Aristotle, The God

   Here we have a major artifact – or perhaps a an artificial character – for the Amber Diceless RPG. In most other settings, it should probably be regarded as a rather strange deity.

   Aristotle was one of Arvon’s early creations – and, like most such, was something that he never really “paid for” except to buy it as a “family ally”. Arvon tended to simply came up with a theory that he wanted to test, build a gadget using his trump-powered sorcery and conjuration, and pour vast amounts of power into it. The ones that survived this reckless jump-start were generally allowed to go their own way if they developed intelligence – which they usually did, whether or not he’d intentionally designed it into them – while Arvon started another experiment.

   Aristotle is an AI, based around a set of twelve three-dimensional computer matrixes designed by Gallifrey Industries Incorporated – a minor subsidiary of one of Arvon’s personal companies. They were each originally designed to serve as the primary processing node for a planetary computer network. Arvon converted them to work on trump energies, gave them the ability to manipulate both trump forces and lesser energies in a wide variety of ways, and linked them via trump, so that their network can operate across most of the multiverse.

   Up close, the twelve crystalline spheres normally float freely, orbiting each other in a complex pattern. They’re transparent, and thus are almost invisible save for a faint corona of energy and the occasional sparkling rainbow refraction. The spheres often seem to grow or shrink, but that may be nothing more than an optical illusion.

   In the original game Aristotle did seem to regard Arvon as “Dad”, and was often quite obliging. On the other hand, it wasn’t like that was a strain; Aristotle had the capacity to provide simultaneous computer services for about twenty billion people, and was operating out of a fast-time shadow to boot. The occasional minor request from an Amberite – or, for that matter, from a perfectly normal person – simply didn’t take up much of it’s capacity.

   In terms of points, Aristotle can be set up as shown below.

   Aristotle Design Features:

  • Contains an Ubiquitous Trump Image (6).
    • Horde of “Sealed” “Continuous” Links (6). (Basically these are almost impossible to block or interfere with. Some of these link the spheres, more are linked to power sources out in shadow).
    • This – per a GM ruling – subsumed “Powered By Trump” at no cost. Given that Arvon simply conjured things to begin with, this didn’t really matter.
  • Able to speak in Tongues and Voices (4).
  • Exceptional Psychic Sense/Trump Control and Shadow Scanning (4).
  • Multiple Tracking (Timesharing/Network mode, 1).
  • Bilocation (Twelve Spheres, 2).
  • Mold Shadow Stuff (Local Environment, Energy Direction, in the vicinity of any sphere) (1).
  • Psychic Barrier (Usually damped down to the “Psychic Neutral” level unless the system is under psychic attack) (4).
  • Computer speed “reflexes” (1).
  • Movement (Levitation) (1).
  • Possesses Named and Numbered Power Words (2).
  • Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (2).
  • The Unknown Powers Rule allowed a character to give his device 4, 8, or 12 points worth of powers at a cost of a mere 1, 2, or 3 points. Unfortunately, he or she would have no idea of what those powers were or why his or her item possessed them. In the case of Aristotle, Arvon threw in this modifier because it seemed appropriate to the creative nature of Trump and to let the GM play with things (3).

   The “Unknown Powers” might include:

   Ringmaster Package:

  • Animal vitality and stamina (2).
  • Rapid Healing (2).
  • Able to Mold Shadow Creatures (+1).
  • Ubiquitous Portals (+5).
  • Shapeshift Amberites (for environmental survival only, +2).

   The Ringmaster variant has taken up providing quick transport – along with offering adaption to the environment of the dimension entered – to stranded amberites, to the miscellaneous (and large) number of shadow-dwellers with amber blood, and to the occasional talented shadow-dweller. Given that the system can fairly readily handle hundreds of thousands of trump-transports per second, this version will providing unprecedented mobility to those it decides to assist. Will this lead to inter-shadow wars or will it lead to a golden age of trade and exploration?

   Vedic Wheel Package:

  • Animal vitality and stamina (2).
  • Rapid Healing (2).
  • Rack and use named and numbered “spells” (Energy effects from shadow) (+4).
  • Combat Reflexes (+2).
  • Double Damage on energy effects (+2).

   The Vedic Wheel is a self-aware weapon of terrible power – capable of shunting energies from shadow to shadow, and of storing up massive bursts of energy to be released later. More subtly, it will be able to project a wide variety of illusions across shadow, coordinate the efforts of dozens or hundreds of shadows, and spread information to wherever it will do the most good – for whatever it has in mind. With a free-willed, self-aware, teleporting transdimensional cannon with its own agenda on the loose, things may get very interesting very fast.

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