Eclipse d20 – The Great And Powerful Trixie, Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, the Alicorn Amulet, and the Ursa Minor

Trixie Lulamoon has made several appearances in My Little Pony, albeit with significant personalty changes from appearance to appearance – even after allowing for the effects of the Alicorn Amulet. She has a wand and either a cape or a stylized moon for a cutie mark.

Wait. Isn’t there something a little weird about that? Unicorns have a horn. No one in Equestria uses a wand. From that point of view… Trixie’s cutie mark is saying “I use an alien system of magic!”. (Given her profession it also says “my show is going to be exotic and well worth watching” – but that’s secondary).

So Trixie performs unusual magic. Is it just stage magic and tricks? After all, “I use props and tools” could reasonably be taken from her mark.

No. It can’t be. “Stage Magic” relies on preparation, props, visual angles, and misdirection. How do you set up in advance to deal with whatever comes of an open challenge to an audience in a world where almost everyone has a special talent that they’re proud of? If Trixie’s special talent is to use her magic to pull back the cloak of time (star-tipped wand, cloak of stars… I could make a case for her being an astrologer too) and see the future well enough to get ready for whoever will challenge her… why isn’t she a top advisor to Celestia? Even if it was strictly limited to challengers, stubborn bureaucrats, underhanded nobles trying to slip something past her, and would-be assassins would all qualify.

That seems pretty unlikely.

Trixie does use smoke bombs and similar gadgetry, and it’s obvious enough that she’s good at bluffing and often simply claims that her way of doing things is better than a challengers – but she’s also blatantly incredibly versatile compared to most unicorns. Normal unicorns seem to be capable of low-powered, short-range, telekinesis, sensing magic, making light, and doing something related to their cutie mark. Trixie is capable of skillful telekinesis, firework and light displays, illusions, changing hair colors, briefly shutting up a heckler with an (easily-removed) “mouth zipper”, creating electrical energy discharges sufficient to be annoy and startle a Pegasus (cartoon joy buzzer style), animating rope, and producing what appear to be small weather effects – and it isn’t likely that dealing with only three challengers in a brief segment would display all of her abilities. While her power level is nothing like Twilights (although she seems to be more versatile at this point; it is pretty early in the series), she seems to be a match for Rarity – and Rarity is pretty powerful compared to the average Unicorn.

So Trixie is reasonably powerful compared to low-level NPC’s, very versatile, uses exotic magic, and is apparently far more attractive and persuasive than her skills and personality seems to warrant since she apparently does make a living with her shows. She (at least per Lauren Faust) was admitted to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns – which may not be uncommon, but does at least show the ability to pass the entrance exams. It’s implied elsewhere that she left before graduating – possibly because of personality problems and possibly because the school wasn’t helping her much.

On the other hand, Trixie gives relatively brief shows, and only one or two a day. Perhaps, unlike most other unicorns, she runs out of magic fairly quickly. Additionally, it seems like a lot of her magic may be self-taught.

Hm… Self-taught, highly versatile, powerful at fairly low levels but no match for a high-level specialist, runs out of power quickly, but has some ability to manipulate social situations in her favor, and rather poorly socialized… Trixie, unlike the vast majority of unicorns, is a Witch.

To account for the personality changes, I’m going to make her into a Bokor – a Spirit Channeler.

So; this version of Trixie hails from Neigh Orleans, where a small colony of Zebras has brought along their exotic magic and mixed with the local earth ponies to produce even more exotic hybrids – both of blood and magic. Among them… the magic of the Bokor. Trixie, with few unicorns about to provide training in Equestrian Unicorn Magic, learned some of those arts – and easily qualified for Celestias School for Gifted Unicorns. Unfortunately, her somewhat difficult baseline personality, the constant shifts resulting from her spirit channeling, and the fact that the teachers there didn’t know much of anything about her style of magic except that it was weird and scary, soon led to her leaving. Trixie took up with some traveling performers (“ran away to join the circus”) and picked up some of their skills before breaking up with them as well (albeit on more friendly terms; circus performers are used to odd behavior patterns) – setting out on her own career. Sadly, Trixie was over-proud of her skills and not yet an especially polished performer in season one, and so tended to be far, FAR, too provocative. She has improved a good deal since then though – although, for her, even “bearable” is a big improvement.

Trixie Lulamoon, The Great and Powerful (when channeling Ile Zeremika), The Clever and Discerning (when channeling Andromalus), The Mysterious and Resourceful (Haagenti), The Humble and Penitent (Naberius), The Swift and Deadly (Cheshire Cat), and The Avatar of Flame (Amon). Also known as “The Complete Fruitcake” when influenced by The Alicorn Amulet.

