Atheria Campaign

   This page is the central clearinghouse for materials for our Atheria d20 campaign. Characters, rulings, background, and other information will be posted here as time permits.

   -First up, here are the Races of Atheria.

   -The basic History of Atheria handout covers the historical information that pretty much any adventurer should be aware of.

   -The Atherian Glossaryincludes the rules for using the Blood of the Dragon to reduce spell levels as well as some common terms used on Atheria and in the History handout.

   -The Character Design Sheet covers which of the Eclipse: The Codex Persona options are available to characters for this campaign.

   -The Ritual of Namingis a vital part of every culture of Atheria, since – without it – a child will grow up to be a terrible demonic monster.

   –Thrall, a Lesser Lord of Darkness, also hails from the Atheria Campaign, as does Julius Gaius Maximus, a healer-priest and trade representative.

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