Eclipsing Domino, and Meditations on Superheroic Equipment

Domino was a generic “action girl with guns” with a afterthought mutant power of “things always going her way”. Of course, rather than having – say – a wonderfully happy and successful life, lots of great sex, friends, family, wealth, and independence, she wound up as a mercenary spy without ANY of that stuff. Instead she got to be shot at and was kidnapped and locked up while a mimic took over her life – duplicating her and her abilities so well that a professionally paranoid telepath that she’d had a relationship with for years never noticed. Said mimic – still apparently using her powers – later got killed by Sabertooth, and had no more success in life than the original Domino up until then. Evidently her power is only effective in the short term and doesn’t really work that well at that.

Fortunately, Domino has some common sense, a certain amount of genre awareness, knows basic tactics, and can see blatant flaws in plans. In a superhero setting, where the usual “plan” is to show up in response to an attack, have the leader demand that the villains stop with the rest of the heroes clustered behind him or her to bolster his or her authority and provide an establishing shot for any new readers who don’t know who all the characters are, and then for the heroes to pair off with the villains and fight, that makes her a very good leader indeed. (Advanced superhero tactics can generally be summed up as “trying to have the hero who’s resistant to something fight the villain who uses whatever it is”.

Anyway, the writeup over HERE gives her high attributes in everything, possibly due to the need to spend the points SOMEWHERE. Domino, however, was lucky, skilled, and had somewhat boosted agility, but (at least according to her Marvel Wiki entries and what appearances I recall) simply wasn’t a high-attributes sort of person outside of her dexterity. She just had bonuses.


Third Level Mutant Gun Bunny

Four Color Package (24 CP):

  • This includes Superheroic Physics, Superheroic Durability, Superheroic Build, Rapid Recovery, Minor Conventions (Ready for Inspection, Comics Code, It’s Sufficient, Heroic Will, Heroic Rally, Coincidental Catch, Heroic Health, and a Minor Benefit (see below).

Pathfinder Package Deal (Free).

Pathfinder Human (Free)

Basic Abilities: Str 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Con 16, Dex 14 (+2 Human +6 Enh = 22), Cha 10. (25 Point Pathfinder Buy).

Mutant Power:

  • Mana-Powered Inherent Spells:
    • Dance Of The Mongoose (Level Three Enhance Attribute from The Practical Enchanter / +6 Dex for one minute per caster level, 6 CP).
    • Personal-Only Greater Heroism (The Practical Enchanter): +4 Morale Bonus to Attacks, Saves, Checks, and Weapon Damage, Immunity to Fear Effects, and +(Level) temporary hit points for ten minutes per level (6 CP).
    • The Advantage Is Mine (L5): The user’s player may roll twice, keeping the best result, on three die rolls of choice made within the next minute of game time (6 CP).
  • Reflex Training: May activate one of her three personal-effect inherent spells / “mutant powers” each round as needed (6 CP).


  • Skill Boosters: Upgrade Human Fast Learner to +2 SP/Level (3 CP), Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills for Double Effect, Corrupted/only to keep one set of Adept Skills Maxed Out (4 CP), Adept (Acrobatics, Deception, Expertise (Spy/Mercenary), Perception, 6 CP), Adept (Stealth, Investigation, two Martial Arts, 6 CP).
  • Available Skill Points: 24 (Double Fast Learner) +12 (Int) +6 Purchased, 6 CP) = 42.
  • Purchased Skills (all +4 Morale):
    • Acrobatics 6* (+6 Dex = +16)
    • Athletics 3 (+1 Str = +8)
    • Deception 6* (+0 Cha = +10)
    • Expertise (Spy/Mercenary) 6* (+2 Int = +12)
    • Insight 3 (+1 Wis = +8)
    • Intimidation 3 (+1 Cha = +8)
    • Investigation 6* (+2 Int = +12)
    • Perception 6* (+1 Wis = +11)
    • Sleight of Hand 2 (+6 Dex = +12)
    • Speak Language 2 (Speaks five languages).
    • Stealth 6* (+6 Dex = +16)
    • Tactical Firestorm (Pistol Martial Art) 6* (+6 Dex = +16)
    • Technology 2 (+2 Int – +8)
    • Tigers Claw Style (Knife Martial Art) 6* (+6 Dex = +16)
    • Vehicles 2 (+6 Dex = +12)
      • Tiger Claw Maneuvers: +4 Defenses, Mind Like Moon, Unarmed Kata.
      • Tactical Firestorm Maneuvers: +4 Defenses, Improved Critical, Attack +1
  • +3 Specialty: Feinting with Acrobatics (1 SP).


