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They're Heeerrreeee...

Here we have some more catching up on the cross-indexing; Spellweaver plays in the Star Wars game – usually as Kira Keldav. He turns out the Kira-focused versions of the logs, which I then go through to insert what all the other characters were up to.

Unfortunately, for the last couple of months I haven’t had time to do much of any of that – so here are some direct links to his material.

Pseudoscience Demolitions: Spellweaver has somewhat more patience left with this than I do, and doesn’t expect people to make most of the deductions for themselves – which means his articles on the topic tend to go into more detail than my general observations.

  • Remote Viewing: The US Governments Clairvoyance Project. I tend to just note that this promised marvelous results at very low costs – and yet it was dropped, declassified, and not picked up by the rest of the world. Ergo, it was a false promise and failed to work. The End. Spellweaver covers it a lot more throughly…
  • Masaru Emotos Water Crystals: The claim that water picks up “emotional energies” from people’s thoughts. Basically yet another claim that the “power” of “positive thinking” has non-psychological benefits. So why don’t the powerful and wealthy get panels of positive thinkers to provide them with all these benefits? Could it be that one of the qualifications for wealth and power is the ability to recognize when something does not work?
  • Masuru Emotos “Experiments” – taking a detailed look at Masuru Emotos own reports on the subject.

Star Wars Material:


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