Level Five Bokor

Racial Package: Unicorn Pony (30 CP/+0 ECL race)

  • Attribute Shift, +2 Charisma/-2 Strength (6 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment, caster level x spell level 1 x 2000 gp (7 CP; 6000 gp)
    • Greater Mage Hand x2 (allows handling two items at once), (4000 gp).
    • One additional 0- or 1st-level spell. In her case that’s Greater Prestidigitation (from the Trickster Mage spell list). That provides a LOT of flexibility for minor tricks.
  • Immunity/stacking limitations when combining innate enchantment effects with external effects (common/minor/trivial; only covers level 0 or 1 effects) (2 CP).
  • Immunity/the normal XP cost of racial innate enchantments (uncommon/minor/trivial) (1 CP).
  • Immunity/needing to concentrate on spells (common/major/trivial – only for spells of level 0 or 1), specialized for half cost/only applies to innate enchantments (1 CP). This allows Trixie to use her telekinesis (and Greater Prestidigitation) without actually paying attention to it, just like a human uses their hands.
  • Immunity/verbal, somatic, and material components when casting spells (very common/major/minor – only for spells of level 3 or below) (10 CP). Note that this also affects her spells as Bokor, although it does not entirely overcome the limitations; it just means that you have to be watching closely and make a DC 15 Spellcraft check to spot them.
  • Eldritch, a unicorn’s horn glows when using innate enchantments or spellcasting, and a matching glow surrounds the target (0 CP).
  • Skill Focus (6 CP). In her case that’s in (Unicorn) Gadgetry.
  • Accursed. Any damage, or other harmful effect, that befalls a unicorn’s horn (e.g. must target their horn specifically, rather than the unicorn overall) causes all innate enchantments and spells cast to immediately end. No more can be used until the effect is healed (-3 CP).

I’m using Alzrius’s racial description rather than my own because mine relies on treating the ponies as superheroes – while this character is meant for a more-or-less standard game.

Available Character Points: 144 (Level Five Base) +10 (Disadvantages: Accursed (due to the extreme difficulty in finding information on Mysteries in Equestria, Trixie only learns of one for every two ranks or part thereof of her Knowledge/Arcana skill), History and – inevitably – Showman) + 12 (L1, L3, Bonus Feats) = 166 CP.

Package Deal: None. If used in a Pathfinder (or Ponyfinder) game, apply the Pathfinder Package Deal.

Basic Attributes: Str 8 (6 after racial modifier), Int 16, Wis 10, Con 16, Dex 16, Chr 8 (10 after racial modifier). Given that Trixie is supposed to be working on her character flaws, her +1 from fourth level will probably go to Charisma. It won’t be enough.

  • Strength: There’s not much to go on here. Trixies Wagon doesn’t even seem to have a harness in season one (and judging from the amount of gadgetry that seemed to be built into it, it may have had some sort of motor like the cider machine), but her new (or heavily-rebuilt and modified) wagon has a harness in season six and she’s seen casually strolling along while pulling it. Of course, that may not mean anything but “showing off less” or just “ponies are presumed to have no trouble towing small wagons”. I’m setting her strength to a minimum simply because she’s a caster and there’s no indication that she’s particularly strong.
  • Intelligence: Trixie seems to be pretty clever about magic and shows a variety of skills, so a fairly high rating here makes sense.
  • Wisdom: For this… Trixie falls to her pride and overdoes her challenges and attempts to confront an Ursa when completely unprepared (honestly, it’s a big bear. A few stink/smoke/irritant bombs might well have driven it off), gives into the Alicorn Amulet before she even TOUCHES it, and certainly doesn’t seem all that perceptive. Even by the old-school notion of Wisdom (are you sensible?) it’s not her strong point.
  • Dexterity: Trixie does sleight-of-hand with hooves, and does some escape artist tricks and such. That’s probably not all telekinesis and magic; Equestrian audiences are unlikely to be impressed with telekinetic tricks.
  • Constitution: Trixie wanders Equestria alone, getting plenty of healthy outdoors exercise – and likely dealing with various minor monsters. If she got too sick or injured… she’d be dead. Ergo, a decent Constitution (and probably some healing magic) is in order.
  • Charisma. You’d think this would be a priority for a showpony wouldn’t you? Well, you are apparently greatly and powerfully wrong. Trixie isn’t greatly evil, but she is powerfully abrasive. Fortunately, a practiced routine goes a long way towards covering that while she’s on a stage.

Languages: Common (A.K.A. Equestrian and English), Draconic, Zebrican (a somewhat bastardized dialect), and Sylvan.

