Shadowed Galaxy Vampire Bloodlines – The Yytsuri Pilots Guild

While the vampire “bloodlines” (First Stage, Lifecycle, and Second Stage) of the galaxy are now diversifying, with a generation time of several thousand years the process is relatively slow. Still, while the various vampires strains are easily recognizable as variations on a theme, the vast size of the galaxy has ensured that numerous variations have arisen. 

The Warp Drive is the standard for most physical races; it avoids spacefield complications, the horrible risks of hyperspace or subspace, and quite a lot of other problems. Unfortunately, even the fastest (and exponentially more dangerous and power-hungry) Warp Drives require days per light year – while a Subspace Drive with a skilled pilot may require only an hour or so and is considerably simpler to build and maintain.

Sadly, Subspace Drives lead to the ships experiencing decades or centuries of time during the trip – and ships vanish entirely all too often.

Except, of course, for the ships of the Yytsuri.

Long centuries past, during the Yytsuri’s first attempts to reach the stars, a wealthy research sponsor proved to be remarkably gifted. Zhir could not only coax incredible performance out of even a basic subspace drive, but could reliably pilot a ship through subspace, apparently tapping into the energies of that realm to enter partial stasis and so easily survive the trip. Zhir piloted between the stars for the years of a greatly extended lifespan, and even managed to train a few others to do the same – although whatever mysterious process Zhir used to do so had a high casualty rate. Still, there were always more starry-eyed youngsters eager to gamble death against a long, long, life of wealth, luxury, and a service to their people that no others could provide amidst the freedom of the stars.

Eventually the Founder, grown old at last, took Zhirs private ship into space and vanished between the stars – a tradition that those of zhirs successors who beat the odds of space to grow old in the service of commerce, exploration, and defense, still observe.

Adrift between the stars, shielded from the “subspace mines” and other “haunted ships” by Zhir’s own projected aura, the Founder let Zhir’s crumbling physical form slip away to at last begin the long process of melding with Zhir’s ship – a task greatly eased by having a private ship, designed and built to Zhir’s own specifications, and saturated with several centuries worth of personalized attunements.

And some three thousand years later, a new Yytsuri Vampire Core found a world inhabited by a species that might – given a little protection and subtle nudging across the next few millennia – begin to reach for the stars.

And so protection and subtle nudging was given – and when the flowering came at last, there would once again be research sponsors and potential pilots waiting.

And eventually, after many more centuries of expansion and piloting… some of those pilots would take their personal ships on one last voyage, to vanish between the stars they’d opened the path to – and to eventually become new Yytsuri Cores to repeat the cycle once again.

The Yytsuri “Bloodline” has – fairly obviously – reached near-full symbiotic status with it’s host civilizations and has begun to spread fairly rapidly – at least by vampire core standards. It is, however, limited by slow recruitment (the desire that most “recruits” be willing and survive requires very careful selection of candidates and a lot of extra work), slow development (the desire for personalized ships calls for some very specific circumstances), and the need to locate and civilize suitable candidate-species.

Worse, of course, the Yytsuri may be helpful – but they push new species out into the galaxy and are not sufficient protection in themselves from the remains of other self-reproducing weapons. The galactic ecosystem is very dangerous, and pushing new species out into it is not always doing them a favor.

The Yytsuri Bloodline:

Disciplines: Cyberwarp (used to gradually attune ships systems to themselves), Electricity Master (fairly obvious), Entropic Blast (allowing fast drive startups), N-Space Adaption (to allow the use of subspace drives), and Subspace Piloting.

Traits: Breath of Puruza (used, among other things, for spacewalking, drastically slowing their subjective time while piloting through subspace, and detaching from their physical forms in a controlled fashion) and Cloaking (used to present the appearance that their ships are already hosting a Vampire Core or Haunt).

And I should now be able to get back to posting and answering questions here. Hopefully I can get caught up before something else comes up to interrupt.

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