The Obsidian Claw

The Obsidian Claw   Here’s a modest artifact from the Champions campaign, currently being weilded by The Hauntsman.

   The Obsidian Claw is actually the severed hand of Karnatzilith, an aztec demigod, and is still sought by that entity (Hunted 8-, a factor which takes 10 points off the cost of the Claw). It is capable of absorbing various energies, channeling them into the user to enhance him or her, or simply unleashing them again in destructive blasts. The “special effects” depend on the kind of energy that’s been absorbed. Note that if the user expends all eight charges without using the Drain effect to renew them, the Claw will become inert for 24 hours.

   Multipower (90-pt reserve): OIF (Obsidian Guantlet, -.5), Side Effects (9d6 Mind Control: Keep using Gauntlet, -.5), Independent (-2), 8 Recoverable Charges (drain power from a major energy source to recover, -0), Full Power Only (-.25), 14- Activation (-.5), Full Phase to Use (-.5), Gestures (-.25), Incantation (-.25), Visible (radiates blood magic, -.25). Net cost: 12 points.

  • u-1 6d6 Killing Attack (RKA); Range: 450
  • u-1 Hand-to-Hand Attack (20d6, Total 22d6); Range: 0
  • u-1 18d6 Energy Blast; Range: 450; Versus: Appropriate Defense.
  • u-1 6d6 Energy Blast; Range: 450; No Normal Defense (Depends on absorbed energy type): +1; Area Effect (Radius): 6″ radius, +1
  • u-1 3d6 Aid: To all physical attributes (+2), (Fade/day, Max. 30); Range: 0
  • u-1 Force Field (15 PD/15 ED); Reduced END: Zero, +½; Uncontrolled (shut down by the passage of one hour, exposure to forces counter to whatever it’s absorbed): +½; Invisible: To All Senses, +1
  • u-1 6d6 Drain: Energy Sources (Recharges Slots) (Return/min.); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼

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