Latest Material

   Updated on November 20’th.

   Well, it’s time once again for a new “Latest Material” index and updating the main index tabs. As usual, you should be able to find everything here that hasn’t been put on the index tabs yet. If you want to look at all the latest stuff, it’s easiest just to scroll down the page.  The previous Latest Material index can be found HERE.

Legend of the Five Rings Material

d20 Material

  • Federation-Apocalypse Campaign Session 32, Session 33, and Session 34 Logs.
  • d20 World Tree: The Prime Races and Special Abilities from World Tree for Eclipse: The Codex Persona Classless d20.
  • Star Trek Star Fleet Templates for d20: Part I (Ensign, Infiltrator, and Engineer), Part II (Captian, Second, Science Officer, Transporter Officer, Counselor, Mystic Counselor, and Doctor), and Part III (Chief Security Officer, Cosmic Wedgie, Annoying Brat, Mudd, and Holographic Character).
  • Converting a Balor to Eclipse: The Codex Persona – so that you’ll know how a demon can come up through the ranks when someone wants to play one.
  • Building Gandalf and the Balrog in Eclipse – and why they’re not really all that high a level.
  • The Realm of Kadia – Kevin’s (semi-)private afterlife for his followers, along with some rules on building your own dimension.

Shadowrun Material

World Tree Material

Random Stuff

  • Aetherial Ways: a spell list for Rolemaster (and for swiping ideas from for other games).
  • Secretarial Ways: another Rolemaster spell list to swipe bits from – and some of the most practical bits of magic that any diplomat could have.

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