Godlike: Carnage

   Here we have an extremely destructive character for the Godlike or Wild Talents systems.

   Marcel Diggs wound up in the military in lieu of jail time for petty theft – and was pretty unhappy when, in the place of a mostly-empty village (where he could expect to scoop up the makings of a better meal than yet ANOTHER day on military rations) there turned out to be a heavily-defended enemy strongpoint. At that moment he just wanted the whole damned place obliterated – and the next thing he knew, he was flat on his back, bruised all over, almost deaf – and the strongpoint was a !#$% crater a hundred yards across.

   He thought it was a stray bomb, or an ammo cache going up, or something of the sort at first. A far smaller detonation when he was spotted by an enemy sentry proved that it was him… He wasn’t sure what to do for a day or so – surely there was SOME way to make a decent profit out of this kind of power – but the rest of the unit caught on when a group of enemy tanks came over a hill and were promptly annihilated by a wave of explosions.

   The platoon covered the retreat of the rest of the company, and Marcel earned his code name, destroying hundreds of men, dozens of tanks, and apparently even a few enemy Talents during the withdrawal.

   Marcel is still looking for a way to profit from his Talent, although he hasn’t found a good one yet. He has picked up a couple of tricks: he’s learned to create “shaped blasts”, to limit the size of the explosions he creates, and to propel himself through the air with the pressure-waves from micro-explosions. He even unconsciously deflects attacks with micro-explosions, making him about the only person around with inherently-noisy “armor”.

   Personally, Marcel is a conniving, unethical, con artist, a sneak-thief, and tends to remind people of a weasel. Since he’s gained his power, the more perceptive ones tend to add “rabid” to that classification.

  • Attributes: Body 1, Coordination 2, Sense 2, Brains 3, Command 1, Cool 3.
  • Skills (20 + 20 TOG Commando skills +1 Brains):
    • Body: Brawling 1, Climb 1, Endurance 1, Health 1, Running 1.
    • Coordination: Dodge 2, Grenade 1, Knife Fighting 1, Machine Gun 1, Pistol 1, Rifle 1, Stealth 2, Submachine Gun 1.
    • Sense: Hearing 1.
    • Brains: Cryptography 1, Explosives 3, Language (per setting) 1, Lockpicking 3, Map Reading I, Mechanics 1, Mortar 1, Navigation (Land) 1, Radio Operation 1, Survival 1, Tactics 1.
    • Command:
    • Cool: Gambling 1, Lie 3, Mental Stability 3, Thievery 3.


  • Talent Basics:
    • Quirks: Petty Crook (2), Automatically gives everyone the impression of a weasel (2)
    • Will Base: 1 Command + 3 Cool + 5 (remainder of base 25) + 4 (Quirks) = 13.
  • Talent Powers (20 Points):
    • Transmutation (2D + 2HD, 6) (Base 5/10/20): Can only transform N2 into 2N – breaking atmospheric nitrogen apart into hot free nitrogen atoms (-3/6/12), Can crudely shape the resulting blast with a (Brains+Explosives) skill roll (+1/2/4), Noisy (-1/2/4), Cannot Defend (-1/2/4).
      • Basically this is pretty simple: Carnage glances at something and the 16 cubic feet of the air per pound affected immediately in front of and around whatever-it-is flash-detonates as the free nitrogen atoms recombine with an energy release equivalent to ten times as much TNT by weight. At 200 lb, that’s up to 320 cubic feet and the equivalent of one ton of TNT – a “blockbuster bomb”. Enough to level a city block, and roughly equivalent to the 14-inch German shell. In roughly 10 seconds, he can deliver as much explosive power as a Flying Fortress bomber. Given a few minutes, he can level a small city. In practical terms, his principle problem lies in restraining himself enough to avoid blowing himself up when his targets are nearby. Oh well. At least he didn’t pick “antimatter” – or, far, far worse – “free electrons”.*
    • Flight (2HD, 4) (Base 4/8/16): Can’t Interfere (-2/4/8), Noisy (-1/2/4).
    • Super-Speed (1D, 2) (Base 4/8/16): Attached to Flight (-1/2/4), Noisy (-1/2/4), Glow (-1/2/4).
    • Heavy Armor (Level 1, 6): Noisy (-1/2/4).
    • Light Armor (Level 1, 2).

   Some Regeneration or Healing – even with some flaws – would be very nice, but it really wouldn’t fit the theme at all. Of course, Carnage will do his best to stick with a healer and – preferably – someone with area-effect protective abilities.

   *Transmuting 200 lb of material to free electrons is very bad. How bad? At one meter from one coulomb of charge we have an electrical potential of 9,000,000,000 volts. Now, there are 6.24x 10 to the 18’th electrons in a Coulomb – but an electron weighs only 4.1 x 10 to the -31’st lb. That’s 3.9 x 10 to the 11’th Coulombs per pound of electrons. Converting a 200 lb mass to electrons provides us with 7.8 x 10 to the 13’th Coulombs – and a one-meter electrical potential of 7 Exp 23 volts. The dispersal of 1/200’th of that charge will yield roughly 7 Exp 23 Joules – and the entire thing roughly 100 times that amount or 7 Exp 25 Joules (the equivalent of roughly 16,000,000 gigatons of TNT). To completely disperse the earth to infinity would require roughly 2.24 Exp 32 joules. We can start with lead, and get at least another ten times that energy, and then try to account for the (even greater) internal potentials of our 10-centimeter radius sphere of electrons – but that’s a far more complicated calculation than I feel like doing right now.

   The good news is that quite a large chunk of the earth may survive, since we’ll still be short of the required energy by several orders of magnitude – although there’s a modest chance that induced fission and fusion in the mantle will provide enough additional energy to tip the scales. The bad news is that, almost certainly, this will blow away most of the planetary crust and leave what’s left incandescent for centuries to come.

   Might I have dropped a decimal point or something here? Certainly. For that matter, I used a quick step-function approximation in my head and some sloppy rounding instead of getting out my somewhat rusty calculus. It’s still in right general order of magnitude though. And it would still be REALLY BAD.

   Perhaps fortunately, that’s about the limit of the cheap destructiveness I can think of. Once you can buy “automatically destroy the earth” for 4 points, what else can you shop for?

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