Shadowrun: Movie Vampires

   For today’s special request – and because today there’s a bit of connection trouble, so it’s easiest to keep things short -we have Edward Cullen, from “Twilight”, as a Shadowrunner.

   Given that angsty-stalker-vampire-romance novels are not my forte, I’m relying on secondary sources – but those will probably suffice for a romance-novel figure. They’re not really noted for going into technical detail about their characters actual skills and abilities.

   Basic Expenditures: Magic 24 (Ace), Attributes 24 (30 points), Resources 6 (20,000 NY), Race 0 (since these “vampires” seem to be basically enhanced humans), and Skills 6 (30 points).

   Basic Attributes: Strength 6 (10), Charisma 6, Quickness 6 (10), Intelligence 4, Willpower 4, and Body 4. Magic 10, Essence 6, Reaction 7 (13), Initiative 13 + 4d6.

   Dice Pools: Combat 9

   Karma Pool: 1

   Current Karma: 0

   Edges: Free Luxury Lifestyle (5), Enhanced Special Attribute (Magic +1, 3), Good Looking (2), Longevity (1), Magical Talent (can awaken normal, small-point-total characters into sidekick level characters after much angst, soul-searching, and plot-driven nonsense; arbitrarily, 5 points). Net total: +16.

   Flaws: Detailed Background* (from the books, -4), Obsessive Personality (-4), Enemies* (-2), Distinctive (-1), Increased Target Numbers (+1 to all target numbers in daylight, -3), Membership (group of vampires, who are more of a pain than a help, -2*), Weird Morality (-2). Net: -18.

   *Exempted from usual 10-point limit due to being useful to the game master.

   That leaves a couple of points available for any minor advantages or powers that weren’t mentioned in the Wiki and fan descriptions.


  • Active Skills (30): Art 6, Driving 6, Seduction 6, Unarmed Combat 6, Athletics 6.
  • Knowledge Skills (Bases + 20): Art History 6, Classic Cars 6, Psychology 6, Tactics 3, Sports 6, Music 6,
  • Languages (6): English 6 (Read/Write English 3)
  • Irrelevant Skills (7): Stalking 4, Angst 3

   Ace Powers (20, 25 after Geasa): Celerity (Wired Reflexes III, 5), +4 Strength (2), +4 Quickness (4), Telepathy Power Pool I (3), Hyperscent (.25), Low-Light Vision (.25), Invulnerability-III (5), 2 Automatic Successes for Seduction (1), 1 Automatic Successes for Stealth (.5), may inflict L lethal damage in unarmed combat, this counts as a magical weapon (.5), Regenerate one box of damage per minute (3), need not breathe or eat normally (.5).

   Geasa: All powers must be vampire-themed, give him a bad reputation as a vampire, occasionally cause cravings for blood, and mean he has automatic enemies (anyone who dislikes vampires): none of this is very important, making this a 25% off Geasa.

   His 25 points of initial Karma will buy him Initiate II: in his case, that means getting +3 Magic Rating (3 choices), Adjustment, Cliche, and Supporting Cast.

   This doesn’t account for the ability to turn other people into “vampires” – but that doesn’t seem to happen a lot, and they mostly seem to be ordinary people beforehand. Ergo, they’re just being promoted to sidekick status and being written up.

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