Star Wars Index

   A couple of the local players have requested this particular index – so here it is.


   Campaign Logs:

   Background Information:

  • The Scale of the Galaxy: How to cut the statistics of the universe down to size.
  • New Droids. The HUND wilderness-assistant and CLS10 piloting-assistance droids.
  • Technical Explanations I: Monopolium, Power Sources, and Dark Energy Manipulation – including Repulsorlifts, Sublight Drives, Lightsabers, Hypermatter Reactors, Artificial Gravity, Tractor Beams, Gravity Well Projectors, Thermal Detonators, Shields, Blasters, and Creating Lightsaber Crystals.
  • Technical Explanations II: Mental Manipulations, Interrogation, the Force and Biochemical Adaption, Species Interbreeding, Alien Powers, Transplant Surgery, Unexplained Deaths, Technological Limitations and Enhancements, and Bacta.
  • Technical Explanations III: The Galactic Republic, Major Projects, Currency, the Interstellar Trionist Conspiracy, and Extragalactic Exploration.
  • A Secret History of the Hoslin: A secret order of Force-Users.
  • Force Power Packages: How to build various levels of force-sensitivity.
  • The Nightraptor: A Kiropsten-Class Light Transport.
  • Cloaking Technologies: Ways in which to hide things in Star Wars
  • Alternative Force-Users: The Hedi: the head-case Jedi, The HoloSith: the pop-culture Sith (as seen on the holos),
  • Secrets of the Sith: Biowarfare.
  • The Variable Star: An exotic, and versatile, field-effect weapon.
  • Alternate Worlds – backgrounds for dimensional counterparts. Alternate Valerie Soung ,

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