This page is a direct conversion from a much older file, and has been put up as-is at the request of one of the players. I may get around to properly reformatting it one of these days.


DragonFire : Act. Cost Act. C.

-Binding 50 2 -Grasp 60 2

-Blast 62 2 -Starfire 30 1

-Bolt 45 1 -Stellar Flare 60 2

-Claw 55 2 -Stellar Radiance 60 2

-Cone 50 2 -Talons 45 1

-Fireball 45 1 -Touch 50 2

Complex Abilities :

Astral Projection (Generally Mages Only) 25 –

Beastmastery 49 2

Blending 20 1

Childcare (Virtually Instinctive) 10 –

Countermagic (For Handling Kids) 60 2

Creatures Of Blood (Very Rare Ability) 62 1

Domination (Basically Psychic) 50 2

DragonAura 40 1

Dreamweaving (Basically Psychic) 50 2

Fires Of Creation 60 1

The Focal Point (Usually Adults Only) 50 1


-Primary Role’ (Usually Adults Only) 52 1

-Area Boost (Handy Elsewhere Also) 25 –

-Potency Boost (Handy Elsewhere Also) 25 –

Grandeur (Mostly for Egotists) 50 1

Great Roar 60 2

Guises (Includes Form Powers) 50 1

Healing Touch (Requires Much Practive) 35 1

HearthCrafting 45 1

Hunter’s Weave (Mostly For Small Kids) 45 1

Lesser Shaping (Great For Privacy) 60 2

Levitation (For Use In Other Forms) 30 2

Magesight (Almost Instinctive) 25 1

Mastery (Relatively Rare) 60 1

Mindcasting (A GM Plot Device) 60 1

Mindseek (Basically Psychic) 45 1

Mindspeech (Basically Psychic) 50 2

Nature’s Lore 31 1

Pact Of Sutekh (Unique To Chi’an) 60 1

P’an Kung (With _________________) 30 1

-Add TK Grip 30 1

-Add TK Shield 30 1

Psychic Bolt (Basically Psychic) 50 2

Pulse Of Life 35 1

The Returning Elements 25 1

Rune Magic (Mystic Constructs) 62 1

Serpent’s Stare (Basically Psychic) 50 2

ShadowSlayer (An Adult Power) 90 2

Shields (Almost Universal) 50 3

The Silver Tongue 45 1

Skypiercer 50 1

SlaveBinding (Rarely Mentioned) 30 –

ServoDaemon 60 1

Spacefold (A Common Game) 35 1

StarChilde’ (Virtually Instinctive) 49 1

StarSeed (An Adult Rarity) 90 1

Sundancer (The Primordial Form) 60 1

Sunray 60 2

Voice Of Thunder 60 2

WildFire 52 1

WorldShaper (A Lot Of Work) 52 –

The Mandate Of Heaven :

The Blood Mandate 62 1

The Earth Mandate 62 1

The Emperor’s Mandate 62 1

The Mandate Of Fortune 62 1

The Green Mandate 62 1

The Smith’s Mandate 62 1

The Tidal Mandate 62 1

The Mandate Of The Winds 62 1

Power Imbuement :

Static Imbuement (10 Points Of) : 50

_____________________ 1 _____________________ 1

_____________________ 1 _____________________ 1

Arcane Transfer 63 1

Transfiguration 63 2

Technical Powers :

Alchemic Dominion (Somewhat Bizarre) 64 2

Awakening (Really Bizarre) 50 1

Blackout 60 2

Chaos Barrage (Robot Wrecker) 64 2

Chaos Cascade (Focus Wrecker, I / II) 60 1

Chaos Pulse 45 1

Chaos Zone 62 2

Cybrenetic Telepathy (Basically Psychic) 60 2

Disassemble (Power Armor Wrecker) 60 2

Dynamism 37 1

Intuitive Engineer 30 1

Lesser Warp 60 2

Long Thumb (A Very Silly Power) 62 1

Machine Empathy (Basically Psychic) 20 1

Misfire 50 2

OcculTechnics 50 2

Pheonix Renewal 40 1

Psi-Mechanics 45 1

Quality Control (Handy For Your Friends) 48 1

Scanning 30 1

Short Circuit 60 2

Snatch 50 2

Tale Of The Forge 50 1

Technical Dominance 50 2

Tech Legion (Handy For Agents) 50 2

TechScan 43 1

-TechScan II (Ups The Range – A Lot) 50 2

TechWright 30 1

Usurption 44 2

Weird Science 62 –

The DRAGONLORE is the draconic equivalent of C’hi or the human martial arts – channeling the living magic of a dragon’s supernatural life force into arcane effects. This is not without it’s problems; Most obviously, this can easily overstrain the unskilled [Requires an unmod- ified skill roll (-.25) to change slots. Failure causes side effects (Drains 4D6 each Stun and End, -1)]. Less obviously, it produces a unique, & easily recognizable, “signature” – making the user’s magic as distinctive as a fingerprint and readily detectable [A “Limited Power” or variant on Visible (-.25), coupled with “Detectable” (QV; Mystic Masters sourcebook, -.25). This can be very revealing to a knowledgeable observer – who may be able to discern the user’s species, sex, power levels, state of health, approximate age, rough “level of skill”, and so on, -.25). DragonLore Multipower Reserve…. 64 21

As might be expected, the most “basic” expression of the DragonLore is DragonFire – primordial cosmic flame. The wild magics & blazing energies of a newborn cosmos. Barely contained within reality, a dragon’s living fire subsumes the special effects of Fire, Magic, and Cosmic / Primal Energy… (While this covers a broad range of vulnerabilities it’s also affected by specific defences against any of them). Dragonfire can be expressed in an enormous number of ways, for example;

