Eclipse d20 – Trickster Magi Power Package

   Some literary and fantasy magicians have relatively versatile powers that they can use all they like – but very little actual power. That isn’t one of the more common types of magic in fantasy gaming, where combat power is usually valued more than subtle, persistent, manipulations – but it’s easy enough to add in Eclipse. All you need in Innate Enchantment and a few modifiers.

   You will need some unusual spells, but – fortunately – innate enchantments and inherent spells do not have to be researched or drawn from a particular list; if a spell is acceptable in the campaign, it can be taken as the basic for an inherent power, even if it can’t be recorded in a spell book or put into a scroll without actually researching it.

   To build such a package, we’ll want:

  • Action Hero/Crafting, Specialized and Corrupted for triple effect/only to pay for the experience-point costs of level zero and level one Innate Enchantment at caster level one (6 CP). That will allow the user to buy several innate enchantments initially, and to continue to add more as he or she goes up in level – at least as long as he or she continues to invest enough character points in Innate Enchantment.
    • and
  • Innate Enchantment, 6000 GP Initial Value (7 CP), Coupled with a Restriction; the character can only take Innate Enchantment for a very limited list of effects (+1 CP/Level with which to buy Innate Enchantments).

   With an initial cost of 12 CP, a Trickster Mage will begin with three first level spells or six cantrips or some combination of the two. That’s not a lot of power, but it will give them a wide variety of interesting tricks if they use their abilities subtly.

   Advanced Trickster Magi will probably want to add Empowerment (6 CP) and some method of raising the DC of saves against their powers – but if a Trickster Mage is confronting powerful monsters directly, they’re not being played very well anyway.

   The usual list of available effects includes the following thirty-six spells – twenty-one standard spells, eight new ones (detailed below), four from the Hedge Wizardry list, and three from The Practical Enchanter. The prices given are generally for unlimited-use use-activated effects; in a few cases this can be reduced slightly by using another basis – but it’s rarely worth it.

   Level Zero Spells:

Normal Cost: 1000 GP, 1 Crafting Point.

  1. Arcane Mark (Standard). Inscribes a visible or invisible personal rune.
  2. Create Element (Hedge Wizardry List). Creates a modest quantity of fire, air, earth, or water.
  3. Detect Magic (Standard). Reveals the presence of magic within sixty feet.
  4. Know Direction (Standard). Reveals true north.
  5. Mage Hand (Standard). Moves small items telekinetically.
  6. Mageshot. Launches a missile. Note that, for double the base cost, you can upgrade this with the Rapid Casting modifier to allow the character to launch as many attacks as his or her BAB will support.
  7. Mending (Standard). Makes minor repairs on an object.
  8. Purify Food and Drink (Standard). Purifies modest amounts of food and water.
  9. Quicker then the Eye. Moves small items around the user’s body.
  10. Read Magic (Standard). Reads scrolls, spellbooks, and magical writings.
  11. The Mystic Touch. Makes a skill appear magical.
  12. Toss. Launches small items to considerable ranges. Note that, for double the base cost, you can upgrade this with the Rapid Casting modifier to allow the character to launch as many attacks as his or her BAB will support.

   Level one spells:

Normal Cost; 2000 GP, 3 Crafting Points.

