The Kadian Ritualist

   Lord Kevin, god of Transformation, Witchcraft, and Travel has committed himself to imbuing a limited number of “trainees” with the ability to ritually open interdimensional gates. Admittedly, that’s mostly as a backhanded method of inconveniencing some of his major opponents, but it’s still not his preferred mode of operation; he prefers to recruit Thralls rather than to train ritualists. Still, it’s not too big a bother to have his Thralls and facilities transform and train a few of them – and he will at least make sure that they do hear about the advantages of becoming a Thrall over those of becoming a Ritualist.

   Still, rituals can be useful; if any of the Thralls want to spend some time picking one up, the classes for that (6 CP) section will be open to them as well.

   Since the Federation-Apocalypse campaign is an Eclipse d20 game, this package is set up for Eclipse. If you’re unfamiliar with that, Eclipse is available in print HERE, in a shareware .pdf version HERE, and in a .pdf version including Eclipse II and the web expansion HERE.

   The Ritualist “Training Program” involves genetic modification and magical tinkering to modify the trainee’s species template, as well as a high-end package-deal training program to provide another +12 CP. It includes:

  • Fast Learner Specialized in Skills for Double Effect (+2 SP/Level, 6 CP).
  • Two Bonus Feats – one as the usual human bonus feat, one to allow them to retain at least a part of their racial/realm background abilities (12 CP).
  • Enhanced Durability: +2d0 Hit Dice (needed to qualify for the Wolverine Genegrafts, below, 8 CP).
  • Wolverine Genegrafts: Shapeshift, with Attribute Modifiers, Hybrid Form, Clear Speech, and Variants (Human Appearance), Specialized/wolverine form only and Corrupted/cannot actually Change Forms (9 CP). This replaces the user’s physical racial attribute modifiers and abilities with those of a Wolverine – Str +4, Dex +4, Con +8, +2 Natural Armor, 1d4 Natural Weapons, Scent, a +8 Racial Bonus to Climb, and Berserker (using the standard “Barbarian” bonuses).
    • Yes, that’s very cheesy, and no, it won’t normally work outside the Manifold Campaign, which allows cheap physical boosts due to the prevalence of starships and mecha.
  • Gateway Ritual: Inherent Spell: Specialized and Corrupted for Triple Effect (a level nine spell – Gate)/Requires a lengthy ritual, cannot be used for summoning, draws on the power of Kadia (where caster level requirements are not an issue), and thus requires the expenditure of magic points anywhere else (6 CP).
    • Since magic points are a very limited resource, ritualists who start with Constitutions below 12 will only be able to perform a ritual once a week or at best (and will not be able to perform off-dimension magic after using one for some days) – although a low constitution is a rare thing in students from Inversion (or in the Manifold in general) and WILL be tested for in advance.
  • One extra skill point in Knowledge/The Manifold (1 CP)
  • A +3 Speciality in Knowledge/The Manifold/The Major Realms (with a special focus on places that are good to trade with and ones that are good to stay out of).

   With a net total of 31 CP (for a +0 ECL race) and 12 CP (for a maximum-value package deal), the package replaces the students original species – and will only work for people who have spent at least a part of their time in Kadia, since they’ll need to have visited to tap into it’s energies.

   If a student wishes, he or she may opt to spend his or her personal bonus feat on either retaining more of their world-specific bonuses or on an additional advanced ritual, such as a Teleportation Gate (these last up to one minute per level and go anywhere within a dimension but not outside it, otherwise as per Gate), Improved Polymorph Any Object (+1 to Duration Factor), or some similar mighty effect.

   Developing the Faith/Kevin skill so as to mitigate the magic point expense, and thus the ability to use rituals more often, is an optional extra.


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