Session Eighteen: Between Enlightenment and Darkness

   Unfortunately for the Mandate, the public trial had gotten enough publicity to draw a fair number of their enemies out of the woodwork. Worse, two of the Hauntsman’s enemies – Ebonar and Sir Isaac Newton – had elected to work together. When the White Necromancers Mother took him out of the picture (dragging him home to fill out school paperwork and receive a stern lecture), they moved to eliminate Ranko -sending the car that came to pick her and Michel up into a 30-G trip out of the solar system (although they “escaped” into the realms of the Aztec Gods), diverting the Chauffeur, paying no attention to “Satan” (on the theory that he was self-diverting), and then incapacitating the various children – orphans, horses, jaguars, werewolves, and all – with a broad-scale balance disruption effect while they moved to take out The Hauntsman.

   Jason diverted the White Necromancers Mother – the service he needed most desperately at the moment – while the White Necromancer answered the emergency call from his apprentices – but they were still getting the short end of things until a near0uncinscious Ranko thought to call Baen to help stomp on Ebonar. Both villains escaped, but it was a near thing. If more of their usual opponents started combining forces, it was going to be a real problem…

   Back with his Mother, the White Necromancer was embarrassedly dealing with Jason. He’d lapsed to cat-form to avoid answering questions – but that made some other things – or the lack thereof – pretty obvious. Mrs Anderson was starting to wonder if her son needed a psychiatrist… She’d gotten briefed on the curse-relationship by the school nurse, but taking advantage of it to maim the boy – no matter how unconsciously – and then somehow managing to remain oblivious to it, was more than a bit weird.

   Bobby was… “Er… The first time I shapeshifted you? But… Er… Well, the glasses were – well, there are all these Werewolves around and they keep running around with no clothes on and – Er… Let me see if I can fix… Er… undo that…”

   It only took investing a little more power in the boy. Hm. This “minions” thing was worth looking into. There seemed to be a multiplicative effect on what you invested…

   Back in Tokyo, Ranko was dealing with the return of the Obsidian Paw – but eventually determined that her Husband had simply been providing her with a sparring partner and their son with an emergency rescuer. Wisely, she decided to go to him, rather then summoning him and risking the side effects on innocent bystanders. Finding that he considered her Fans – and Isacora’s nascent fan club – as the start of their own cadres of worshippers, Ranko managed to get him to remove the enchantment. It hadn’t been a large one…

   The Hauntsman helped the Kids learn to combine some of their power – they were a bit upset about the fact that the villains had started striking at them and at the (almost as upsetting) fact that most of their abilities had virtually no effect on the more powerful villains – and took Lahatiel out for Ice Cream – and found that, with his new soul and full free will, he was likely to be something of a handful until he got used to it. He hadn’t realized that Angels could travel to the abyss that easily…

   4 XP all around:

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