U) DF/Binding; Entangle, 5D6 Def 5………….. 50 2

U) DF/Blast; Energy Blast, 10D6, 1/2 End…….. 62 2

U) DF/Bolt; 3D6 RKA……………………….. 45 1

U) DF/Claw; Str 15 Telekinesis, affects desolids

(+.5), based on ECV (+1)………………… 55 2

U) DF/Cone; 5D6 Cone Energy Blast, No Ran……. 50 2

U) DF/Fireball; Energy Blast, 6D6 Explosion….. 45 1

U) DF/Grasp; 4D6 Suppress vrs all magic (+2)…. 60 2

U) DF/StarFire; 8D6 Hand Attack/Elemental Energy

at 1/2 End Cost………………………… 30 1

U) DF/Stellar Flare; 1D6 RKA, with a +2 Variable

Advantage (+3)…………………………. 60 2

U) DF/Stellar Radiance; 3D6 Energy Blast with +2

Variable Advantage (+3)…………………. 60 2

U) DF/Talons; HKA, 3D6 (Up to 6D6 with strength) 45 1

U) DF/Touch; Telekinesis, Str 20 with Fine Work,

at 1/2 End cost………………………… 50 2

More complex DragonLore abilities include;

U) Astral Projection; Extra-Dimensonal Movement

[To/from any location in astral space. Leaves

the physical body behind (-1)]…………… 25 –

U) Beastmastery; 1D6 Major Transform, Cumulative

(+.5), 0 End (+.5). Continuous (+1) & Limited

Group (Animals and “Hybrid” animals, based on

those native to the planetary biosphere only,

+.25). The resulting creatures will be loyal

& obedient to the user………………….. 49 2

U) Blending; Instant Change, Usable by others at

range (+1), 0 End Cost (+.5)…………….. 20 1

U) Childcare; Life Support; No need to eat/sleep

and radiation tolerance, usable by others…. 10 –

U) Countermagic; 3D6 “Suppress” versus All Magic

(+2), Damage Shield (+.5) & 0 End Cost (+.5).

This essentially dampens any incoming magical

effects… It’s not very potent – but can be

quite handy around baby dragons………….. 60 2

U) Creatures Of Blood; This unusual (& perilous)

talent allows the “user” to take a portion of

his or her life force and give it independent

form and purpose… Such creatures are imbued

with a portion of the user’s powers, a modest

intelligence, an appropriate physical form, &

a mindlink with their creator. Control is not

a problem. The horrific strain on the user, &

his or her vulneribility through the creature

he/she created, are, however, very definitely

problems. Summon any (+.25) one hundred point

“creature of blood”, use costs 1 Body, 1 Con,

and 2 Stun. This will not “heal” until one of

the following conditions is met; the creature

is “reabsorbed”, is destroyed and twenty-four

hours have passed, or three full days of rest

are taken (-1), side effects (Susceptibility;

1D6/2D6/3D6 Stun whenever creature is lightly

/moderately/severely hurt, 3D6 stun with body

if/when creature “dies”, may not turn off the

mind link (Making the user quite easy for any

egoist to trace & attack), 3D stun drain when

activated, -1), 5x End Costs (-2), requires a

full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV concentration (-.5)

to activate……………………………. 62 1

U) Domination; 10D6 Mind Control……………. 50 2

U) DragonAura; +40 Presence, Attack Only (-1)… 40 1

U) Dreamweaving; 10D6 Mental Illusions………. 50 2

U) Fires Of Creation; 1D6 Cumulative (+.5) Major

Transform into anything (+1), Continious (+1)

& 0 End Cost (+.5). Requires intense (0 DCV)

concentration to activate (-.5) & requires an

Int roll to create anything complex (-.5)…. 60 1

U) The Focal Point; Change Environment/Refract &

direct energies, 8″ Radius, 0 End Cost (+.5),

Variable Result (+1), & requires a full phase

(-.5). This isn’t normally a “combat tactic”;

it usually takes too long to get set up. It’s

designed to manipulate steady flows of energy

and for multidragon operations (It would take

six “assistants” (QV; “genesis”) to focus and

direct the total radiant energy output of the

sun, for example)………………………. 50 1

U) Genesis actually consists of three multipower

slots; a major transformation used to reshape

a planetary environment & two aid slots which

other dragons use to extend the area that the

primary operator can affect. It takes a total

of four dragons to expand the basic 6″ radius

enough to “transform” a world the size of the

earth. It should be noted that the effect is

extremely superficial in planetary terms – it

doesn’t extend more then a few miles into the

crust – & so doesn’t usually run into serious

resistance. Perhaps fortunately, this sort of

stunt is usually restricted to the adults…

-1D6 cumulative (+.5) major transform, to any

(+.25) “suitable” planetery environment, zero

End cost (+.5), 6″ radius (+1.25). Requires a

full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV Concentration (-.5)

to activate……………………………. 52 1

-Aid, 1D6 Max 25, only to enhance the area of

effect of any single (+.25) dragonlore power,

0 End cost (+.5), ranged (+.5). Takes a phase

(-.5) of 0 DCV concentration (-.5). This slot

is used by the “primary” assistant……….. 25 –

-Aid, 1D6 Max 25, enhances the potency of any

other Aid power (+.25), 0 End (+.5), & ranged

(+.5). Requires one full phase (-.5) of 0 DCV

concentration (-.5) to activate. This slot is

used by secondary assistants – operating in a

“chain”, wherein “A” assists “B”, who assists

“C”, and so on…………………………. 25 –

U) Grandeur; Growth III, Density Increase III, &

5 PD/5 ED Force Field, all at 1/2 (0) End…. 50 1

U) Great Roar; 2D Flash, Variable Special Effect

(Determines which sense it attacks, +.5), 12″

radius (+1.5)………………………….. 60 2

U) Guises; Sometimes used by dragons who haven’t

bothered to improve their shapeshifting – but

who need to visit a planet “incognito” – this

shapeshifting effects sports a mildly unusual

option; it permits the user to assume “minor”

abilities which go with the form. Sadly, the

limitations of the form come along with them.

