Reviewing Eclipse with KrackoThunder

Krackothunder has set up a blog reviewing the various options in Eclipse: The Codex Persona (and how to optimize them) – and, as I have time, I’ve been commenting on them with clarifications, further options, and ways to do things. Since there are a number of posts up there, here’s a bonus post of a brief index.

Eclipse, Paths And Powers: The Basics Of Channeling

This entry covers Channeling and the basic upgrades that aren’t part of particular paths.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Channeling Subpaths Part I

This entry covers the Glorious Touch and Hatred’s Weal Paths.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Channeling Subpaths Part II

This entry covers the Hand of Darkness, Planar Bonds, and Infusions paths.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Channeling Subpaths Part III

This entry covers the Divine Wrath and Tides of Light and Darkness paths.

Today for something different: Optimized Character Concepts

This entry covers some of the “things to watch out for” character design possibilities – albeit more from a standpoint of “how to use limited versions of these designs to make interesting characters”.

Pseudo-Changelings: A few template ideas

This one looks like a fairly heavily optimized template for making opponents for ponies – although I’ll admit that I haven’t had time for a full evaluation yet.

The Ultimate Creator of Federation-Apocalypse: A Template

This is basically a +1 ECL writeup for being God proper – the omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent creator and master of all things – who basically never confirms his/her/it’s/their existence or interferes in any detectable way since it would take away people’s free will.

Honestly, I never worried about writing this up, since game attributes for a character who never did anything observable and who couldn’t be proven to exist were not a priority – but it is certainly an interesting exercise.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Hexcrafting (sorta?)

An evaluation of the Hexcrafting card-based magical system.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Martial Arts

Obviously enough, a review of the Martial Arts system.

Ponies (yes, again) and Martial Arts

Here we have a writeup for Tatslponies – a creature invented by My Little Pony fans as a sort of a cross between Tremor’s “Grabboids” and Ponies. I’m not especially familiar with the idea, so…

Package-Deal: Cyber-Journeyman

A look at why some characters might opt for the Journeyman ability – and at Cyberware in Eclipse.

Short stuff: Unity and the Theurgy special ability

How to get access to pretty much all the spells there are.

Eclipse, Paths and Powers: Path of the Dragon, Part I

A quick look at the Path of the Dragon – Eclipses most blatant and straightforward route to super-heroism.

Really short posts: Are infinite CP possible?

A speculative way to get infinite CP.

And I really need to do an index for Alzrius too; there’s a list of the character’s he’s written up around (even if it needs updating), but no list of his other posts…

One Response

  1. Heh, yeah, the Pseudos seem to be a bit overwhelmingly strong at first, though I have to say that the Necromind isn’t too great when you think about it from an opportunity cost perspective.

    The child soldier is a bit better on that front because the Berserker-ability hits pretty hard if you build your character around it and maybe put in a few upgrades.

    Those two are the ones where I tried to make them playable, if optimized. Of course, that would fly out of the window if you reduce the ECL via the normal changeling-specialization, which would make a child soldier an incredibly good melee choice and the Necromind becomes incredibly cost-effective.

    The Divine Channeler is more to show off what a powerful channeler could look like, and I’d be surprised if that template would be put to use in pretty much any game. It’s more or less an “Atrocity-Channeler”.

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