The High Council of Cisnaud

   Originally simply the “City” Council, the expansion of Cisnaud’s borders since the fall of the Arkonate of Mazadone a few centuries back has freatly expanded the council’s responsibilities and eventually led to seating a few representives for the outlying areas. Since then the system has worked reasonably well, if only because the council rarely interferes in local matters outside the city. The council’s twenty-four members consist of the the Mages Council and the auxiliary positions of…

   City Constable: Responsible for maintaining law and order in the city, supervising the justice system, for establishing legal procedures – and, at least in theory, for maintaining and directing the militia, other armed forces, and all of the above in the rest of the country. In practice nobody can reasonably do all of this since things got beyond the chartered-city level, and so a lot of it gets farmed out to subordinates. This office is currently held by Marikan Leveril, a skilled Guardian (a warrior-type with heightened sensory abilities and delaying abilities) and decent enough man. Sadly, all the responsibility seems to be telling on him, leading him to both excessive drinking and to making harsher and harsher decisions.

   City Archivist: Responsible for keeping the cities records and accounts, including titles, taxes, council proceedings, legal codes, registrations, treaties, and so on. In practice, most of this is handled by various bureaucrats. Over the centuries this office has become “property” of the sages guild – if only because nobody else remembers that anyone else has ever held it. It’s usually given to the sages guildmaster, so as to leave “guild representative” open for anyone relevant or who has nothing else to do… Guildmaster Kariff currently holds this offfice.

   Sages Guild Representative: Basically an advisory position, responsible for pointing out that “so-and-so tried this – and it didn’t work”, for giving the council background data, for requested research, and (curiously) for espionage and intelligence – mostly on the grounds that “It’s information isn’t it?”. This position is usually, as noted above, filled by whoever’s handy down at the sages guild unless there’s a known issue coming up with falls under someone’s specialities.

   Maritime Guild Representative: Thanks to Cisnaud being a major port, the original office (Logistics and Supply, as established by Archmage Garadin when he was rebuilding the city some centuries ago) has changed over the centuries. While still theoretically responsible for tracking Cisnaud’s trade, supplies, reserves, and resources, in practice it only roughly tracks such matters for the convenience of the cities traders and represents the Maritime Guild. Since coming to an agreement with the waggoners – who wanted a voice as well – several years ago, the guild speaker tries to represent their interests as well.

   Mercenaries Guild Representative: The mercenaries guild represents it’s members; mercenaries and “adventurers” willing to work for other people… Curiously, the guild includes most of Cisnaud’s better diplomats as well. Given the mages tendency towards eccentricity, they have usually found it best to simply hire a skilled negotiator when they need one. The mercenaries are quite reliable while under contract, and the better ones post a bond with the guild as well – a sort of combination of guarantee, ransom fun, and – hopefully and eventually – retirement fund.

   The Country Reeves (3): These three officials represent the interests of the outlying areas – the villages and smaller towns that have associated themselves with the city over the last few centuries. Like the constable and the priestly delegates, the Reeves are selected by the mages council from among cantidates presented by major landowners and towns.

   The Clerical Delegates: An early addition to the council, the clerics represent the “major religions of the area” – usually. They are selected by the council from among the major priests of Cisnaud. It has become traditional to select a priest of a agriculture/nature deity and a priest of a city/knowledge/communications- type deity. The original offices were responsible for the supervision of agriculture and emergency relief in the country, and the health and education of the populace. Given the suitability of clerics for those roles, over the years, these posts have become clerical cinctures. They are currently filled by Palamas, an elderly – and increasingly awkward – priest of Silvanus, and by Damarr Tavril, a priest of Hermes.

   Chief Architect and City Planner: Originally created when Garadin rebuilt the city centuries ago, these two offices were merged later, after both declined greatly in importance. The original office(s) have long since become a seat for a representative of the Mechanicians Guild. However, with the recent population surge, the original offices are coming to mean something again.

   Minister Of Commerce: A position traditionally held by the Merchants Guildmaster. The ministers position is strongly influenced by what the major traders want, but he does represent all the smaller guilds (tanners, bakers, etc, etc, etc), which make up the main body of the merchants guild.

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