Shapeshift; 20 points (Any “local” sentient /

animal lifeform), 0 End persistent (+1), user

gains forms innate abilities up to the points

in shapeshifting, but must take disadvantages

to pay for them, +.5), requires one full turn

to activate (-1). It is wise to remember that

most innate animal powers are quite feeble by

“superheroic” standards…………………. 50 1

-For those who wish to avoid the use of a new

& unusual advantage, you can do much the same

thing with a (Cheesy) “Side Effect” – namely;

2D6 Major Transform (Adds limitations & minor

abilities “appropriate” to the form, reversed

when the shapeshift is dropped), Cumulative &

10-Shot Autofire, for a net limitation of -1.

U) Healing Touch; Regeneration (Includes limbs &

organs, +10 points) to any one (+.25) damaged

attribute, power, or ability, 1/2 End (+.25),

usable by one other (+.25), Only restores one

point per hour (-.75), difficult to learn (It

takes months of practice to learn to use this

power AFTER purchasing the slot… You can’t

just “pick it up”. It’s usually left to those

few who happen to “have the touch”, -.5)….. 35 1

U) Hearthcrafting; Change Environment (As in the

cleaning, cooking, mending, supplying drinks,

getting in furnishings, and so on) 4″ Radius,

Variable Results (+1), 0 End (+.5) – and “Un-

controlled” (A partial version; Cleaning, and

getting the place ready for the dinner party,

lasts until everything’s eaten, and the place

gets messed up again, not forever, +.5). This

requires a full phase (-.5)……………… 45 1

U) Hunter’s Weave; Invisibility (Normal hearing,

normal scent/taste/touch, & all sight senses)

with no fringe effect. While this is popular

with dragon-children, & useful while hunting,

the DragonLore “signature” (QV) tends to give

the user away (Extra -.5 limitation. Visible

invisibility tends to lack a point)………. 45 1

U) Lesser Shaping; Images (Vrs; Mind Scan, Sight

& Hearing Groups), 4″ Radius, -5 To observers

Perception Rolls… As a note, detecting that

something’s an illusion does not allow people

to see what’s behind it – hence this is often

used simply to provide privacy…………… 60 2

M) Levitation; 10″ Flight, half End cost (+.25),

x4 noncombat speed (For use in other forms).. 30 2

U) Magesight; Magic Sense, Discriminatory & “+5”

Visual Perception, Ranged……………….. 25 1

U) Mastery; Transfer 1D6, 20 Maximum (Con to the

DragonLore multipower), returns at one point/

week (+1.75), activates on 11- EXCEPT against

slaves (See below. -1, since there’s no hurry

with slaves anyway), only works against those

with magical abilities (-.5), Requires a full

phase (-.5) …………………………… 60 1

U) Mindcasting; This actually consists of three,

closely related, multipower “slots”, as shown

below; Clairsentience (Normal hearing and all

visual senses), Slot 1/2/3 Precognitive/Post-

cognitive/Extra-dimensional, half End (+.25),

requires one turn (-1) of 0 DCV concentration

(-.5) to activate, OAF (Varies with user. The

most common foci for this are mirrors, pools,

crystal balls, sparkling gems, and so on. Any

sparkling, glittery, thing will do, -1), very

limited conscious control (The user may “turn

on” this ability fairly readily – but doesn’t

get to pick which slot activates, or what he/

she sees. The user’s minds eye is haphazardly

drawn to notable events. While these usually

have something to do with the great old ones,

the current adventure, odd bits of knowledge,

personal interests, or future adventures, the

user has no real method of telling which (-1) 62 3

-As a rule, this power should be used between

play sessions. This gives a GM time to think

about it, so he can just tell you if you have

any interesting visions. Players who agree to

this restriction should usually be given a 2-

point break on the price, since they’re using

their own points to buy a GM plot device.

U) Mindseek; 6D6 Mind Scan, “Uncontrolled” (This

means the user can shift his / her multipower

without automatically losing contact, +.5)… 45 1

U) Mindspeech; 10D6 Telepathy………………. 50 2

U) Nature’s Lore; 2D6 Aid, max 24, to any (+.25)

group of nature-oriented skills, fades 5/hour

(+.75). Skills in this catagory include, but

are not limited to, skills such as herbalism,

farming. paramedic, chinese healing (medicine

and/or paramedic), geology, naturalist, etc.. 31 1

U) Pact Of Sutekh; Aid, 1D6 (Maximum 20), To all

physical attributes and powers (Str, End, and

so on, +2), fades at five points/week (+1.5),

2x difficult to dispel (+.5), will not “heal”

lost/drained attributes (-1), User only (-1).

A dangerous trick, & almost unique to Chi’an.

