Dedicated Hunters and Ponyfinder

Many adventurers are in it for themselves. Others are loyal to great lords and nations. Some seek ancient knowledge. More are brought up as mercenaries or agents. A few are simply thrust into the adventuring life when they are forced out of their normal lives – whether by being caught thieving or by being forced to seek new homes.

Other people, however, are perfectly happy as humble woodcutters, bustling cooks, and simple fishermen. But then something goes wrong in their comfortable worlds. Some monstrous force – war, flood, plague, famine, or some literal monster – strikes their lives and strips away something they value.

And rather than falling into despair, or railing against fate, or resigning themselves to their loss and their inability to change the world… they find PURPOSE. An anchor against the whimsical winds of fate. A course is set – and the farmers boy, simple woodcutter, or imaginative child picks up whatever comes to hand and sets out to do something about it.

When that force is large and abstract you can expect to see feats of engineering, or research into new cures, or organizations founded. If smaller, expect social heroes – a fireman, doctor, or investigator. And when it truly was a monster… expect an avenger.

An old destiny is no more. A Hunter has been born. And despite all logic telling us that apprentice bakers should leave the demon-hunting to trained professionals… they often turn out to be very, VERY, good at it, somehow substituting anger and grim determination for actual training and equipment.

Hunter (Werewolf Slayer, Dragonbane, Vampire Hunter, etc). 24 CP acquired template / power package.

  • Favored Foe (6 CP). The Hunter has his or her Prey. Do you gain some bonuses to overcoming a Favored Foes Spell Resistance, to Will Saves against them, to Knowledge Checks involving them, to the Damage you cause them, to your ability to Intimidate them, to Tracking them, to Perception checks involving them, or to various other functions? You get to pick five options. Starting Hunters often Specialize this (does not increase with level) – but that’s usually just a way to save a few CP when starting off, and gets bought off before it actually matters.
    • Favored Foe doesn’t turn up in that many sample builds – it tends to be a bit campaign specific and the examples are built to be a bit generic – but it would be hard to find a build where it’s more appropriate to use it than this one.
  • Hunters Wrath: 1d6 Mana with the Unskilled Magic option, Specialized and Corrupted / only for Unskilled Magic, only for effects used designed for use against the user’s Favored Foe targets. The user may thus create temporary “Bane” weapons, blast or detect his or her foes, create specialized protections against their powers, heal the wounds (and any special conditions) that they inflict, and so on. In general, this is best taken as Increased Effect (1 Mana per Spell Level, requires no Cha check) and Reduced Cost (4 CP/Die). Add Rite of Chi, Specialized and Corrupted / requires at least one hour of rest or quiet to use, only to recharge the Hunter’s Wrath pool above (2 CP). Most starting Hunters only have one die of Mana to play with, and so rely pretty heavily on the “bonus mana” effect of emotional stress – fueling it with fanatical hatred of their targets. Older and calmer Hunters usually buy some more dice of Mana and bonus uses on their Rite of Chi to get it back.
    • Note that using Hunters Wrath effectively requires at least a +1 base on Will Saves. Most Hunters have strong wills anyway – it rather goes with the territory – but they can always skip buying this for a bit if they don’t have at least a +1 will save bonus yet.
  • Triumph Of Will: Luck with +4 Bonus Uses, Specialized / only usable when dealing with their Favored Foe(s) (6 CP). Hunters don’t stop. Has no one in the village ever successfully fought a Werewolf and lived? A visiting Werewolf Hunter has probably torn all the limbs off three of them with his or her bare hands.
    • When a Hunter REALLY needs to make that save, or that shot, or confirm that critical, somehow they pretty much invariably do.
  • Battle Scars: Immunity to a Favored Foe type. That’s Common (After all, you’re actively pursuing them. It might even be Very Common, and thus more expensive, if the campaign revolves around a particular type of foe – but that will increase the utility at least as much as it increases the cost), Major (Favored Foes do tend to want to hurt you), and Minor (6 CP). This will protect the user against twelve points of damage from each of his favored foes attacks and from effects of up to level three (with a +4 bonus on saves against higher-level effects).
    • Yes, this means that basic, minor, foes probably will have no real chance of hurting you – pretty much the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer can casually dispatch dozens of minor vampires and only has trouble during special situations.

Recommended Extras at higher levels: 

  • At least a +2 Base Will Save (6 CP).
  • Extra dice of Mana: 4 CP Each.
  • Specific Knowledge (Favored Foes) (1 SP).
  • Bonus Uses on Rite of Chi: 2 CP per +4.

The problem with having a Hunter in the group is the same as it is with any other specialist; they’re a bit overwhelming within their little field and a bit behind everyone else outside of it. That’s not necessarily bad, but it can make running the game awkward if you’re not used to it.

In Ponyfinder becoming a Chaos Hunter costs a feat. You dedicate yourself to fighting the forces of chaos and there you are. You can build that in Eclipse too of course; buy +1 to Will Saves (3 CP), and Favored Foe (Specialized for reduced cost, does not improve after level one, Corrupted/only applies to two items, but they’re AC and BAB, 3 CP) taking a +2 to AC and BAB versus Chaotic Outsiders. That’s actually slightly better than the original version (where it was CMB (Grapple) instead of BAB), but then Eclipse tends to encourage character diversity by making all kinds of niche bonuses a bit cheaper.

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