Basic Abilities (77 CP):

  • Hit Points: 12 (L1d12, 8 CP) +14 (L2 and 3, d8, 7, 7, 8 CP), +10 (L4 and 5, d6, 5, 5, 4 CP) + 15 (5 x Con Mod) = 51 HP
    • Trixie has been touring, on her own, to towns on the fringes of the Everfree. She may or may not have fought an Ursa, but she’s almost certainly fought Timberwolves and dealt with other perils – and she is still alive. A decent number of hit points is definitely in order, although she’s focusing less on hit points as her magic improves.
  • Skill Points: 12 (Purchased, 12 CP) + 24 (8 x Int Mod) = 36 SP. 32 have been invested in her eight Adept skills, giving them all a base of +8.
    • Access to Occult Skill (Unicorn) Gadgetry, as a “Relevant” skill (6 CP). This is probably a fairly normal skill in Equestria, but we are more or less presuming a visit to a fairly standard setting.
    • Adept: Bluff +8* (+2 Synergy to Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, and Sleight of Hand), (Unicorn) Gadgetry (+11 +3 Skill Focus +2 Synergy from Knowledge/Arcana= +16 with a +3 Specialty), Perform (Stage Magician, covers many tricks) +8*, and Sleight of Hand +11* (6 CP). Skills marked with an “*” are often augmented with Witchcraft.
      • Usual Unicorn Gadgets (16): “Motorized” Wagon (+6 to pullers effective strength, 1), Opens into an elaborate Stage (2) with Lightshow, Magician’s Props, and Fireworks (2), Smoke Bombs (1), Refrigerator / Freezer (1), Stove / Water Heater (1), Charmed Cloak (+4 Deflection Bonus to AC, 3), “Smart” Cards (display whatever is needed and reform if damaged. This provides a +10 bonus to performing card tricks and individual cards can serve as a license, pass, or business card, 2), Ectoplasmic Mirror (Spend 3+ Power, generate a minor ectoplasmic construct that you can use as a stand-in and speak through. Unfortunately, while “real”, it is about as effective as an Unseen Servant with a Mirror Image and Ventriloquism, cannot get more than thirty feet away from you, and lasts no more than three minutes per point of power supplied (although the first three count), 1), Veil of Maya (This can be set up to cover her stage, or a carnival booth, or similar – covering up the signs of Trixie’s magic use, so that her powers will appear even more mysterious, 2).
      • Stage Magic Gadgets (From +3 Specialty): Vanishing Stone (A part of her cloak clasp): This activates as a free action up to three times daily, turning her Invisible – but the effect lasts for a maximum of one turn (1), Stone of Transit (Also a part of her cloak clasp): Teleports the user to a pre-prepared box, circle, or similar “receiver” within the range of a normal move as a move action up to three times per day (1), and an Innocent Blade: This vicious looking, wickedly sharp scimitar that can, if the bearer wills, pass through living creatures (and, optionally, their clothing) without harming them. It has no other special function (1).
    • Adept: Concentration +11, Knowledge/Arcana +11, Spellcraft +13 (with +2 Synergy from Knowledge / Arcana), and Survival +8 (6 CP).
      • Known Mysteries: Amon, Naberius, The Cheshire Cat, Haagenti, Andromalus, and Ile Zeremika.
    • Specialties and Other Skills: (Unicorn) Gadgetry/Stage Magic (1 SP), Craft/”Gypsy” Items (2 SP for a +5 total, mostly for fixing her wagon), and Magic Tricks (1 SP).
  • BAB: +2, Specialized in Ranged Combat for Double (+4) Effect (12 CP).
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: 2 + (Purchased, 6 CP) +3 (Con) = +5
    • Reflex: +2 (Purchased, 6 CP) +3 (Dex) = +5
    • Will: +0 (Purchased, 00 CP) +0 (Wis) = +0
  • Combat Information:
    • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons. Trixie knows how to effectively wield all the common items you’d find around a circus – hammers, mallets, clubs, poles, knives for throwing acts, crossbows for the “shooting” games, spears/prods for poking at misbehaving acts/attacking monsters, and so on (3 CP).
    • Initiative: +3 (Dex) -3 (Showman) = +0
    • Move: 30′ (60′ with Horseshoes).
    • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +3 (Dex) +4 (Deflection) +4 (Armor) = 21.
    • Usual Weapons: Trixie normally relies on her mighty magic, not weapons! Still, if she must… she usually has a few knives about (they are so useful after all) to chuck telekinetically. That gives her a +7 to hit and no damage modifier, which isn’t bad for a small blue unicorn.

Special Abilities (89 CP):

Bokor Powers (48 CP).