It really isn’t wise to gamble on a metabolic

positive feedback stunt when you’re basically

a living fusion reactor… Chi’an woudn’t be

that stupid either – but he got the help of a

“local” god in setting it up…………….. 60 1

U) P’an Kung; A bizarre “technique” adapted from

the human martial arts, P’an Kung is a “Soft”

form which relies entirely on inner energies.

It is, in fact, intended to be used with pure

telekinetic energy – although some few user’s

have learned to direct their inner power into

unarmed, or even armed, techniques. The style

includes; Focused Strike (Str+2D6 Strike, 2),

Deflecting Palm (Block, Abort, & +2 on blocks

“OCV”, 2), Shifting Art (Throw, +V/5, at a +1

OCV, 3), Shadow Clench (Basic Choke Hold, AKA

The Darth Vader Grip, 5), Shattering (Killing

Strike, 5), Binding (Martial Grab, 3), Wrench

(Disarm, 2), and +2 DC (8), for a total of… 30 1

-As noted above, variants abound… The most

common is probably to have this style default

to “unarmed” rather then “telekinetic”. Most

weapons-users either default to their weapons

or drop the “Shattering” maneuver in favor of

weapons… Obviously enough, the “basic” form

requires that the user possess telekinesis, &

so is generally accompanied by two additional

slots; Str 15 TK, & +2 Damage Classes (30/1),

Str 10 TK “Damage Shield” & +2 Damage Classes

(30/1), at a net additional cost of 2 points.

While not terribly potent (Whether as an art,

or a multipower slot), it’s fairly versatile.

U) Psychic Bolt; Ego Attack, 4D6, 1/2 End Cost.. 50 2

U) Pulse Of Life; “Scientist”; Biology, Anatomy,

Botany, Ecology, Genetics, Medicine, Zoology,

Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology, Taxo-

nomy, Neurology, Formchange, Evolution/Uplift

Theory, Pharmacology, (+2), Dragon Biology, &

Pathology, all 11-. +5 levels with biological

sciences………………………………. 35 1

U) The Returning Elements; Absorption, 2D6, Max.

32 to any one magically-based power/attribute

(+.25), only versus magically based and solar

energy attacks (-1)…………………….. 25 1

U) Rune Magic; A rarity even among dragons, most

of whom lack the necessary fine control, this

is the art of creating or modifying Occultech

Computers, AIs, Automations, & other Devices.

Summon, 100 Point Computers/AI’s/Automations,

(Limited group, +.25). Requires an unmodified

intelligence check (-.25) and an hour (-2.5). 62 1

U) Serpents Stare; 2D6 Def. 2 Entangle, based on

ECV (+1), Takes no damage from attack (+1/2).

Note that this is a purely mental effect, and

so is broken by Ego rather then Strength….. 50 2

U) ShadowSlayer; 1D RKA, Continious (+1), Sticky

(+.5), Penetrating II (+1), 0 End Cost (+.5),

No Range Penalty (+.5) Uncontrolled (+.5) and

Increased Range IV (About 60 miles onplanet &

3750 miles in space, +1). Usually only versus

the great old ones & their minions (-2). The

most interesting aspect of this power is that

the “sticky” effect means that it’ll “spread”

to the crew of any ship it hits… Most adult

dragons have several talents designed for use

against the great old ones. This is simply a

sample………………………………… 90 2

M) Shields; Force Field 1/2 End (+.25), Variable

Defence (May be shifted between PD & ED (and,

for that matter – MD, FD, & Power Defence) as

desired, +.5), Hardened (+.25). 25 Points…. 50 3

-As a note, “Variable Defence” is basically a version of “Variable Special Effects”. If you

can change your energy blast from Physical to

Energy damage you can change your force field

from PD to ED… The precedent for permitting

the user of “special” defences comes from the

“Ultimate Super Mage”, although the advantage

presented here does not allow for doubling up

the value as was presented there; that option

seemed somewhat unbalanced.

U) “The Silver Tongue”; Persuasion, Oratory, and

Seduction (All 9-, 9) and +12 with this group

of skills (36). Net; 21-… Requires a full

phase to avtivate (-.5)…………………. 45 1

U) Skypiercer; 20″ Flight, half End cost (+.25),

“Realistic” (IE; this supplies four gravities

of thrust. It does NOT protect the user from

friction and heat, allow quick stops (outside

of running into something) or quick turns, or

evem allow for easy breathing… On the other

hand – if you’re tough enough to take it – it

does allow for rapid long-distance travel and

for rapid ascents into space. Overall, -.5).. 50 1

U) Slavebinding; 1D6 Major Transformation (To an

obedient, docile, slave. Includes some minor

physical modifications / marking, giving your

new property some minor, useful, talents, and

making it easy to draw on their life energies

for magical purposes), Cumulative (+.5), Pen-

etrating (+.5)… No Range (-.5), Target must

consciously submit to the spell, -2), takes a

full phase to activate (-.5). It’s “reversed”

by another treatment from the “master”……. 30 –

U) ServoDaemon; Telekinesis, Str 10, with “Fine

Manipulation”. TK Str. 1 is fully invisible

(+1), no range penalty (+.5), indirect (+.5)

increased maximum range 2 (500″, +.5), 0 End

cost (+.5), & armor piercing (+.5). May not

be used above Str 1 (-1) (30 active points).

