Shadowrun: Some Gangs of Seattle

The Wraith Masque:

   This medium-sized Redmond gang has proved surprisingly prosperous and durable, thanks in part to their quiet alliance with the mystic students of Master Sung. They’re primarily human, mostly due to their current leader’s personal prejudices against metahumans. Their colors are black and green, with a classic “diamond” mask or makeup. Most of them throw in urban camouflage armor jackets, for practicalities sake. They do a lot of small-time dealing, some petty theft, the occasional carjacking, and run a string of street prostitutes – the only position in which Elves are welcome. Most of their drugs/BTL chips/weapons come from the Komun’Go Ring, for which they generally act as street distributors.

Notable Wraith Masquers include;

  • Cutter/Samuel Vortis. The current gang leader. He dislikes Orks and Trolls (They’re often even bigger and tougher then he is), Elves (They’re sneaky), and even Dwarves (Just because). Tough, vicious, and protective of “his” people. The Komun’Go have provided him with a little bit of cyber- and bio- ware in the interests of gang stability (Synaptic Accelerator I, 2x Dikoted Retractable Spurs, and Muscle Replacement-IV) as well as some fair body armor and weapons. He’s been worth it to them.
  • Nitro/Kelsen Moon. A runaway/exile from a wealthy family, “Nitro” was overly fond of making home-brewed explosives and wound up departing in haste. His father will probably want him back if he ever finds out just where he is; he quashed the investigation. Personally Nitro tends to be a bit reckless, impulsive, and fond of WWII films. For some odd reason he tends to affect a British accent. Thanks to his constant tinkering. he tends to be one of the best-armed gang members.
  • Warewolf/Janet Wilson. Blinded by glass fragments during a bungled drive-by shooting, Janet got second-hand cybereyes – and a couple of headware implants that went with them – a week later. Interestingly, her new eyes had magnification, low-light, and camera functions – while the rest of the stuff included plenty of data storage, some excellent image-processing and pattern-recognition software, and a comlink. Suddenly one of the gang’s best lookouts, Janet has added hand razors and a set of venom sacs (Narcoject and Lethal) to her personal weaponry. Personally she tends to act like a “valley girl”, a facade of babbling idiocy that tends to divert suspicion.

   Lo Sung Wang/Master Sung. A middle-aged hermetric mage, Master Sung has supposedly “retired” to Redmond to teach. Why he’d choose to “retire” to the barrens is an open question. He has managed to collect and train several lesser talents though. Sung likes to play the part of the ancient chinese mage/sage and has a fast hand with a throwing knife. He encourages his students to initiate, and to summon familiar spirits, before focusing on spells. It’s far more efficient in the long run – and it makes it easy for him to borrow the services of a bunch of allied spirits if and when he needs some extra power.

   Shimpei Bann is the Wraith Masque’s primary liason with the Komun’Go Seoulpa Ring. He’s responsible for “retail” distribution of various drugs, illegal tech, cheap weapons, and other “street-level” merchandise, to the petty gangers who actually use and sell it. The modest loss of profit is made up for in safety, since such salespeople are quite disposable – and know better then to try and turn on the Ring. In a way that keeps the gangers safe as well; everyone knows that there’s no point going after them to get at the Komun’go, the Ring’ll just recruit more. Given Komun’Go’s heavy use of magic, Shimpei has been keeping an eye on Master Sungd students; they may be well worth trying to recruit. Shimpei is an excellent source for all kinds of illegal goods and services – if you have the money or it looks like it’ll benefit the ring. Personally he’s Korean-Amerindian, and tends to favor the amerindian side. For some obscure reason he tends to amuse himself by affecting tribal clothing and mannerisms.

Neighboring Gangs :

   Earthbrothers: A primarily Orkish gang, who feel that the megacorps are intentionally spreading toxins through the Ork Underground in an attempt to kill off and/or sterilize it’s inhabitants. They’ve got some odd ecological notions as well. They get along tolerably well with the Wraith Masquers, mostly because their various priorities don’t particularly overlap… They dress in brown and grey with jade-green leaf insignia. They make most of their money working with smugglers.

   Heathens: A cross between a gang and a cult, and one of the few street-level groups with serious magical support. Their leader’s a Voodoo Adept who at least pretends to believe that his Loa is a god – and who has convinced quite a few of his ganger followers to become Serviteurs. He occasionally summons a high- powered Loa to possess one and sends him/her out on a special mission. They run protection rackets and deal in drugs, BTL’s, and magical “bodyguard” work.

   Mockers: Less a “gang” then a professional club, the Mockers are a sizable group of young pickpockets, thieves, con artists, and burglars. They it a point to do something nasty to anyone who injures one of their members – but usually don’t interact with other gangs much; their speciality is stealth and they don’t bother with “turf” beyond a few safehouses. Mockers use a variety of identifying symbols, and change them regularly.

   Charioteers: This go-gang is quite psychopathic; the members carry hooked chains to catch and drag their victims. They’re surprisingly well-equipped and skilled for a thrill gang, don’t appear very often, and do very well for a group so widely hated… There have been a few fairly high-profile victims and no known successful reprisals to date, leading many to feel that the gang has hidden backers – or might contain some high-level corp brats and their bodyguards.

   Ubermensch: A group of violent skinheads, with a penchant for cyberware, and a disdain for metahumans, magic, and almost everyone else. They have ties with the Humanis Policlub and steal obvious cyberware (Limbs and such) whenever possible. Most of them have minor cyberware, although rarely any of the truly expensive items. They don’t get along with anybody, although human groups are less of a target for them then metahuman ones are.

   Kalifangs: A primarily female gang that places a high value on stealth and ambush tactics. They tend to prefer poisons, garrotes, and easily-concealable knives over noisier weapons. Several of them also use bows, possibly because their leader favors them. They wear red bandannas and snarling tiger badges as their gang colors, tend to be down on men, and are rumored to feed failed “applicants” to the ghouls.

   Chaos Lords: A tightly-organized gang which gets it’s money from running minor chop-shop, fencing, and smuggling operations. Their emblem is a multicolored array of eight arrows pointing outwards from a circle of red and yellow spirals. They apparently gained their name from the utter unpredictibility of what they may have for sale in any given week. If you need a decent car or vehicle in Redmond you’re probably going to be dealing with the chaos lords sooner or later, if only for parts. They often work with other minor gangs, usually when they need some extra lookouts or want to steal several vehicles at once.

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