  • Basic Power Package (24 CP)
  • Initiate of the Mysteries I (14 CP).
  • Witchcraft Pacts:
    • Missions. Trixie wanders Equestria, is in contact with strange spirits, and has highly versatile abilities. It would be hard to find a better special agent wouldn’t it? Ergo, Trixie undertakes occasional missions for the spirit world – and so can be found almost anywhere, doing almost anything, that the plot demands for her patrons mysterious and unexplained (even to her) reasons. Could you ask for a better adventure hook? (-6 CP).
    • Rituals. Trixie performs an assortment of minor rituals – speaking of herself in the third person to avoid giving her location away to malevolent spirits, making small offerings, visiting obscure shrines when she passes them, and telling certain tales as a part of her act (-6 CP).
    • Duties: Trixie must never take up permanent residence anywhere or adhere to a regular route of travel, must take and train at least two apprentices during her lifetime, must constantly (and abrasively) test the patience of those who wish to befriend her, and must often mysteriously disappear into the wilderness following the omens of the winds (-6 CP).
  • +2d6 Mana, taken as 6d6 Power. Bokor Limitations, Only usable for Witchcraft (4 CP). This gives Trixie a total of 55 Power – quite a respectable amount!
  • Rite of Chi with +8 Bonus Uses, only to restore Power, Bokor Limitations (6 CP)
  • Witchcraft II to Doubled Effects father than one-third cost (allowing Trixie to produce Telepathic Projection, Telekinetic, Animation, Light, and Illusion effects of L0/1/2/3 for .5/1/2/3 Power. These have a base range of 60 feet and a base Will save DC of (16 + Cha Mod) (+4 CP).
  • Breath of Life (2 CP). Allows the user to Animate an object of up to Large size for an hour for 3 Power. When necessary, Trixie is perfectly capable of animating her wagon and telling it to go and take care of itself.
  • Finesse; Substitutes (Int Mod) for (Cha Mod) when it comes to Witchcraft (6 CP).
  • Double Enthusiast, Specialized and Corrupted for Increased Effect (6 Bonus CP) / only active when channeling a Mystery, only changes only when summoning a Mystery, only to an ability associated with the latest Mystery to be summoned, the acquired ability may not be used more than three times before it fades until a new Mystery is summoned (6 CP).

Introductory Courses at Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns

What does get taught at Celestia’s school? Well, at least in Eclipse terms it seems likely to go something like this…

  • Magical Kindergarten (ages 6-7) presumably teaches Unicorns to control their innate magical talents. By the end of it… they should have a fair handle on basic telekinesis and should only surge under serious stress.

As for Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns…

First Year: Honing your Natural Magic and General Education

  • All students: +6 CP Innate Enchantment (usually expanding on their special talent), plus courses in the ethics of magic, and some basic knowledge of history, literature, elementary mathematics, and basic science – or what passes for it in Equestria plus general socialization. (Other ponies get this stuff in their normal schools and apprenticeships since it’s pretty much presumed for every character, like Literacy). Trixie did not complete this year – making her severely undertrained for her potential and leaving her with woeful gaps in her general knowledge.

Second Year: Basic Magical Theory.

  • For magical-talent students the start of a Spell Progression.
  • For students with limited affinities the basics of Rune Magic – Some SP (or CP if necessary) in Rune Mastery and Rune Casting and a little Mana (Specialized in Rune Magic only). Usual minimum of +1 Mastery (allowing Cantrips), +2 Casting (providing a casting level of one), and 1d6 Mana Specialized in Rune Magic.
  • Given that Trixie was already using an entirely different magic system it’s not surprising that she dropped out when she saw this coming up. Celestia’s school simply wasn’t much use to her.

Third Year: Practical Magical Focusing

  • For magical-talent students: Storing Mana with which to enhance spells and continuing their Spell Progression.
  • For students with limited affinities: Storing Mana to power spells and developing their rune magic skills.

Fourth Year: Gathering Mana

  • All Students: Rite of Chi, possibly with Bonus Uses.

Fifth Year: Professional Certification, followed by Graduation

  • For magical-talent students: Advancing their Progression and expanding their list of known spells.
  • For students with limited affinities: developing their rune magic skills to professional levels.
  • Graduation: All students should now be competent enough to start careers, usually as first level characters. Celestia’s school graduates some of the best magical healers, shielding experts, communication mages, and other specialists in Equestria – greatly improving the lives of her little ponies throughout the land. Those talented students with actual spell progressions tend to head into research and (since they can teach a wide variety of students with specialized talents) into teaching – although they usually get some practical experience (and pick up a level or two) out in the world first.
  • Post-Graduate Studies (Years Six and Seven): Individualized studies. Commonly Spell Research, Creating Magical Items, Runic Ritual, Alchemy, Combat Magic, and so on. Yes, this means that even an advanced Equestrian Education is often over by age fourteen or fifteen, while most other students are educated . Is that really a surprise? The show IS, after all, aimed at kids

Most first years will acquire a few effects that they can use almost without limit. Trixie, by the usual standards an incurable dabbler, learned a variety of tricks – but most of them were not associated with her special talent, and so are each only usable a very few times per day at best. Worse, she dropped out quite early, leaving her with only part of a first year magical education. She may be a powerful Bokor (even if she thinks of that as her “stage magic”) but, by normal Equestrian unicorn standards she is mostly untrained.