Also; Clairsentience, Audiovisual (25), 250″

Range (30 active points), While this does, &

is designed to, allow the use of many skills

at a considerable range, the effective skill

may not exceed the “fine work” roll (-1)…. 60 1

U) Spacefold; Teleport; 15″, 2x Mass………… 35 1

U) StarChilde; Navigation (Celestial) 14-, “Life

Support” (No need to eat / sleep, immunity to

radiation) & FTL Travel (2000 LY/Year). Takes

a full turn to activate (-1), Dragonform only

(-25)…………………………………. 49 1

U) StarSeed; A power that is generally available

only to the oldest and most powerful dragons,

& is not without perils even to them. Summon

Star (QV; “Starman”), requires one full month

(-4.5), acts on a 14- (-.5), side effect (The

power “works” – but on a 15+ the user will be

transfigured “into” the new star, rather then

safely escaping the gravatational focus, -2),

4 non-recovering charges (-3)……………. 90 1

U) Sundancer; The primordial dragonform has been

almost forgotten. A celestial storm of high-

energy radiation, free subatomic particles, &

fusion plasma, ripped free from the core of a

super-supernova explosion to embody a magical

life force – a potential sun in embryo – just

doesn’t fit in very well anymore. Most of the

celestial dragons around nowadays would never

even think of taking that form (Just as well,

since it’s not easy to “come by” that kind of

energy anymore). A few practice a “slightly”

more controlled version… Desolidification,

0 End Cost (+.5), with Side Effects (A 1D RKA

Penetrating Damage Shield, Affecting The Real

World. This may have a modest radius as well

(GMO). That may not sound like much of a dis-

advantage – until you think about it, -1)…. 60 1

U) Sunray; 6D6 Visual Flash………………… 60 2

U) Voice Of Thunder; 4D Energy Blast, attack vrs

limited (Flash) defence (+1.5), with variable

special effects (This determines what subtype

of flash defence – sight, hearing, etc – will

be targeted, +.25), personal immunity (+.25). 60 2

U) WildFire; +3D6, Max 40, Aid to any one (+.25)

physical characteristic loses 5/minute (+.25)

with a variable trigger (+.5), 16 Charges (-)

that may not be accumulated on “trigger” (The

“trigger” advantage serves only to permit the

use of many charges at once, -.5), non-random

output (1 Charge = 10 points, -), affects the

user only (-.5), side effects (User glows, is

hot to the touch, gives off quite detectable,

if relatively harmless, amounts of radiation,

eyes, mouth, etc, are obvious “openings” into

a solar inferno (“Distinctive Features”), 1D6

con drain after Aid wears off). A relatively

common technique for tapping into deep energy

reserves, this is really little more then in-

wardly directed dragonfire………………. 52 1

U) WorldShaper; A rare power, but one which is –

in theory – available to any adult dragon who

happens to be willing to spend enough of it’s

time gathering and assembling rocks… Summon

Planet (QV: Planetman). Requires one year to

activate (-5.5), “side effects” (User becomes

extremely tired, bored – and usually somewhat

“out-of-sorts”. A lengthy period of R&R is in

order. If anybody cares, this counts as “Mind

Control” and a mild End Drain with a recovery

time of about a week, -1), user must actually

spend most of that year working on the job, &

cannot do other things (-2), 11- “activation”

(Sometimes all you get is an enormous pile of

rocks, lacking the energies of a true planet,

-1), three charges (-1.25), & charges require

about a century to recover (-1)………….. 52 –

-Barring colonization or seeding efforts, the

use of “Genesis” powers, massive disturbances

in the fabric of time, or other weird events,

it will take a world many eons to evolve into

anything especially interesting. Just getting

life past the microscopic level seems to take


The Mandate Of Heaven; These are the powers that get adult dragons worshipped as gods… The “mandates” are not necessarily dramatic. In fact, their manipulations are comparitively “minor” – it’s just that they cover a massive radius. Bringing ears of corn to the harvesting point in minutes is a conjuring trick in a windowbox, a nine days wonder in a field, and a blatant miracle in a famine-stricken province.

The structure of the various “mandates” is the same; 1D6 Minor Transform to a Limited Class (+.25. Specifics depend on individual “mandates”), Cumulative (+.5), 13x Extended Radius Area Effect (A 33KM / 20.5 Mile radius, +4.25), & “Selective Target” (+.25). The area is always centered on the user (-.5). Other “general” limitations on the mandates include requiring the user to lower his or her speed to “2” (-.5), requiring 5 minutes to start up (They may be used once per phase thereafter, -1) – & requiring intense concentration (0 DCV, -.5). Specific mandates may have other limitations, but these apply to all of them… 62 active points. Limitations are at 2.5 plus the basic DragonLore limitations & any limitations on individual mandates. The specific Mandates include;

U) The Blood Mandate; Makes minor “modifications” on

animals, such as; making them healthier &/or more

fertile, making them bigger, transforming them to

closely-related types, or slightly changing their

basic characteristics (EG; “Wild” to “Domestic”).

