Exalted – Lunar Essence Arts III

Northernmost natural population

What do you mean, "You sense his presence"?!

Shapeshifting Refinement Knack

Transcendent Ecological Unity

Prerequisites: Hearth-and-Flame Shell, Hybrid Body Rearrangement, Essence 4, Stamina 5, Wits 3.

A lunar with this knack may become one with the land within a radius of up to (Essence) miles, sharing with it a portion of his or her exalted essence-boosting, transforming, and life-enhancing powers.

On the land’s side…

  • It will heal, as if it was Exalted – treating loss of vegetation, pollution, and similar superficial damages as “bruising damage” (this will often overthrow less-solid structures, toppling them with burgeoning verdure), rifts and erosion as “lethal damage”, and things like the depletion of resource veins as “aggravated damage”. Eventually, the underlying land will be restored to a more or less pristine state. Features which were not a natural part of the land, such as a vein of magical ore resulting from some magical event, will not be restored in this fashion. Similarly, a Shadowland cannot be cured by in this way. While the overflowing health of the area may mask a Shadowland, mere healing is insufficient to undo it’s close link with the underworld.
  • It’s creatures will multiply to fill the land, producing larger-than-usual numbers of healthy offspring and having them grow to maturity in months instead of years. If Transcendent Ecological Unity is maintained for six months or more in the same area, directed evolution and mutation* will repopulate the area with excellent copies of any species native to the area which have gone extinct. Sadly, these will never be precisely identical, but they will be good enough to rebuild the ecology and to make suitable hosts for the souls of individuals of the original species who may be awaiting reincarnation. [*Users who also possess Changing Plumage Mastery may also add mutations of their own choice to the local lifeforms, up to a limit of (Essence) mutation points].
  • The land and it’s creatures cannot be further tainted by, or dissolved into, chaos.

On the Exalts side…

  • He or she automatically becomes aware of the features of the land, including any demesnes, manses, special resources, or local oddities, within the radius of effect. Manses with magical concealment measures require an essence roll-off as usual.
  • He or she is automatically aware of anything in the area which can be sensed by any creature of the land within it, disturbs its vegetation, touches the ground, or disturbs its flows of essence. If someone is using supernatural stealth effects, or flying above it, an essence roll-off is required (if both, the stealth flyer gains a +2d bonus on the roll-off).
  • He or she regains +12 motes per hour, regardless of activity. The geomancy of the land is an endless well of strength for those attuned to it.

Unfortunately, claiming the shape of the land requires at least an hour of carefully infusing the user’s life force into it – an action requiring the commitment of one health level to the land. Maintaining the bond after departing the area is an even greater strain, increasing the cost to two health levels. Still, some Lunars – particularly those with Pain Tolerance or similar abilities – have been known to use this technique to protect and restore areas of the borderlands.

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