Partial First Year: +4100 GP to her Racial Innate Enchantments (4 CP):

  • Wizard’s Pocket (SL 1, The Practical Enchanter) Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.4 (may only be renewed when the duration runs out, may not be spammed) = 800 GP.
    • Trixie has the equivalent of secret pockets, and can store five cubic feet / 50 pounds of material about herself at only five pounds of encumbrance and retrieve items as a move equivalent action. This makes all kinds of Sleight-of-Hand MUCH easier to pull off.
  • Handyman (SL0, repairs one point of damage to an inanimate object. While this will put pieces back together it does not restore magical properties or repair constructs). Spell Level Zero reduced to -1 by Ambient Magic limitation, Caster Level One, Unlimited-Use Use-Activated = 500 GP.
    • Trixie, not being an idiot, presumably slipped back into town during the night after Boast Busters and used a combination of Hand of Shadows (Getting all the pieces picked up and put back together) and Handyman to put her wagon back together. Being homeless is pretty miserable!
  • Goodberry (SRD SL1, 0 after the Ambient Magic Limitation). Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 200 GP.
    • An invaluable trick when on the road. Find a few berries – or force a few on a bush out of season with Greater Prestidigitation – and you have food for days.
  • Obscuring Mist (SRD SL1). Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 400 GP.
    • When you really need to run away there’s nothing like a sudden fog.
  • Relieve Illness (Hedge Wizardry, SL1, 0 after the Ambient Magic limitation): Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 200 GP.
    • When you’re traveling alone, a minor illness can be dealt with. A major one is often a death sentence. This spell will reduce the severity of an illness considerably.
  • Cure Light Wounds (SRD, SL1, 0 after the Ambient Magic limitation) Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.6 (Three Times Per Day) = 600 GP.
    • Similarly, minor injuries can become infected, or accumulate, and swiftly prove fatal on the road – so any sensible long-distance solo traveler needs to learn to deal with them.
  • Hearthfire (Hedge Wizardry, SL2 reduced to SL1 by Ambient Magic limitation), Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 400 GP.
    • A small fire and a stove will suffice for heating, cooking, baking, hot water, and light, with no trouble or expense.
  • Expeditious Retreat (SRD, SL1) Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 400 GP.
    • Are there a lot of monsters? Bandits? Going faster is often quite enough to save your neck. This has since been superceded by her Horseshoes, but it was very useful back when she was starting out.
  • Shield (SRD, SL1) Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 400 GP.
    • It may not last very long, but when you’re principally interested in getting away, stopping magic missiles can be pretty important.
  • Alarm (SRD, SL1, 0 after the Ambient Magic limitation): Caster Level One Unlimited-Use Use-Activated, x.2 (Once Per Day) = 200 GP.
    • Another invaluable effect for the lone traveler. After all, it’s not like she has anyone else with her to stand guard.

Other Abilities:

  • Reflex Training (3/Day Bonus Actions Variant) with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized in Movement and activating Movement-Boosting Effects (6 CP). Trixie is very good at ducking out when necessary.
  • Action Hero/Stunts (6 CP). Trixie will occasionally pull things off that she has never done before – and will quite possibly never do again.
  • Immunity/Needing to wear clothing or light armor of up to 100 GP value to enjoy it’s beneficial effects (Common, Minor, Major, 6 CP). Trixie need not wear heavy clothing in winter to keep warm, raincoats to keep dry, minor armor to avoid injury, swarm suits to keep off bugs, or anything at all to avoid public indecency and to have pockets. Yes, this is a pretty standard part of being a pony – but it certainly isn’t a normal part of most other settings. Trixie, like the Royal Guards, has an upgraded version, covering armor as well as simple clothing. Given that this version of Trixie may show up in other worlds… it’s worth calling it out, as opposed to simply leaving it as a background assumption.
  • Damage Reduction 3/-, Specialized in Physical Damage for Double Effect (6/-) (6 CP). Ponies are TOUGH. And it starts young. We can tell, because the Cutie Mark Crusaders are still alive. It’s another thing that isn’t called out in the show because EVERYONE in Equestria is resistant to injury – but when you’re interacting with outsiders, it’s worth noting.
  • Opportunist: Trixie gets to provide herself with special effects (via Greater Prestidigitation and minor (no cost) touches of Witchcraft) without it requiring an action of any kind. She can have a bit of faint background music, her cloak may blow in a non-existent wind, simple spells may have impressive special effects, and so on. In general, this is worth a +2 bonus on relevant rolls and makes her act look more impressive (6 CP).
  • Damage Reduction 3/-, Specialized in Energy Damage for Double Effect (6 points of general energy resistance) (6 CP). Like most cartoonish characters, ponies tend to shrug off minor energy discharges – including things like being set on fire – with a bit of superficial blackening that goes away in a few moments. Once again, this isn’t really called out in the show because this kind of thing applies to everyone in Equestria – but it’s worth noting when you’re interacting with normal mortals.
  • This actually leaves 1 CP left over. I’d spend it on a Specific Knowledge of Stage Magic – covering tricks, its history, and great stage magicians.