  • BAB: +2, Corrupted/does not contribute to iterative attacks (8 CP).
  • Hit Dice: 12 (L1 2d12, 8 CP) +5 (L2d6, 2 CP) +6 (Con Mod x 2) +2 (Heroism) = 25 HP (Mutants & Masterminds Toughness +6. With X-Man Outfit Toughness +9).
  • Saving Throws:
    • Fortitude +0 (0 CP) +3 (Con) +4 (Mor) = +7
    • Reflex +0 (0 CP) +6 (Dex) +4 (Mor) = +10
    • Will +0 (0 CP) +1 (Wis) +4 (Mor) = +5
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP).
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +6 (Dex) +3 (Armor) +4 (M. Art) = 23
  • Attack: +12 (+2 BAB +6 Dex +4 Morale). Additional +1 with guns from her Martial Arts.
    • Knife 1d4+6 Dex) +4 (Morale) Damage, Crit 19-20/x2, Range Increment 10′ (Mutants & Masterminds Damage +6),
    • Unarmed: 1d4+6 Dex) +4 (Morale) Damage, Crit 20/x2, (Mutants & Masterminds Damage +6),
    • Sniper Rifle (d20 Modern, 175 GP): 2d12+4 (Morale), Crit 20/x2, 120′ Range Increment, Single Shot, 11 Round Box Magazine (Mutants & Masterminds Damage +8)
    • Desert Eagle W’ Laser Sight (extra +1 in first range increment) 2d8+4 (Morale), Crit 20/x2, 40′ Range Increment, Single Shot, 8 Round Box Magazine (Mutants & Masterminds Damage +6)
    • Laser Rifle (d20 future, with Heavy Stun option, DC 18 Fort Save or stunned for 1d4 rounds): Damage 3d8+4 (Morale) (Fire), Crit 20/x2, 80′ Range Increment, Single-Shot and Autofire, 50 Round Box Power Pack.
    • Grenades/Missile Launcher: (d20 Modern/Future), 10’/150′ Range Increment, No Critical, damage as per grenade/warhead +4 (I’m giving her ten each Shrapnel (5d6, 20′ R, M&M +8), Sonic Pulse (3d6 Nonlethal Sonic plus special, 15′ R, M&M Affliction 7), Concussion (4d6 Nonlethal, 15′ R, M&M Affliction 7), EMP (Special, 20′ R), Fireflush (3d6 Fire, 10′ R, ignites flammable items, M&M +5 plus ignition), and Tear Gas (Special).

Due to some immunities and her Unarmed Kata, Domino basically has the same modifiers on almost all her attacks.

Minor Abilities:

  • Precision Strike: May use (Dex Mod) in place of (Str Mod) in Melee Combat (6 CP).
  • Improved Initiative (+10 Total, 6 CP).
  • Additional Form Of Natural Magic / Gun Fu (6 CP).
  • Opportunist: Once per round Domino can use Acrobatics for a Bull Rush, Disarm, Feint, Reposition, Steal, or Trip attempt as a move action (6 CP).
  • Immunity to the distinctions between various Small Arms (Very Common, Minor, Major, Specialized and Corrupted / only using the same Martial Arts for all of them, 4 CP).
    • Why is this cheap? Because small arms are really all reasonably similar point-and-shoot devices, while weapons such as clawed gloves, three-sectional staves, rapiers, and spears are all used in wildly different ways. Secondarily, of course, it doesn’t matter a lot; most characters pick out one or two weapons that suit them and stick with them anyway.
  • Privilege: Gets the X-Man equipment package for free (3 CP).

Standard “X-Man” package (13,000 GP):

  • Kevlar Reinforced Costume (“Leather Armor”, but 40 GP and only 5 pounds), Masterwork (+150 GP), +1 (+1000 GP), Amulet of Tears (2300 GP. This can provide up to +36 HP per day. Armor Crystal: a Lesser Iron Ward Diamond (2000 GP). This isn’t a big deal, but every little bit helps.
  • Advanced First Aid Kit / Healing Belt (750 GP).
  • “Pocket Secretary”/Hero Team Comlink: Satellite Smartphone with HUD and hands-free links (250 GP), Smartsearch (As per a Tome of Worldly Memory, 1500 GP), Intelligent (500 GP), Int, Wis, Chr all 10 (0 GP), 30′ senses, uses Message at will (1000 GP). Note that, since smartphones can talk anyway, there is no need to buy speech for it.
  • Reactive Contact Lenses / Raptors Mask (3500 GP).+5 to Spot (Perception), Immunity to being Blinded or Dazzled.
  • Utility Pouch: Keys, LED minilight, multitool, chalk, nylon ties, etc. All the little junk that pops up once in a blue moon (10 GP).


