Eclipse d20 – Village Heroes, Tarvel and Raymund

   Before today’s two low-level heros, a question:

“Why more males than females? There’s no distinction in the game rules.”

   No, there isn’t – and I usually assume that there’s not much social prejudice against female adventurers either. After all, if the gods have seen fit to grant women fireballs, whirlwind attacks at +18, and powerful clerical magic, just like the men, who are the merchants, crafters, and peasants who make up the vast majority of society to complain?

   Still, even discounting behavioral differences, there is the same basic difference as there is in the real world; a large percentage of the women – at least in any mammalian or similar species that wants to avoid extinction – have to deal with pregnancies, and nurse the children. Even after the kids are weaned their mothers have a much larger biological investment in them then their fathers do, which tends to mean that their mothers get stuck with most of their care.

   No, that’s not fair – but changing it will require some really radical modifications in the setting or the species. Women have a major drain on their time and energy that males do not. Ergo, most of the adventurer writeups that I create tend to be male; fair or not, it’s simply what I would expect to see in the population.


   Tarvel was simply one too many; with eight other siblings needing food and care, he was farmed out to a somewhat less-overburdened uncle – who didn’t have much time for him either, but who could at least keep him minimally fed while he learned a trade. Unsurprisingly, he wound up on the end of the line, after his uncles three children. Equally unsurprisingly, he spent a lot of time running errands, performing odd jobs, and scrounging for extras.

   Tarvel isn’t going to grow old and die working for other people around the village and struggling to support his own children. Adventuring might well get him killed, but a lifetime spent laboring for someone else for barely enough to live on is simply death in slow motion. He’s going to see the world a bit, have some excitement – and, if he lives, become rich and powerful. If he lives to have children of his own, they’re going to start off with some decent opportunities.

  • Package Deal:
    • Street Brat. This provides Luck with +2 bonus uses, Specialized and Corrupted/only for skill rerolls (3 CP), Fortune/The Evasion Variant, Specialized/the user must be un- or lightly armored and encumbered, must be free to move, and must have space to dodge in (3 CP), Spell Resistance, Specialized and Corrupted/only works against divination magic directed at determining the truth of the user’s statements (2 CP), and +3 Specialities in Bluff/Denying Things, Sleight of Hand/Swiping Small Items, Knowledge/Local/Home Town, and Perform/Acting Innocent (4 CP).
  • Low-Level Adventurer Template:
    • +(12 + 2x Con Mod) HP. These are added to the 3 + Con Mod base for level zero – which will become (Purchased Die + Con Mod) at level one.
    • Talents: +2 on Skill and Attribute Checks, Photographic Memory (this allows precise recall of whatever he observes for a week and provides a +5 on checks to remember things thereafter).
    • Skill Modifiers: -3 on all Unskilled Skill Checks, +3 on Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand, and Tumble.
  • Race: Human. Provides Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills for half cost (3 CP), and a Bonus Feat.
  • Total Character Points: 24 Base for L0 + 6 for the human bonus feat +3 for the Broke Disadvantage = 33.

   Purchased Abilities:

  • Militia Training: Proficiency with Light Armor, Shields, and All Simple Weapons (9 CP) plus a Specialized version of Legionary (only usable with other people with Militia Training, 3 CP).
    • That will help him fight at his friends side – and it was only sensible to train with the militia if he was going to try adventuring. Fortunately, there’s nothing that keeps a character from taking a second package deal, provided that he or she pays for it normally.
  • Upgrade Weapon Proficiencies to include Bows (3 CP).
  • Resist/Reflex +2 (6 CP).
  • Buy the basic human Fast Learner ability up to +2 Skill Points/Level (3 CP; since he paid for this with his disadvantage points, he’s had it from the beginning).
  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills for +2 SP/Level (6 CP; as his human bonus feat, he’s had this from the beginning. While you can normally only buy Fast Learner once, having it as a racial ability – like all humans – doesn’t count).
  • +3 Skill Points (3 CP).

   Well, even without an Intelligence Bonus, that will provide 15 Skill Points as of level zero. Combined with Adept and a decent Intelligence, Tarvel will obviously be the groups skill master – and will probably spend more points on skills as the campaign continues.


   Raymund – like many other potential priests – comes from one of the wealthier local families. After all, those are the families that can afford to have their children spend more time on books and religious studies than the local church insists on. The more dedicated children may manage without such advantages, but they do make this career path a lot easier.

   Raymund is arrogant, self-righteous, feels that a better religious education covers all that anyone would ever really need to know, and is used to being privileged – but he does mean well, and actually is dedicated to his god. More importantly, he feels that being a priest entails more than simply ministering to the villagers and exhorting the nobles. There are evils in the world, and they need to be confronted. If possible, with friends and allies at his side – but, if necessary, he will stand alone.

  • Package Deal:
    • Initiate. Provides +2 skill points in Knowledge/Religion (2 CP) with a +3 Speciality in their own faith and god (1 CP), Occult Ritual, Specialized in the rituals of their particular faith (3 CP), knowledge of (Int Mod +3) Minor Rituals (1 CP), one Major Ritual (1 CP), and the primary sacred tome (or collection of scrolls) of their religion (1 CP). Minor Privilege (minor clerical legal privileges and a standing welcome in relevant shrines and temples, 3 CP).
  • Low-Level Adventurer Template:
    • +(12 + 2x Con Mod) HP. These are added to the 3 + Con Mod base for level zero – which will become (Purchased Die + Con Mod) at level one.
    • Talents: Shillelagh (on any staff he uses) +1d6 melee damage when fighting undead.
    • Skill Modifiers: -3 on all Unskilled Skill Checks, +3 on Concentration, Knowledge/Religion, Knowledge/History, Diplomacy, and Heal.
  • Race: Human. Provides Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills for half cost (3 CP), and a Bonus Feat.
  • Total Character Points: 24 Base for L0 + 6 for the human bonus feat +3 for the Compulsive Disadvantage (or possible the Insane Disadvantage; after all, this fellow wants to go out and confront demons, undead, and major evils in a low-level campaign) = 33. The character would certainly have duties, but they don’t make any difference in the point totals at the moment.

   Purchased Abilities:

  • Proficient with Simple Weapons (3 CP).
  • Resist/Will +2 (6 CP).
  • Resist/Fortitude +1 (3 CP).
  • One level of the Clerical Package Spellcasting Progression (10 CP). This is one of the best deals in the system – but it’s certainly suitable for a cleric. I’d normally expect a character to be fully level one before getting this, but he is supposed to be pretty dedicated.
  • Now here’s an awkward bit: the player wants Raymund to take an active hand confronting the forces of darkness, but armor isn’t suitable for the concept, and most of the easy routes to doing without it in combat have been cut off; this is a low-level and reasonably realistic (given the presence of magic) setting. Ergo, Defender, Specialized/only while using a Staff. That’s +2 AC at the moment for (6 CP). Not enough for any serious combat; he’ll just have to buy some more later on.
  • That only leaves Raymund with 5 CP to spend. He could get basic Channeling, but he really will need some skill points and may not have much intelligence after getting a decent Wisdom, Charisma, and Constitution – and it will be much more dramatic to have a breakthrough later on at some critical moment. Ergo, +5 Skill Points (5 CP).

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