Equipment (9000 GP):

  • Amulet of Tears (2300 GP). If you’re trying to run “Equestria” under the standard rules, this item is probably almost standard issue. Even the kids survive outrageous stuff quite regularly.
  • Horseshoes of Speed (3000 GP). What traveling equine entertainer could pass up these?
  • Hat of Disguise (1800 GP). Invaluable for any stage magician.
  • Everfull Mug (200 GP). Not a major item, but combined with Goodberry it lets you travel with very little risk of going hungry or thirsty.
  • Bag (Hat Lining) of Tricks (900 GP). You never know when a small assistant will come in handy – and pulling an animal from your hat is about as classic as you can get.
  • Trixie’s Wagon is a large two-pony fully-furnished Caravan (requires Str 10 for easy pulling). It includes built-in seats, cabinets, and a wardrobe, two one-pony (two if they’re intimate) bunks in the rear, a chest of drawers who’s top serves as a table, a small larder, a wine rack, a glass-fronted china cabinet, and shelves with bars to keep things from falling off. Small windows and a skylight allow for light in the daytime, at night there are brackets for oil lamps – although Trixie mostly uses magical effects. There is a small porch on each end. Racks and cases along the outside fold out to provide storage for trade goods, a set of masterwork artisans tools and a workbench, a small forge, and a wide variety of storage spaces and barrels. An assortment of minor items – pots and pans, a water tank, a supply of food (about a months worth for one pony), a spare cape and hat, bedding, an (average) door lock, soap, and similar miscellany – is included at a net cost of 350 GP (Caravan 250, Tools 55, minor goods 45).
  • That leaves 450 GP for minor stuff – a few books on stage magic, some extra props, some bottles of decent wine, hiring an assistant or a venue for a big show, hiring a youngster or two as shills for her show or servants, a selection of posters to put up, and other minor gear. After all, Equestria isn’t that big on magic items outside of household Gadgetry anyway.

Translated into d20, Trixie is actually a very impressive stage magician – mostly because powers that don’t do much in combat are really, REALLY, cheap in d20. Most d20 games are focused on fight-the-monster, get-the-treasure, and save-the-world – with more mundane careers relegated to the backstory. It being d20, however, her left-over points have gone into combat related abilities – leaving her a competent, if minor, trickster-styled adventurer.

What about the Alicorn Amulet? Well, given that it was evidently in a junk shop with no takers for quite some time… I’m going to assume that appropriate users are scarce. It’s a 4 CP Relic, all powers Specialized: using it makes the wearer crazier and crazier until the game master takes over the character – and it makes the user fairly obviously insane or possessed long before then.

  • The Alicorn Amulet: 3d6 (12) Mana with the Spell Enhancement option, Corrupted/only to enhance the user’s spells and psychic powers (18 CP, 1 point adds +3 spell levels, but only one point may be used), Rite of Chi with +8 Bonus Uses, Corrupted/the ritual is to gloat, explain your plans, and otherwise act like a stereotypical villain (6 CP), Immunity/Having the amulet removed against the user’s will (Uncommon, Minor, Major, 3 CP).

That lets Trixie toss around sixth level spells quite readily – which should be sufficient, given that most of her “major” effects were likely short term or were so flawed that they were easy to get around.

As a bonus, here are some statistics for the Ursa Minor.

My (very rough) calculations give the Ursa Minor a height of about 24 feet (figuring that Ponies are about four feet tall when not crouching a bit). That’s on the lower end of “Huge”, so figuring from a Dire Bear, an Ursa Minor would look something like this…

Ursa Minor:

