Exalted – Seed of Worlds (Manse *****)

British stone circle, which according to 366-g...

It's just a preliminary design you understand...

Here we have the most horrendous manse design so far – a recursive dimension-creation manse capable of providing nigh-limitless support. Technically it’s not infinite – but it will expand more than geometrically, by a factor of twenty or so every two months. That’s generally close enough.

Yes, the Promordials were pikers.

A simple circle of a massive, craggy, stone blocks, hollowed out enough to create sheltered alcoves, surround a small pavilion set on a low platform – the hearthstone chamber. A few priestly attendants and servants are hanging about, offering prayers and tending the gardens.

There seems to be little more to this manse.

It would be difficult to be more wrong.

Manse-5 (ten creation points) with three sacrificed Hearthstone Levels (plus three creation points) = 13 creation points. As will be shown later, we don’t really care what the Hearthstone is; just pick something at random.

Magical Conveniences (1):

  • Sealed Caches and Doors: The back of each alcove, and the living chambers beneath the pavilion, lack doors; instead the stone of the manse simply flows out to seal the openings when the hearthstone bearer or the guardians of the manse desire it.
  • Magical Utilities: The manse provides running water and the equivalent of modern sanitation for all within it or in the immediate vicinity.
  • Calender Stones: The ornamental “calender stones” set at the corners of the plaza can display routing information (see below) if so commanded by the hearthstone bearer or the guardians.
  • Thaumaturgic Support: Any creature within the manse gets three free uses of thaumaturgy per day, ignoring the usual mote or willpower cost.
  • Storage: Food and drink stored within the manse will never spoil or be damaged by insects or vermin.
  • The manse is popularly believed to be a powerful channel to the gods, since prayers made with the aid of the priests are often answered – but that’s because the “priests” are creatures of great magical power, and often assist petitioners.

Integrated Utility Artifacts / two Chancels ***** (3): While the “main doors” of the chancels are permanently sealed within the stone of the manse, and so cannot be damaged without the destruction of the manse, the secondary entryways manifest at the back of the alcoves within the monoliths of the stone circle – offering access to various locations within the forty waypoints within the manse.

Yes, these are technically Raksha grace magic rather than artifacts. In practice, there seems to be no reason why some artifact equivalent should not be available to the Exalted.

Geomantic Subtlety (2): The power of the manse, and it’s more advanced functions, is hidden by subtle geomancy.

Guardian Force (4): While most of the three hundred “priests” and “servants” of the manse tend to stay within it’s chancels, these are in fact quite powerful creatures – equivalent to second circle demons – and are capable of designing manses and of using Celestial Circle Sorcery, including the spells of Raise The Puissant Sanctum and a ritual spell that approximates the land0-creating effects of Wyld Shaping Technique and Wyld Cauldron Technology.

Fate-Linked (1): This lesser version of the “Inside Fate” power simply causes all creatures born or created within the manse to have proper souls.

Network Node (1) and Geomantic Nexus (1): The Seed of Worlds is capable of focusing near- limitless amounts of geomantic power – if it’s available. If sufficient power can be provided, the Manse can do almost anything…

Most commonly it…

  • Becomes Independent of External Geomancy (Wyld Revocation; Once a total of 17 energy points are committed to the manse, it no longer needs its demesne).
  • Becomes Indestructible (22 points). This also makes it impossible for material entities to force the entrances to it’s chancels.
  • Begins to consider everything within it’s first level of chancels to be inside itself (Wyld Revocation, 26 points).
  • Becomes Life-Sustaining – greatly accelerating healing and extending the lives of everyone in it (29 points).
  • Becomes a Provider Manse – allowing it to feed it’s entourage (32 points).
  • Becomes Mutagenic – swiftly granting everyone within it Awakened Essence, an Extended Lifespan, and similar bonuses (37 points).
  • Doubles up it’s supply of Guardians (40 points).
  • Begins to exert an Extended Zone of Influence (44 points).
  • Begins to emotionally influence the humans inside to worship the hearthstone bearer (46 points).
  • And so on – until it finally powers up the Immutable ability at sixty points and stabilizes itself and it’s first level of chancels.

How does this work?

  • Once the manse is established, it’s Guardian Force will begin to build up.
  • Their first duty is to turn the Manse’s forty Waypoints into rich, fertile, blessed (and populated) lands – with forty rank-five demesnes included.
  • Their second duty is to erect similar Manses on twenty of those demesnes and other useful rank-5 manses (complete with Network Nodes and three Power Relays each) on the other twenty – and use their relayed energy to power up the base manse. That will take a month or two (at the very most).
  • Those twenty new Seed of Worlds manses will now start building their own Guardian Forces and performing the next iteration of the construction process – constructing four hundred new Seed of Worlds manses and powering themselves up.

In theory, the fractal chain could continue indefinitely – increasing by a power of twenty every month or two. Inside a year, it will be larger than creation – and far richer and more populous. The hearthstone bearer will now be able to call on near-infinite armies equivalent to second circle demons, will have a cult N/A, and will have access to tens of thousands of dots of hearthstones.

Allow it to run for a century or two, and its effective (livable) size and population will far exceed the real universe with all it’s billions of light years of space. Worse, it’s entirely self-contained and quite indestructible – and, even if you could destroy one or more of the manses, each manse on the next level down would be ejected into pure chaos as per the rules on chancels – and so that would simply seed in twenty such manses.

Personally, I would say that – after a relatively small number of iterations – the inherent chaos in the system and copying errors will begin to produce truly WEIRD pocket-worlds at the end of the chain, with ever more-foreign natural laws, ever-stranger creatures, some branches which fail to expand, others which open up into entirely foreign universes, and other weirdness. It’s much wiser to stop it at level three to five – which should be plenty for any practical purpose and is at virtually no risk of running out of control.

If you’d prefer complete insanity, use some of those remaining points to add more chancels – and spawn even more multiplying sequences.

So far, every time I’ve thought of an absurd rules exploit for Exalted I’ve come up with an even worse one later on. I have no idea what I’m going to top “Infinite Power and Resources” with though.

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  1. […] Seed of Worlds (Manse *****): A recursive dimension-creation manse of nigh infinite power. The Fate-Linked power (provides proper souls for those born within). […]

  2. […] Seed of Worlds (Manse *****): A recursive dimension-creation manse of nigh infinite power. The Fate-Linked power (provides proper souls for those born within). […]

  3. […] Seed of Worlds (Manse *****): A recursive dimension-creation manse of nigh infinite power. The Fate-Linked power (provides proper souls for those born within). […]

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