Often used to increase (or provide) flocks and/or

herds, ensure bountiful hunting, and so on……. 1

U) The Earth Mandate; “To” any type of soil or stone

desired. Only versus planetary crusts (-1). Often

used to “create” areas of rich, clean, moist, and

fertile soil, rich veins of ores and minerals, or

simply to make soild ground in swamps………… 1

U) The Emperor’s Mandate; Makes minor changes in the

beliefs and attitudes of sentient individuals. It

can be used to induce or undermine loyalty, alter

emotional biases, create or delete minor memories

(IE; nothing very extensive, or of great personal

import), or to spread (or suppress) various prac-

tices… Unfortunately, employing this power does

have “side effects” – generally a new “hunted” or

something. SOMEONE will certainly take offense at

this kind of manipulation (-.5)……………… 1

U) The Mandate Of Fortune; This exotic mandate makes

it’s targets either luckier or unluckier… This

is a relatively mild – and very poorly controlled

– effect (Roughly equal to 1D6 of luck or unluck)

but has a considerable impact on the prosperity –

or the desolation – of the area affected……… 1

U) The Green Mandate; “To” any similar type of plant

at any stage of it’s lifecycle… Only vrs plants

(-1). Often used to clear (or restore) woodlands,

ripen (or blight) crops, tame jungles – or simply

to mow lawns………………………………. 1

U) The Smith’s Mandate; “To” any desired form (Can’t

alter materials or properties, just shapes). Only

works on inanimate materials & plants (-1). Often

used to create breakwaters and levies, dredge out

river channels or canals, and otherwise carry out

major public works…………………………. 1

U) The Tidal Mandate; Manipulates the sea – shifting

currents, raising or lowering tides, and bringing

or chasing away various sorts of marine life. The

sea is, however, most resilient… Things tend to

slowly drift back to the usual pattern, “healing”

over the next few months or years……………. 1

U) The Mandate Of The Winds; Moderates the climate &

weather of an area, Unlike “Change Environment”,

this merely shifts and moderates natural patterns

– it does not override them. Also unlike most of

the other mandates – which persist until forcibly

altered – this effect will gradually “heal”…… 1

-It should be noted that the “Aid” slots given under “Genesis” will work in conjunction with any Mandate. A pair of adults working together can manage some amazing things… It makes it very easy to “pay the rent” when they happen to be visiting somewhere. It should also be noted that “selective target” normally requires a “roll to hit” on each chosen target. This may take quite some time if you’re after “all the cabbages in the area”. On the other hand, the mandates “attack” 600 times an hour – & a “3” always hits. You can expect to get a hit two or three times an hour – hence a few hours will suffice to exercise the mandates effectively.

The Mandates are also a splendid illustration of why NOBODY ought to be allowed to have a a large power pool unless it’s severely restricted… For under 100 active points you could transform the entire planet – & add in “fully invisible effects” to boot.

Power Imbuement is immensely popular among those who haven’t got any… While it’s not so popular with those capable of doing the work of handing it out, it’s still done sometimes. With the celestial dragons, it usually involves imbuing a more-or-less normal mortal with some small portion of their own, vast, cosmic energies. The “game mechanics” of doing so include;

U) Static Imbuement; (10-Point Power). “Usable

by others” (+.25), 3x ten-year charges daily

(+2), Invisible Effects (+1), & 3x Difficult

To Dispel (400 Active, +.75). One minute to

activate (-1.5). …………………….. 50 1

-Alternatively, this can be built as any 10-

point power 0 End persistent (+1), usable by

others (+.25), uncontrolled (+.5), invisible

effects (+1), & 3x difficult to dispel, with

an active point cost of only 45 points. This

is, however, so grossly abusive that I would

not allow it – and I’m pretty generous as to

what I’ll allow… In either case, “static”

powers aren’t really a part of their user’s;

they can’t build upon them, improve them, or

otherwise progress. Static Imbuement is most

often used to enhance agents. As an example,

common variations include; Power, Flash, and

Mental, Defence, Force Fields, Attributes, &

powers such as “life support”. This kind of

imbuement is fairly common among dragon-kids

with friends, allies, or agents.

U) Arcane Transfer; Aid, 1D6 Max 25 (14) to any

one magical “power” (+.25), loses one point/

decade (+3), and Difficult To Dispel (+.25).

Requires one minute to activate (-1.5)… In essence, this gives it’s recipient 25 points

worth of magical talents which they may then

build upon normally. It’s one way to “start

off” an apprentice… Given that the user is

imbuing the “recepient” with a small portion

of his or her own energies, the End cost for

using this power is paid from long term End.

Note that, while the total number of “points

imbued” is limited to 25 they don’t all have

to go to the same power. If you want to give

the recepient five five-point powers, that’s

perfectly acceptable; you are just bestowing

a “power” consisting of several “subpowers”,

roughly resembling a set of linked attacks.. 63 1

U) Transfiguration; Actually this slot consists

of two slots. 1) Aid, 1D6 Max 20 (12) to all

“primary” (Str, Dex, Int & so on) attributes

(+2), loses one point/decade (+3), difficult

to dispel (+.25), takes 1 minute to activate

(-1.5, net cost; 1) & 2) 2D6 Major Transform

to any superbeing (+.25), cumulative (+.5) &

difficult to dispel (+.5), only versus those

enhanced by the first slot (-1), points over

100 must be paid for with disads (-1), zero-

point transformation basis (-), cannot fully

control how it comes out, -1). Net cost; 1.

The transformation is reversed when somebody

permanently eliminates the “aid” effect….. 63 2

-In essence, the Aid adds some points to the

target, & the “transform” moves them around.

The usual “targets” are “normals” built on a

total of 20-100 points (With disads)… This

results in 180-260 point characters; weak to

normal supers. While this could be used on a

someone who’s already superhuman, the effect

wouldn’t really be desirable; they’d pick up

those 160 points, yes – but they’d be forced

to take new disadvantages to cover both them

AND all of their experience points… While

it’s cheap to “buy”, this talent is not used

casually; using it generally involves paying

for a new 100-point follower. Also note that

characters, whatever their origin, may build

up their abilities with experience. Negating

the power they’ve been “imbued with” doesn’t

remove what they’ve earned – although it may

leave them either drastically weaker or only

having their powers on an intermittent basis

(This big a limitation lets them pay for all

their old powers a lot more easily…).

