Bayushi Michio

   Michio is currently a devastating killing machine with hundreds of XP, a high rank, a maxed-out school, high rings (including a very high void ring), and a variety of other techniques – both personal and granted – as well as his personally-forged legendary jade blades. On the other hand, he started off as a fairly normal character, way back at the beginning of the campaign, nearly eighty sessions ago. Here’s his character sheet from way back near the beginning.

   The player has carefully avoided ever losing the “Unremarkable” heritage modifiers: he’s found it endlessly entertaining to have the character seeking glory that – somehow – always seems to wind up going to somebody else. Perhaps sadly, as his status has risen, so has his glory.

   Michio originally attached himself to Alex, Okari, and Kochige on the grounds that this wandering group of holy men obviously needed a protector – and he was on a warrior pilgrimage anyway. Oddly enough, circumstances – and the fact that everyone except his closest relatives tend to forget all about him – have conspired to keep him with them ever since.

Bayushi Michio

   Scorpion Clan Bushi. Family Bonus: +1 Initiative. Experience 12, Spent 12










2 (3)


3 (4)














3 (4)






Shiba (Phoenix) Bushi School:

  • Basic Modifiers: Reflexes +1, Glory 1, Status 1, Wealth 1, and Honor 2.5.
  • Skills: Defense, Sword II, Bow I, Meditation (Void Recovery) I, Spears I, and Theology I.
  • Special Technique: May choose to add Void Ring to either your TN to be hit, Attack Rolls, or Damage Rolls when selecting a combat stance. May spend as many void points as desired on any action.

    Bonus Points (60) + Disadvantages [Idealistic (2), Obligation (2), Social Disadvantage (-2 effective Glory, 6)] = 70

   Point Expenditures: Exotic School (18), +2 Rolled and Kept dice with All Weapon-Related Rolls (Attacks, Damage, and relevant Craft checks, 42), Lesser Tattoos/Innate Permanent Spells: Wrath of the Tides (+1 Str, 3) and Limbs of Air (+1 Ref, 3), Swords III (3), and an Extra Heritage Check (1).

Heritage Rolls:

  • Unremarkable. Anyone who attempts to remember or recognize you have their TN’s increased by 10. Your Glory cannot be higher than your status until you either spend 10 XP or reach Level 6 in any High or Bugei skill.
  • A Hero’s End. An ancestor was killed in battle saving a wounded samurai during the Battle of White Stag. Gain +2 Athletics and a five-point ally.

   Expended Experience: Lesser Tattoos/Innate Permanent Spells: The Inner Fire (+1 Agility, 3), Forge of Silk (Clothing provides +5 AC, 3), Biting Steel (+1K1 damage with all metal weapons and weapons with metal blades, 3), and Reversal of Fortunes(May opt to reroll one die on each roll, 3).

   Combat Information: 4 Wounds/Level, Armor Class: [Reflexes x 5 (20) + Armor (5)] = 25, Initiative 5K4, Katana 9K6 Attack, 9K5 Damage, Bow 7K6 Attack, 7K4 Damage.

   Basic Equipment: Katana, Wakizashi, Yuri Bow and 20 Arrows, Naginata, Light Armor, Kimono and Sandals, Traveling Pack, 2 Koku.

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