensuing conversation didn’t go well… Neither did the fight. He wound up on the run, trying to hide, and calling 911… (Would this be Fire, Ambulance, or Police? “YES!”).

Back at the professor’s place, Robert had finished cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry – and was looking for more. Desrae had woken up from her “afternoon nap” as well. Evidently even the little sunlight she got crossing the parking lot, and indirectly through the car windows, was enough to severely “tire” a vampiress…

Hrrrmmm… I’ve got to find somplace for Robert to stay… He can’t stay at the professors when the man’s disappeared.

Hey Michael – wanna meet a werewolf?

You guess your armor’s tough enough? It’s not like that, he’s got some control.

Back at the professors, there was some confusion… Geez… You’ve eaten everything already? Wasn’t there a chest freezer in the laundry room? (God. I hope his appetite tapers off pretty soon. Where can he possibly be putting it all?). Good… There is. Have a ham…

Desrae? We sort of defeated the Seer, The professor has been possessed by an earring and vanished – and we probably ought to clear out of his place, just in case he comes back as a megavillian. Besides – who wants to try and explain his disappearance?

At about that point, the TV came on – first with a smiley face (on every channel), then with a short film featuring the fight with the Seer (with everyone given full credit) – and then a scene with The Lizard on the rampage in the park…

Oh boy… I wonder how many things I’ve accidently empowered lately? Great. The Lizard again. Couldn’t Dr Genos hang onto him for twenty-four hours? He’s gotten too big for Ebonflame to swallow him again…

Well – who wants to fight the Lizard? Yes, Robert, I know you want to…

Well… I’ll work a shielding darkness spell around you, OK? You’ll have to drive anyway – you’re the only one here with a car and a licence.

Well, that’s a familiar-looking skateboard. Where’s the little thug? Ah. There he is. Flying by overhead headed for the bay. Looks like he’s been fighting the Lizard…

OK, maybe he’s worth something. At least he’s still alive…

So I’ll catch him… What’s with people falling out of the sky around here?

GAAAH! Where did you materialize from your armoured nastiness? (Isn’t it getting a bit crowded in the back seat with three?).

Your – name – is – Solamon – Riser – and – you – call – yourself – “Timewalker” – and – we’re – going – to – invite – you – to – join – in – a – few – months – and you – thought – that – you’d – drop – by – early – and – avoid – the – rush. Here’s – the – invitation – I – wrote.


The TV is calling me through my talking cell phone. It says to “Look out above you!”???


The Lizard is jumping on us? Just step on the gas. He can’t steer while he’s in the air… Robert jumped out? Why?

Now what? We’re barely staying ahead… Maybe I can transform him?


Why a dog you ask?

Well… He was chasing the car.

Hey Robert! What are you going to do with him when you catch him?

About then, this glowing blue portal opened up, and a lot of Dr Genos’s guys in power armor came out. They were looking for the Lizard.

They were sort of surprised (and extremely relieved), to find a big mutt with the Lizard’s energy signature.

It still wasn’t easy to put him out. There’d been some sort of accident when they were trying to put him in cyrostasis… He’d just been too dangerous to leave loose.

They thought that Robert was “one of their’s” for a moment or two – (“How did He get loose!?!”) – but were easy enough to straighten out…

While they were taking the unconscious (he fainted) park ranger back to his post, the guy in white and black showed up again, smiled – and put Warlock’s power-flow back under control…

Now what? Him again? What’s he want now?

Well – That solves that problem anyway. Dammit! I’m tired of not having a name for this guy…

From now on, I’m gonna call him “Equinox”… Maybe “Master Equinox”- He does seem to be a master mage…

Anyway, from now on he’s got a name.

After a bit more confusion involving Mask, Desrae’s sentient pet raccoon, the skateboarder’s bag of stolen candy, the gas pedal, and Desrae finding out about her shapeshifting talents while driving on a mountain road at 90 MPH, they managed to stop the car and locate the Warlock’s secret workroom… Desrae was feeling as if she’d “Gotten too much sun”, and a cavern sounded like just the thing…

Besides, his workroom had called to say that it was sorry it hadn’t recognized him before – but his power- aura had been too strong to see through.