-While, in theory, there’s really nothing that keeps a character from using a major “transformation” to give people powers or to teach them things, this ought to be lightly discouraged… First, helpful “transformations” should not be allowed to add very many points to people without giving them similar disadvantages. In general, a limit of 10-20 points is recommended. Transforms that bestow water breathing (and improve swimming) are quite acceptable. A telepathic transform that teaches someone a language is equally reasonable. “Human To Mythic God” is not. Secondly, additional transformations generally cancel out the benefits of prior ones. If not, there’s nothing to prevent a couple of characters from reaching godhood via mutual enhancement. Since this doesn’t seem to happen, it must not work… Technology is hardly a draconic “speciality”. On the other hand, most of them grow up among species that use it and have to deal with it every so often. Quite a few of them dabble with it a bit as “kids”, if only because their parents don’t think much of it… While rare, the abilities given below do pop up every so often;

U) Alchemic Dominion; 1D6 Major Transform, Half

End Cost (+.25), Cumulative (+.5), Invisible

to Sight (+.5) & Penetrating (+.5), in a 16″

Radius (+1.5). This “transformation” places

any, and all, technological items it affects

under the user’s control, changing them into

obedient automations. Locks, weapons, armor,

vehicles and other technical items, will all

fall under the user’s occult influence…… 64 2

U) Awakening; This exotic effect imbues an item

– vehicle, weapon, statue, whatever – with a

consciousness & will of it’s own. Sadly, the

user can’t precisely control the “nature” of

the spirit that shows up. Summon, 100-point

AI (IE; add an AI to the item. It’ll usually

have whatever skills are needed to “run” the

item, some powers it can use to enhance said

item, and sometimes even powers it can exert

through said item. While most are reasonably

“friendly”, a lot depends on the item and on

the reason for “awakening” it). User cannot

control exact results (-1) & 4x End (-1.5).. 50 1

U) Blackout; 1D6 Drain versus all technological

devices (+2), continious (+1), ranged (+.5),

penetrating (+.5), 0 End (+.5), Uncontrolled

(+.5). This effect may be countered, & shut

down, by simply replacing the power supply &

/or by changing clips. It’s not really fast

enough to be a major combat tactic, but it’s

very handy for doing things like “disarming”

bombs………………………………… 60 2

U) Chaos Barrage; 1D6 RKA NND (Vrs being alive,

+1), Does BODY (+1), 5-Shot Autofire (+1), &

32 Charges (+.25)……………………… 64 2

U) Chaos Cascade; 1D6 RKA, 1-Hex Area Of Effect

(+.5), Five Shot Autofire (+.5), Penetrating

III (+1.5), 64 “Charges” (+.5), only affects

technological devices (-1). A common variant

has only Penetrating II and 16 Charges – but

affects a 16″ Radius… In either case, this

tends to be hard on gadgets and power armor. 60 1

U) Chaos Pulse; Change Environment (All more or

less “conventional” [IE; magical, biotech, &

muscle-powered items are unaffected) devices

to “on”. Guns fire, bombs start counting, &

so on. Don’t pull this in a munitions dump),

32″ Radius, 0 End Cost (+.5)……………. 45 1

U) Chaos “Zone”; 2D6 “Suppress” versus all (+2)

“conventional” technologies (+2), 0 End cost

(+.5), uncontrolled (1D6 minutes, +.5), 128″

radius (+2.25)………………………… 62 2

U) Cybrenetic Telepathy; Actually this consists

of two slots; Computer Programming at a 20-,

ranged (+.5), invisible to sight (Visible to

mental & mystical senses, +.5) & Lockpicking

20-, with identical advantages. Both require

a full phase (5), the use of a “Dragons Eye”

(Basically an “IIF”, -.25), and only work on

more-or-less “conventional” systems……… 60 2

U) Disassemble; 1D6 Minor Transform, Cumulative

(+.5), Continuous (+1), Uncontrolled (+1), 0

End Persistent (+1), Penetrating II (+1) and

Invisible to sight (+.5). “Transforms” Tech.

devices into piles of components. These can

be re-assembled, but it will take time, lots

of skill, and probably quite a bit of money.

This tends to unnerve power-armor types – as

their armor vibrates itself to pieces around

them…………………………………. 60 2

U) Dynamism; Change Environment (Power on), 32″

radius, 1/2 End. As a note, this can be used

to replace damaged generators & such, simply

by going to where they’re supposed to be and

“turning the power back on”…………….. 37 1

U) Intuitive Engineer; Demolitions, Systems Op,

Electronics, Mechanics, Inventor, & Security

Systems, all on an 11-…………………. 30 1

U) Lesser Warp; 16D6 Dispel, vrs any one (+.25)

“technical” power. This is generaly used for

things like getting rid of poisonous gases –

or shutting down out-of-control devices….. 60 2

U) Long Thumb; “Summon” any (+.25) vehicle &/or

operator of up to 100 points… Vehicle must

really be available and must arrive normally

(-2). A very rare power, & a quite blatantly

magical one, the “Long Thumb” summons a ride

– whether cab, truck, or TARDIS… You don’t

generally get to keep the vehicle – & it may

not be headed exactly where you want to go –

but there is no problem of “control”. If the

driver wasn’t willing to give you a ride he,

she, or it, wouldn’t have stopped for you… 62 1

U) Machine Empathy; This exotic ability permits

it’s user to employ “standard” mental powers

against computers & automations once they’ve

attuned their mind to them. While this won’t

help anyone else do so (hence the “invisible

effects”), if too many people do this to one

system there’s a severe risk of “waking it”.