  1. Alter Clothing. Alters the target’s outfit.
  2. Animal Influence (Hedge Wizardry List). Suggests notions to an animal.
  3. Animate Rope (Standard). Makes a rope move at the user’s command.
  4. Color Spray (Standard). Strikes down 1d6 week creatures.
  5. Cure Light Wounds (Standard). Sadly, this can only be purchased at five uses per day. Cures minor injuries.
  6. Dexterous Fingers. Reduces the time required to use a skill.
  7. Disguise Self (Standard). Changes the subjects appearance.
  8. Fortunes Favor (The Practical Enchanter). Provides a +2 luck bonus on skills and attribute checks.
  9. Goodberry (Standard). 2d4 Berries cure 1 HP each and serve as a good meal.
  10. Hypnotism (Standard). Fascinates 2d4 hit dice worth of creatures.
  11. Iruks Chant of Lesser Dispelling. This spell adheres to the Dispel template from The Practical Enchanter, with the options of Close Range (+1 spell level) and Arcanum Minimus/Life Energy (the user must make a Fortitude check at DC 11 to avoid becoming Fatigued when casting it). It targets a single magical effect.
  12. Magic Weapon (Standard). Weapon gains a +1 bonus.
  13. Manifestation of Ilium. Produces low-grade effects based on light and sound.
  14. Obscuring Mist (Standard). Hinders vision in an area.
  15. Prestidigitation, Greater. Produces a wide variety of very minor effects.
  16. Produce Flame (Standard). 1d6+Level damage, touch or thrown.
  17. Protection from Evil (Standard). Wards off evil creatures.
  18. Relieve Illness (Hedge Wizardry). Reduces the effects of diseases.
  19. Relieve Poison (Hedge Wizardry). Reduces the effects of poisons.
  20. Silent Image (Standard). Creates a minor illusion of your design.
  21. Speak with Animals (Standard). Allows communication with normal animals.
  22. Unseen Servant (Standard). Conjures an invisible servile force.
  23. Ventriloquism (Standard). Projects the user’s voice.
  24. Wizard’s Pocket (The Practical Enchanter). Stores 5 cubic feet or fifty pounds of material in the user’s pockets. This version uses the Atmospheric Life Support option and the Ambient Magic limitation – meaning that the character can only maintain one pocket at a time, but he or she can keep living things in it.

   New and Unusual Spells:

   Alter Clothing

  • Transmutation
  • Level: Bard 1, Hedge Wizardry 1, Sorcerer/Wizard 1
  • Components: V, S, M (a reflective surface to look into).
  • Casting Time: One full round
  • Range: Touch
  • Target: One outfit
  • Duration: One full day (D)
  • Saving Throw: Yes (Reflex Negates)
  • Spell Resistance: No

   Alter Clothing provides the user with any outfit that he or she desires, in any condition (clean and dry, filthy and rumpled, or scorched, etc) that the user specifies – although a truly close inspection will reveal that any gems and jewelry included are magical fakes. Such clothing is effectively real for the duration unless dispelled; cold weather outfits will be snugly warm, life preservers will be buoyant, asbestos oven gloves will be protective, and the outfit can even be made protective with no armor penalties – albeit providing a mere +1 bonus to the user’s armor class. If the spell is cast on someone else, they may attempt to evade the caster’s touch if they don’t want their clothing so modified. In settings where such contrivances are known, Alter Clothing can also provide minor amenities such as wetsuits, chemical-resistant clothing, and heated socks.

   Dexterous Fingers

  • Transmutation
  • Level: Bard 1, Ranger 1, Sorcerer/Wizard 1, various relevant Prestige Classes 1.
  • Components: S
  • Casting Time: One swift action
  • Range: Touch
  • Targets: Creature Touched.
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: Yes (Harmless)

   Dexterous Fingers reduces the time required to use a skill by three rounds. If this reduces it to zero time or “less”, it becomes a free action, although only one such action is permitted per round. If Dexterous Fingers is used on a continuous basis, it can reduce the time required for the long-term use of a skill by 75%.


  • Transmutation
  • Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 0
  • Components: V, S, M (the missile or missiles to be launched)
  • Casting Time: One standard action
  • Range: Touch
  • Target: Special
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: No

   Mageshot will launch one arrow or bolt (as if fired from an appropriate weapon) or two small hand-launched projectiles, such as daggers, shuriken, or vials of holy water. Outside of the fact that the missiles need not be drawn and no launcher (bow, crossbow, etc), is required, this is a normal attack – an attack check is required, range modifiers apply, and relevant Feats, attribute bonuses, and similar effects all apply normally. Where more than one possible launcher or mode applies – such as longbow or composite longbow – the choice is up to the caster.