  • Huge Magical Beast (About 24 feet tall). (Possibly Augmented Animal if the limited magical powers are taken as being provided by the rules of Equestrian reality rather than being innate).
  • Hit Dice: 20d8 + 120 (210 HP).
  • Initiative +0
  • Speed 40 Feet (8 Squares)
  • Armor Class 18 (-2 Size +10 Natural), Touch 8, Flat-Footed 18
  • Base Attack/Grapple: +15/+23
  • Attack: Claw +29 Melee (2d6+14)
  • Full Attack: 2 Claws +29 Melee (+2 Weapon Focus, -2 Size, 2d6+14) and Bite +22 Melee (3d8+7).
  • Space/Reach: 15 Feet/10 Feet.
  • Special Attacks: Improved Grab, “Shooting Stars” / Magic Missile as a Supernatural Ability 5/Day (10 Missiles). This attack is only used when something is really annoying and hard to hit physically.
  • Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Immunity to Blinding and Light-Based Effects, Immunity to Magic Missiles. Radiates sufficient light to dimly illuminate a radius of ten feet per hit die, this automatically dispels all Darkness effects within that area with caster levels of less than it’s hit dice.
  • Saves: Fort +18, Ref +12, Will +13
  • Abilities: Str 39, Dex 11, Con 23, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10.
  • Skills: Listen +10, Spot +10, Survival +15, and Swim +15
  • Feats: Alertness, Endurance, Run, Luck with +4 Bonus Uses (only for Saves), +2 BAB specialized in Claws,
  • Extra Skills (+6 SP), and Grant of Aid (Stellar Powers).
  • Environment: The Everfree Forest, Equestria
  • Organization: Usually Solitary, pairs possible.
  • Challenge Rating: 10
  • Treasure: None
  • Alignment: Always Neutral
  • Advancement: 37-64 HD (Colossal Ursa Major).

Combat: An Ursa Minor attacks notable opponents by tearing at them with its claws. Up to one minor opponent per limb may simply be stepped on as per Grappling (see Improved Grab).

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, an Ursa must hit with a claw attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Like all Equestrian Animals, Ursa’s are strongly affected by Friendship and Harmony, suffering a -6 penalty on saves against such effects – including against musical effects.

OK, Trixie almost certainly could not defeat an Ursa Minor, much less an Ursa Major. She might well, however, be able to escape from one – or (if she had time to channel the right Mystery, get up a Shield spell to handle the Magic Missiles, and prepare some alchemical toys) be able to stay out of reach and harass one with spells, smoke, stink, and other irritants until it leaves.

This version of Trixie is – quite intentionally – versatile enough to fill a great many different roles, just as she does in fanworks. You want Trixie the Noir Detective? Trixie the Mad Bomber? Trixie the Crimelord? Trixie the Rebellious Arsonist? Trixie the Mage Duelist? Trixie the Foil for Twilight? Here you go. Just pick a relevant Mystery and associated Bonus Feat and you’re all set.

This one just kept getting longer, so it’s a couple of days late…


9 Responses

  1. A Trixie for all occasions!

    I very much enjoyed this, especially as a showcase for the recent spirit binding builds. That said, there were some minor things I was unclear about:

    I noticed that you had her purchase Occult Skill for 6 CP, rather than the usual 3, to make the associated skill automatically be “relevant” for purchasing purposes (hence why she’s receiving the full bonus to the skill for the ranks she purchased, rather than having to buy any ranks at “irrelevant” prices). However, I don’t see that option listed in the Occult Skill listing; where is that rule from?

    Also, having a +1 bonus to [Rune] Mastery is sufficient to cast cantrips? I hadn’t thought about having any sort of spellcasting limited to that level, but given the default “pricing” for 0-level spells being spell level 1/2 (e.g. when making magic items, etc.), and [Rune] Mastery letting you use spells of one-fourth your bonus, I’d have thought that it would need to be at least +2.

    Also, how is the Ursa Minor able to fire 10 magic missiles per use? Does the normal spell cap not apply as a supernatural ability?

    • I’m compressing too much again aren’t I? Well, that’s easy enough to fix.

      As far as the Occult Skill goes… it’s just another way of phrasing it really. An “Irrelevant” skill costs double for the first three ranks, at which point it becomes “Relevant” – but the maximum number of ranks is still the same. Buy three skill ranks at double cost (3 extra CP), spend the three extra CP up front… either way the cost is the same.

      For the Rune Magic the assumption is simply that – since you get a free choice of Int, Wis, or Chr for a base, Unicorns get +2 to Chr, and this is a “School for Gifted Unicorns” – the students will be basing their Rune Magic on a stat with at least a +1 modifier (I think having at least one mental attribute at 12+ is pretty much required to be “gifted”). Casting was set at “+2” simply to get the cost of the year to 6 CP because I liked the “one feat-equivalent a year” implication.

      The Ursa Minor could be doing extra magic missiles in many different ways, but the simplest is to use Inherent Spell (Magic Missile with +2 levels of Multiple/Combine, for two magic missile spells at once) and some bonus uses.