Just park it here… I camouflaged the place pretty well and covered the entrance with a sheet of rock – but I ought to be able to spot it’s magical aura…


Huh. The rock won’t flow. So how can we… (POP!) Errr… Just touch the wall and it teleports you through guys.

The workroom/base/sanctum seemed to be inhabited by several major spirits now… It seemed that they liked “Squishy Mages” – and there hadn’t been any around for quite some time…

They didn’t like vampires though – but were willing to put up with Desrae as long as she behaved.

Desrae rested… Around sunset, a bunch of japanese ninja types showed up… They were looking for Robert Lee (It seemed that his “school” felt dishonored – and wanted him back for judgement).

Look – guys – he’s a supernatural shapeshifter, and this is a really bad idea.

They didn’t believe it.

Robert (and the Warlock) gave them a demonstration…

They left very quickly, but did say something about “Sending in a special team”.

Well – Hell. At least I can blur the location they remember a bit… Too bad that they’re too many for me to make them forget it entirely.

I wonder if I can get them off his tail somehow?

Maybe fake Robert’s death somehow? But I’d have to convince the school…

Well, I’ll have to think about it.

Hey, Michael! Aren’t you going to take that helmet off?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T TAKE THE ARMOR OFF!? How are you going to eat?

You don’t seem to need to? Errr… Well – maybe we can figure something out later on.

If things don’t slow down a bit pretty soon, I just may collapse… I don’t think it can keep on. At this rate the world would be absolutely insane within a few months.

Warlock spent much of that night fixing up a mystic garage for Desrae’s sports car, reinforcing his spells on Robert, and gathering up the various mystic effects and devices that he’d accidently left scattered around (Luckily, transferring most of them, or at least their mystic essences, back to his sanctum proved relatively simple – for the most part).

Oh boy… Thank goodness that I don’t seem to need as much sleep as I did before… (Maybe it’s some sort of side effect?)… At least I don’t have class until tuesday… Class… Somebody’s going to take over the professor’s classes… I hope it’s not Pr. Carlson… The man’s a pain in the ass… It’s not fair dammit… I’m sleeping out with the most beautiful girl who I’ve ever seen, and we explode if we get together… Maybe an insulation spell would work… Try it tomorrow…


The Warlock’s Personal Timeline:

  • -3) (Tuesday):    David finds a (Mysterious) cave.
  • 01 (Friday Night):    David holds his regular friday night game at an atmospheric location – the cave… He arrives early to set things up, and finds an interesting ring with a green stone…
  • 02 (Saturday):    Feeling a bit feverish, he doesn’t get out much – although he does take a few calls about the DRAGON! (???????????!!!!!!!???????????)
  • 03 (Sunday):    The odd stuff begins… Some little lapses of memory about what he’d cleaned and so on could be dismissed – but the weird auras was another matter.
  • 04 (Monday):    David discovers his “sensitivity” to cold iron – and begins to speculate.
  • 05 – 07 (Tuesday – Thursday): David’s increasingly dramatic experiments at last lead him to conclude that he can actually cast spells (unless he just needs some therapy). Of course, he has to work between classes…
  • 08 (Friday):    Deciding to consult with Pr. Willams leads to getting entangled in a bank robbery, police – and several other superhumans… Also, being late for his composition class, Michael discovering David’s new magical skills at the weekly game, and more experiments.
  • 09 (Saturday):    David visits home, sets up a small workshop-cavern in the hills behind the house, tries a few shape-shifting experiments – and then gets called to deal with Azrael, The Lizard, Dr. Genos’s secret base, Michael, Douglas, and THE CRIMSON EARRING… He misses his (special) writing-class workshop.
  • 10 (Sunday): Looking for a “prospecting kit” leads to a Werewolf and Adrian the Survivalist. Shopping for clothes for the werewolf leads to Desrae the vampiress – and a mystic explosion. Meanwhile, the Crimson Seer takes a television studio hostage and demands that the Warlock come to him… This leads to a mystic battle, a visit to the realm of the ascension, Michael’s grand entrance as a superhero, the earring zombie, Professor William getting possessed by said earring – and lunch. After lunch, they have to deal with the Lizard in Fern Park, the Warlock’s sentient sanctum, and the ninja…

Next up: Monday!

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