   Manifestation of Ilium

  • Illusion
  • Level: Hedge Wizardry 1, Sorcerer/Wizard 1
  • Components: S
  • Casting Time: One standard action
  • Range: Maximum of Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
  • Target: Special, most often a five-foot radius maximum.
  • Duration: Maximum of ten minutes per level (D).
  • Saving Throw: Special.
  • Spell Resistance: Special

   Manifestation of Ilium produces zero-level manipulations of light and sound. It can duplicate cantrips such as Dancing Lights, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, and Message, or produce original effects of similar levels of power. For example, it can create a concealing shadow or a ten-by-ten section of illusory wall, disguise a face, cause the users eyes to glow brilliantly or to seem to have tiny skulls for pupils, make a voice deep and booming, imitate a megaphone, create a glowing aura about a single creature (like Faerie Fire), zap something with a “laser” (fire damage) or sonic bolt for 1d4 damage with a ranged touch attack, or create an intimidating barrier of (illusory) flames. Instantaneous effects are over and done with immediately, ongoing effects may persist for up to ten minutes per level of the caster. Saving throws usually apply when the effects directly involve an unwilling creature UNLESS a ranged attack roll is required.

   The Mystic Touch

  • Illusion
  • Level: Bard 0, Hedge Wizardry 0, Sorcerer/Wizard 0
  • Components: S
  • Casting Time: One swift action
  • Range: Personal
  • Target: Special
  • Duration: Special
  • Saving Throw: None (Harmless)
  • Spell Resistance: No

   The Mystic Touch changes how a skill appears to operate; a character with this spell might take out his lockpicks and work on a lock – or he might pull out a piece of chalk, sketch a symbol around the keyhole, and make a few mystic passes, or he might, perhaps, utter a “Word of Power”. Regardless of the special effects, the only actual effect is that the user may make his or her skill check at a range of a foot or so, rather than actually touching the item in question. That’s occasionally quite helpful when the item you want to manipulate is electrified, or hot, or covered with contact poison, or some such.

   Prestidigitation, Greater

  • Universal
  • Level: Bard 1, Hedge Wizard 1, Sorcerer/Wizard 1
  • Components: V, S
  • Casting Time: 1 standard action
  • Range: Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels).
  • Target, Effect, or Area: See text
  • Duration: One hour
  • Saving Throw: See text
  • Spell Resistance: No

   Greater Prestidigitation allows the caster to perform basic magical tricks for the next hour. He or she may light or extinguish a torch or several candles with a gesture, warm or cool baths, keep the rain off, exert up to five pounds of pressure, conjure a handful of spices (sadly, these will lose potency after the hour expires), produce a simple tool or item, such as a hammer, drill, crowbar, rope, or staff/lever worth five gold pieces or less (these vanish a few moments after being released or when the spell expires in any case), make minor modifications to garments, change handkerchiefs to dolls, polish or engrave ordinary surfaces, create puffs of smoke, inflict up to one point of damage or -1 penalty lasting 1-4 rounds on a target (the old hotfoot trick eh?), make simple, low-volume, vague sounds, conjure individual annoying insects, produce puffs of smoke, and so on, within one three foot radius sphere within range each round. Trivial changes – color, a refitted seam, changing a flavor – are permanent. Anything more notable than that will revert to normal when the spell duration expires. Any effect which actually targets an unwilling creature allows a reflex save to avoid and negate it.

   Quicker then the Eye

  • Conjuration
  • Level: Hedge Wizardry 0, Sorcerer/Wizard 0
  • Components: None
  • Casting Time: One swift action
  • Range: Personal
  • Target: Special
  • Duration: One minute per level.
  • Saving Throw: No
  • Spell Resistance: No

   Quicker than the Eye allows the caster to rearrange the items he or she is carrying as a free action – even off-initiative. Thus, for example, even a careful searcher might find nothing of interest in any of the caster’s pockets, since all the items that the caster doesn’t want the searcher to find are always somewhere that isn’t currently being searched. As a side effect, this makes getting items out to use into a free action and allows the user to perform some truly great card tricks. A Handy Haversack or similar item on the user’s person will allow even better tricks.


  • Transmutation
  • Level: Hedge Wizardry 0, Sorcerer/Wizard 0
  • Components: S
  • Casting Time: One standard action
  • Range: Touch
  • Target: One or more Fine items in your possession, weighing up to five pounds in total.
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: No

   Toss allows the caster to throw a small item or collection of items, such as a handful of powder or caltrops, with a range increment of eighty feet. Unobstructed locations normally have an armor class of zero, hence items can usually be tossed onto tables and such with ease. Creatures can be targeted with an appropriate attack check – normal or touch – as appropriate to the item used.

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