      I didn’t actually worry much about the costs for the special abilities I tossed in since it’s basically a “new and arbitrary creature” rather than a “conversion” as such – but using the quick-conversion rules for a 20 HD Dire Bear creature would give me 120 CP to play with. Giving a giant bear a few “star creature” powers looked to be well under that limit. To check…

      The Magic Missiles would cost 12 CP, as above.

      The Immunity to Blinding and Light-Based Effects is (Uncommon, Major, Legendary, 24 CP).

      The Immunity to Magic Missiles uses the same effect. I could probably reduce the cost with a more complicated method, but why bother? (24 CP) again.

      The “Radiates Light” would be a couple of instances of Presence (a specialized Dispel Darkness like the old Dispel Illusion, Light, and an immunity to the normal radius limit, both Specialized for increased effect – never turning off, being a blatant giveaway of what you’re fighting, etc, 12 CP) and an immunity to the normal radius limitation (Common, Minor, Great, 12 CP).

      Which gives us one giant star bear. very suitable for terrorizing villages.

      And I hope that helps!

      • Thanks for that. The Occult Skill thing was the most confusing, but now I understand what’s going on (i.e. the 3 CP are paying the doubled cost for irrelevant skills for the first three skill ranks upfront).

        Though the Ursa Minor should probably be a magical beast, since it has supernatural abilities. After all, an owlbear is one, and it doesn’t even have any magical powers.

      • True enough. I didn’t really want to give it d10 hit dice and another +5 BAB though. The types and subtypes get very awkward when everything is potentially unique.

        Oh well. The Dire Bear already broke the mold with a good will save anyway. So shall it be!

  2. Reading the write up in the comments makes me wonder… If you wanted to turn the Star-Bear into a Starlight-Bear (pun not intended), could you take this and swap the Immunity to Magic Missiles for:
    A Presence (Shield) (Specialized for reduced cost: Self only),
    1 Channeling Use (Positive Energy) (Corrupted for reduced cost: Only for Conversion),
    Conversion (Channel the Light*; Which is an effect about positive energy) (Specialized for increased effect: Same modifiers as “Radiates Light”-Presence)
    1 Caster Level (Specialized for double effect: Only for Conversion; Corrupted for reduced cost: Only to increase the duration)
    and Augment Magic (Summoning spells) (Specialized for double effect: Only affects “Channel the Light”)?

    That would increase the caster Level (at least for duration) to 24.
    The Channel the Light spell would be a Level 12 ((6 + 3 for duration) Base + 4 Double Metamagic – 1 Metamagic Adjustment + 1 for Channeling – 1 for singular creature) Channeling spell (Channels a Shining Child from Pathfinder (CR 12; Thus needing to “Double” the CR 6-Allowance) and lasts for 1/hour per level).

    Would that be possible or did I miss something important?

    • You could do that, although there are a few possible limitations there.

      1) A Shield spell does “block magic missiles”, but you can get around that with the right metamagic or immunity. Taking it as a high-order immunity makes it much harder to bypass.

      2) A “converted effect” is just a spell – and so it can be dispelled or negated in a number of ways. At once per day that would take away a lot of the bear’s abilities.

      3) A single caster level really wouldn’t work since it’s using it’s hit die total as the caster level for innate abilities, but a couple of extra hit dice would work just fine.

      4) Positive Energy really doesn’t go with a chaotic evil summons – but they’re shadowy creatures of the night sky, so negative energy channeling will work just fine.

      The channeling effect should work unless I’m missing something totally obvious – which is quite possible; it’s very late now here.

      • 1) Hmm… That is true. It’s the question of using Bypass or Dispelling, where dispelling does come cheaper (I think. I mean, a Presence isn’t really a spell, but it copies a spell effect, so it would make sense). As a matter of fact, since most ponies can only add up to 3 Levels of Metamagic via Mana, one could argue that they can’t bypass it either way.

        2) Yeah, I’d be banking on the fact that a Ursa has a good will-save (since most outsiders would be banised via Dismissal and Banishment) and a high enough casterlevel to rarely have to worry about dispels. Breaking it down via Disjuction or negating it per AMF is still an option, but I don’t think that most predators can utilize that level of magic.

        3) I… didn’t know that. I may have to rethink it then, because I’d be 1-2 CP short of the 24 hour duration then.

        4) Well, that is true, but Shining Children are creatures made of positive energy (I think… They glow and have a positive energy-related attack), so I wasn’t sure what would fit better.
        Though I guess it doesn’t matter too much… I would have to find a glowing Negative Energy being though…

        And it’s good to know that the channeling works. Means I now got the hang of these spells^^

      • Oh no worries. After all, my version is “something that would work reasonably well in the setting” not “something to challenge optimized adventurers”.

  3. […] The Great And Powerful Trixie, Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, the Alicorn Amulet, and the …: Pretty much what’s on the label. Commentary: Upgrading the Ursa. […]

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