+1 Ego, usable versus others at range (Won’t

work on anybody who has an innate EGO score,

+1.5), fully invisible (+1), indirect (+.5),

no range penalty (+.5), 0 End and persistent

(+1), 2x armor-piercing (+1), “uncontrolled”

(+.5), ranged (+.5), 10x increased range (To

1.2 million miles, +2.5) & personal immunity

to the “invisible effects” part (+.25)…… 20 1

As a note, mental powers “only usable versus

computers and automations” are bought with a

-1.5 Limitation. Computers generally have no

objection to doing what they’re told, & have

no unconscious mind either, making telepathy

and mind control quite easy to use…

U) Misfire; 1D6 Drain vrs any one technological

power (+.25), 0 End Cost (+.5), Invisible to

Sight (May be detected by mental and magical

sensed, +.5), Penetrating (+.5), recovers 5/

minute (+.25), 48″ Radius (+2). This is most

often used to shut down RKA weaponry…….. 50 2

U) Occultechnics; Aid, 8D6 to any single (+.25)

technical power……………………….. 50 2

U) Pheonix Renewal; 2D6 Minor Transformation to

“Fully Charged” (Charges renewed, “Endurance

Batteries” full, fuel topped up, etc), 0 End

Cost (+.5), Cumulative (+.5). Only vrs Tech.

devices (-1)………………………….. 40 1

U) Psi-Mechanics; Detect “Machines”, Ranged and

Discriminatory with a “+1” on the perception

check, plus N-Ray Vision (Only to see “into”

machines) and Eidetic Memory (Only to recall

the principles, and designs, of successfully

analyzed machines, -1)…………………. 45 1

U) Quality Control; Aid, 2D6 Max 20, to any one

technical power (+.25), -1/year (+2.5) – and

difficult to dispel (+.25). Requires a full

minute to activate (-1.5)………………. 48 1

U) Scanning; “Eidetic Memory” & “Speed Reading”

at 1/2 (0) End (+.25), only to download com-

puter data (-1), 1D6 Cumulative (+.5), Based

On ECV (+1), 1/2 End Cost (+.25), “Cosmetic”

Transform (“Writes” data to computer media &

/or memory). Note that this does NOT include

the necessary mindlink. You need telepathy.. 30 1

U) Short Circuit; 2D6 Energy Blast, NND (Versus

not touching a powered technological device;

this causes energy leaks, +1), zero End cost

persistent (+1), continious (+1), uncontrol-

led (+.5) and 16″ radius effect (+1.5). This

can be “shut down” on a “character basis” by

discarding all powered equipment. It can be

shut down “on” the equipment by installing a

new power supply… Until this is done, the

affected equipment will remain dangerous…. 60 2

U) Snatch; 10″ Teleport usable vrs others (Does

not affect living beings) at range (+1.5)… 50 2

U) Tale Of The Forge; Clairsentience, Hearing &

all visual senses, with postcognition. Only

to permit the reconstruction of mechanisms &

reveal the history of manufactured (Or hand-

crafted) items (-1), must have said item, or

pieces of the mechanism, to examine (-.5), &

the “tale” is always presented from the very

beginning, although it will be summarized to

fit into play (IE; An artifact which floated

around in space for a hundred thousand years

might reveal; “There I drifted for long eons

before-“, -.5)………………………… 50 1

U) Technical Dominance; Change Environment, 16″

radius (Manipulate technolgical items within

normal operational parameters, variable, +1) 50 2

U) Tech Legion; 2D6 Aid to all (+2) “technical”

powers, 0 End cost (+.5), selective extended

radius effect (8″ Radius, +1.5)…………. 50 2

U) TechScan; Detect “Tech” (EG – “conventional”

Computers/AI’s, Automations, & Electronics),

discriminatory, ranged, targeting, and 360o. 6x 1-Minute Charges (-)………………… 43 1

U) TechScan II; +25 on Per. rolls with “Detect”

slot, 6x one-minute charges (-)…………. 50 2

U) Techwright; 1D “Major” Transform, cumulative

(+.5), to any technological item of the same

or lesser point cost (+.25), 1/2 End (+.25),

only works on technological devices (-1), no

range (-.5). As a note, this talent may also

be used to repair things……………….. 30 1

U) Usurption; Actually, this “power” includes 2

slots; one for “Combat Piloting” and one for

“Combat Driving”. Combat-“X”, 13-, indirect

(+.5), no range penalty (+.5), ranged (+.5),

0 End cost (+.5) and 4x extended Range (+1).

Control struggles may be resolved with skill

vrs skill rolls – but are very likely to end

up with the vehicle out of control. Together

the two slots cost…………………….. 44 2

U) Weird Science; Summon any technological item

(+.25) worth up to 100 points. Requires one

hour of tinkering per point in the device to

be “summoned” to use (-4), devices generally

cannot be duplicated (QV; Foci, -.5), Bulky,

Expendable, OAF (Weird science almost always

requires bizarre, and hard-to-come-by items,

although they may be different for each item

you create, -2), 14- activation (Sometimes a

device just can’t be made to work, -.5), two

charges/week (-2), side effects (An 8D6 stun

only energy blast explosion usually… It’s

traditional, -1). Devices created via weird

science ordinarily have a distinctive “Jules

Verne” or “Mad Scientist” look and feel….. 62 –


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