Additional Characters

   I’ve put up pages for the War Zone basic template, the Adolescent Dragon Template (contains campaign spoilers: I recommend that players stay out of this file unless you’re going to play one), the Children of the Silver Twilight (most of the kids at the orphanage), the Horse-Boys (victims of the War God), Hayley, Mina, and Theodore (the lesser werewolves), the Hauntsman’s Shadow Hounds, Stefan, the old version of the Chauffeur (Derrick: e-mail me the new version and I’ll update it), The Hauntsman, Vasilko, the Were Triplets, and the Justifiers Super-Soldiers. Secondarily, I’ve started an “Other Games” page for World Tree and other games and put up the Psychic Powers listing on the White Wolf page. The psychic powers listings were originally for live-action, but the basics will apply in any World of Darkness setting.

Character Sheets and Material

   Since it looks like the editor will accept HTML code after all – or at least the version that MetaCreator puts out – I’m starting to post the various current character sheets under the Hero Groups subpage. The first one up is Ranko, I’ve just added Darius, and there will be some more later tonight.

   To answer an earlier question, yes the Wednesday night game will be on as usual. Since it’s also my birthday, I’m going to order a pizza or something.