Federation: Apocolypse Factions

   One of the old players has started writing material for his own take on the original Federation Campaign.  Here is his list of the current major factions.


Advanced Technology Exchange (ATE)

   An advanced technology and magic manufacturing, research, and development company owned by Ryan O’Malley. Designs and manufactures advanced weaponry, defenses, and transportation systems. ATE operates Grand Central Station in almost all the New York’s and many other major trading hubs throughout the multiverse. While not able to match the sheer manufacturing capacity of some of the major Galactic and American companies, ATE is capable of fielding far more advanced technology with the added benefit that it tends to work everywhere, not just where it was built.

The Commonwealth

   The Commonwealth is a conglomeration of worlds bound together by their recognition of Arthur as the Once and Future King. Mainly fantasy realms and British Empire worlds, they produce some of the most powerful magic seen in the multiverse. King Arthur runs a largely secular kingdom with Christian overtones and history, much to Merlin’s dismay. Lately, rumors of betrayal in Arthur’s court have begun to emerge, with speculation running rampant as to who and why. The Order of Knights is loosely under the command of King Arthur. The Commonwealth has been repeatedly ignoring requests by the United Nations to transfer power over to a freely elected body.

The Vatican

   In the two centuries since the First Contact, the church has seen resurgence. Reconciling differences with the other Christian denominations, the Christian community is whole once more. Direct contact with the Lord has given the Church a purity of purpose it has not seen in millennia. With corruption and scandals at an all time low, the Church now moves to better humanity and face the forces of darkness.

The Knights Hospitallers

   One of the few Knightly orders in the service of the Vatican. While their numbers are not great by any means, their vows of poverty and chastity typically grant them great divine power to more than offset the lack of numbers. They are frequently used as mediators in disputes and as missionaries of peace to war-torn realms.

The Fourth Roman Empire

   A new arrival on the scene. Little is known about their goals, motives, or membership. It is known that they are employing adventure teams to retrieve artifacts of Singularity technology and magic.

The Galactic Empire

   The Empire is the largest economic and political entity in the known multiverse. With an entire galaxy (albeit a small one) under its jurisdiction, it has more people, more resources, and more money at its disposal than any other know entity. Under the “enlightened” leadership of the Second Emperor, the Empire has grown in wealth and power. Imperial technology is capable of feats other realms couldn’t even begin to match without invoking higher powers. Only thing keeping the Empire from expanding into the other realms without limit is the fact that Imperial technology doesn’t work much anywhere else. The Empire has taken it upon itself to protect the human realms from external “influences.” The Second Emperor and the Order of Knights are not on good terms, with the Order of Knights actively trying to kill the Second Emperor for dabbling in dark powers.

The Order of Knights

   The Order is a collection of various knightly orders loosely bound together under the supposed command of King Arthur. As many different flavors as there are stars in the sky, they all share a few key traits. They all claim to adhere to the rule that Might serves Right, are mostly made up of supernaturally enhanced sword warriors of some sort, claim to believe Arthur to be the one true King, and are exceptionally proud. Major factions include (but are not limited to) the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights. The Templars and the Inquisitors from the Vatican have had increasingly sour relations over the last few months with Templars visibly roughing up Inquisitors in recent days. The Order is also seeking the death of the Second Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

The United Nations (The Republic)

   In the aftermath of the Singularity War and the Exodus, the United Nations has been left as one of the few remaining governing bodies left in the core realm. It has slowly been expanding its reach into the various alternate realms as different worlds apply for membership to avoid the politicking going on with other factions and to seek protection from those same factions. It has been busy trying to fill the void left by other powers that have either collapsed or retreated from society in the aftermath of the Exodus.

The Oracle Archona

   The Oracles speak in cryptic riddles and prophecies. Every year they give out prophecy for that year and much media time is spent trying to interpret it. They tend to remain out of politics except under very unusual circumstances. The Oracles have been banned from direct intervention in human affairs, by what though is unknown. Their predictions are becoming increasingly ominous of late.

The House of Roses

   The now disposed Royal house of England. After Arthur spurned a marriage alliance with Elizabeth III in favor of Guinevere, the House of Roses has since turned their immense wealth towards investing and politicking. They have investments in many markets and companies with a diverse portfolio backing them up. The family has also been pursuing more active ties with the United States government to serve as a counterbalance to the Commonwealth. They also continue to pursue a marriage alliance between Victoria II and Arthur’s son Gwydre in hopes of uniting the two houses together. Guinevere supports the proposed alliance but Arthur has yet to comment upon the proposal.

The United States

   After the formation of the Second American Republic in the aftermath of the Singularity War, the United States remains a major economic, military and technological power throughout the realms. Relations with the Commonwealth have soured since Arthur ascended to the throne. Arthur repeated declarations of the United States as merely the longest running “peasant revolt” has garnered him little love across the Atlantic. The government has been rapidly expanding it’s dominion across the multiverse with the Bill of Unification uniting the various extra dimensional renditions of the United States as a single political entity of considerable power.

The Legionary Cohorts

   The Legions are super-soldiers in the service of the Second American Republic. They are sworn to the defense of the American people and democracy across the multiverse. Their bodies are enhanced with the latest technology and enchantments available. They are capable of forming massive Beowulf Clusters to act as a coordinated fighting force with degrees of teamwork few can match. Indeed, they are one of the few forces able to go toe to toe with the Knightly Orders in battle. They are widely regarded as heroes throughout the Republic and are known for their tireless community service when not on duty.

The Praetorian Cohorts

   Super-generals designed to lead the super-soldier legions of 21st century America. Their impact on the Singularity War cannot be denied. The Praetorians are credited with overthrowing the first American Republic and taking over full command of the Singularity War. Notable Praetorians include the Prime Seven such as Catherine Wingates and Peter Matthington. Infighting and manhunts after the war have driven the Praetorians to complete extinction. Their influence and artifacts can still be found in old battlefields and bases around the world.

The Necropolis

   The dead not aligned to a higher power go to the realm of the dead known as the Necropolis. This city of the dead is not a place for the living to tread, not that many wish to. Powerful mages are about the only common visitors to this realm. The city is ruled by powerful liches and vampire lords. Some of the oldest and most powerful beings reside here, having existed for centuries, if not millennia. While not exactly hostile, the inhabitants have little tolerance for the outside world intruding in their domain. A few more open-minded individuals do run trading operations with brave mortals from other realms.


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2 Responses

  1. I don’t know: ATE and Ryan are shaping up to be a bit much I think – although it depends a lot on who their opponents are.

  2. The idea is that the party would find out there are groups out there with the power to take on ATE. Who these powers are and what they are capable of was going to be a lot of what the campaign is about.

    The most terrible storms do seem to come out of nowhere, even if you could see them coming in hindsight.

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