Shadowrun: Free Spirit Contacts

   Next up, here are a few of the Free Spirits which are around Seattle at the moment.

   Morkverg; This gnomish free earth elemental is a fairly benevolent trickster spirit – although he puts up an cranky and obdurate front. “He” tends to appear as a gnarled dwarvish type, usually dressed as a smith and smoking a pipe. He collects statuary, and his powers include Human Form, Aura Masking, Hidden Life, the ability to perform minor tricks with fire and metal, and the ability to serve as an advisor on metalwork and enchanting metal items (-2 to target numbers with his assistance). On the other hand, taking advantage of this power means putting up with his constant grumbling. At last report, Morkverg had a force of 5 and a spirit energy of 3 and his other powers were typical for an earth elemental.

   Aerial: Originally an air elemental, this animus spirit seems to like playing around a bit as well. Aerial likes to take either the form of a handsome young man – or that of a pegasi stallion. Either way, he’s something of a womanizer. He also likes to drop in on rooftops and in front of security cameras. He can often be persuaded to perform some minor task in exchange for enough NuYen to support a night out on the town. Aerial’s powers include Aura Masking, Human Form (and, apparently, also an “animal” one) – and Electromagnetic Control. Aerial has a force of 5 and 2 points of spirit energy.

   Electromagnetic Control allows a spirit to generate, and manipulate, electromagnetic energies – light and magnetism. The beings “manipulation pool” is equal to its force + it’s spirit energy. This can be used in a wide variety of ways, but as an attack it inflicts (F)M damage.

   Kaisera: Originally a fire elemental, Kaisera is now an Anima Free Spirit – and either a very benevolent one or one who’s chosen a winning strategy. “She” has opted to act as a caregiver and protectress of children. Her power has been growing rapidly, apparently because quite a few people have seen fit to give her karmic “donations” – or to pay her for healing. Her known powers include Human Form, Sorcery, Wealth, and Guardian (Children). She uses “Wealth” to fund her own “Middle” lifestyle, and that of her “guests” – a dozen staffers and about a hundred street children. Even with this ongoing 60,000 NY expense, she’s still built up a substantial reserve for emergencies. Her spells include; Antidote, Cure Disease, Heal, Detox, Oxygenate, Soothe, Detect Individual, Stun Bolt, and Barrier. At least Force 6, Spirit Energy 5, Sorcery 7. Kaisera has the usual powers of a fire “elemental”, but is apparently reluctant to use them to cause harm. She usually appears as a beautiful young woman in silken robes.

   Guardian is related to guard and magical guard, however it can only be applied within a limited (F) radius – and only on behalf of a particular group (E.G.; children, true believers, or some such). Guardian spirits divide their force ratings between sheltering their charges from accidents, magical, and physical harm – effectively granting arcane “armor” against such occurrences. Spirit energy modifies the users effective force normally.

   Soothe is a mana-based spell that calms excessive levels of neurological activity, such as are associated with pain, mania, epilepsy, hysteria, emotional overloads, and various mental disorders. The effect is permanent (10 turns), however new stimuli are not affected. The range is limited to touch, and the spell has an L drain.

   Kaisera may have more spells (Influence and some illusion- based spells seem likely), more powers – and a higher force rating. She gets quite a bit of support.

   Deathbringer: This Free Allied Spirit was apparently intended to provide it’s creator with fire support and the ultimate hold-out weapon. It has a fairly minimal force rating – 3 – and only 2 points of spirit energy; thanks to it’s obsession with violence, it rarely finds anybody willing to give it karma to improve matters. It’s usual mode of operation is to find someone with a thirst for revenge (and at least latent magical abilities), and to offer it to them. Those who accept will be possessed. Deathbringer then spends whatever money they have on weapons and armor, and goes out to blow their enemies away. It usually (always so far) gets it’s “host” killed in a day or so. In cases where it’s host has no specific foes, it wanders about until a target presents itself.

  • Attributes; Str 4, Qui 6, Bod 6, Int 4, Wil 5, and Chr 3. When in possession of a host use it’s physical attributes plus 5. 1D6+15 initiative when manifested, in a host use normal initiative.
  • Innate Powers: Aid Power, Materialization (As an Enfield AS-7), Sorcery (Knows; Enhanced Reflexes-III, Various Enhanced Senses, Pain Block, and Reload Gun), Telepathic Link (With no “master” it can now speak to anyone, but only at short ranges) and Three-Dimensional Movement (As a gun. This can be upsetting…). Skills of Sorcery-4 and Shotgun-7.
  • Free Spirit Powers : Aura Masking, Possession and Sorcery (Since it already had this it’s enhanced – it can maintain it’s spells on a host without penalty, and has acquired a few extra spells for “free”).

City Father Mondo-Seattle, Animus Spirit

   Hmmm? Ho-Ho-HO! What’s this now?

   “Seattle” is a powerful Free City Spirit which sees itself as the living “Spirit of Seattle”. It takes a variety of forms, ranging from a stout politician in a black suit with a cigar to it’s favorite – a talking data kiosk and ATM machine. It likes to see the city prospering and lively, to see the cities people busy and productive, and to keep major disasters away. Runners are a problem when they’re disruptive, but are also sometimes useful to dump missions on. The “City Father” was last reported to be about force 8 and Spirit Energy 7, possessing the powers of Great Form, Sorcery, and Wealth, apparently among others.

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