Point Costs:

  • Four Color Package: 24 CP
  • Mutant Powers: 24 CP
  • Skill Boosters: 19 CP
  • Purchased Skills: 6 CP
  • BAB: 8 CP
  • Hit Dice: 10 CP
  • Saving Throws: 0 CP
  • Proficiencies: 8 CP
  • Minor Abilities: 31 CP

Total Cost: 130 CP

Available Character Points: 96 (level three base) +10 (Disadvantages: History, Reputation / Mercenary, and Accursed/Existential Uncertainty; Domino’s background is a function of Cables time-traveling, and is more than a bit unstable. She often encounters old enemies, obligations, and allies that she has a history with but has never heard of before) +6 (Duties) +18 (Human, L1, and L3 Feats) = 130 CP.

Remaining Details:

  • Minor Four-Color Ability: Handy Haversack. Domino can carry around unreasonably large quantities of equipment without it messing up the lines of her costume or making her any more complicated to draw and is virtually never effectively searched – not that it would help when she has Gun Fu.

Equipment: as a third level character Domino gets entitled to 3000 GP worth of gear.

  • Barrett Light Fifty Sniper Rifle (d20 Modern, 175 GP).
  • Desert Eagle (d20 Modern, Holster, Laser Sight, 80 GP).
  • Laser Rifle (d20 future, with Heavy Stun option, DC 18 Fort Save or stunned for 1d4 rounds, 450 GP).
  • Grenades/Mini-Rocket Warheads (ten each): Shrapnel, Sonic Pulse, Concussion, EMP, Fireflush, and Tear Gas (600 GP).
    • As Domino is a mercenary who purchases from actual military sources rather than on the civilian or black market, I’m using some actual costs from THIS page (among others) – which tells us that grenades usually cost 2-10 GP ($40 to $200) each – not the absurd prices in the d20 rules. I’m going with 10 GP
  • Mini-Rocket Launcher (d20 Future, 250 GP).
    • Domino is an experienced mercenary in a superhero universe where characters routinely strap guns all over themselves. Ergo, I’m simply going to presume that she carries several more or less standard kits. The actual contents of such kits pretty much never really matter in a superhero universe, but since I have the lists handy anyway, I’m just going to update them a bit and throw them in here. Why not? If you want to use them in a non-superhero universe knowing what tools and equipment you have along can be fairly important.
  • Climbing Kit (80 GP): Includes anchors, approach shoes, binoculars, assorted carabiners, belay carabiner, belay device, cams, chalk and chalk bag, climbing harness, helmet, pack, gloves, and shoes, GPS, hammock-tent, hexes, ice axe, knife, a nut tool, quickdraws, rope (several varieties), runners, slings, stoppers, tape, and tricams.
  • Demolitions Kit, including 550′ 20 Gauge Wire, Wire Winder Reel, LSBS Combo Initiator, Multimeter, Cap Crimper, Cord/Fuse Cutter, Multi-Wire Stripper, Leatherman Supertool, Tape Measure 16′. Stop Watch. Cap Box, Electrical Tape, Folding Shovel, Continuity Tester, and shaped-charge molds (60 GP) with twelve blocks of C4 (30 GP), two rolls of Det Cord (8 GP), and 10 Radio-Controlled Detonators (60 GP). (Total cost of 160 GP with storage bags).
  • Espionage Kit: Includes tracer needles and launcher, bugs, wiretaps, contact microphones, tempest monitor, cellular interceptor, telephone scrambler, mini-camera, parabolic microphone, bug detector, multifrequency jammer, tap detector, white noise generator, tracing powder and detector, voice mask, RF tracer, and laser microphone (400 GP).
  • Escape Kit: This includes several hidden devices built into the users costume as well as some more obvious items in a packet. A body search will reveal the packet, but the concealed items are likely to pass casual scrutiny. Includes several tiny knives, lock picks, a metal-cutting wire saw, explosive and corrosive pellets, a high-voltage electronic scrambler (disguised as a small pen), a small tube of thermite paste and igniter, and a small file (150 GP).
  • Search-And-Rescue Kit (advanced): Includes GPS, headlamp, ration pack, compass (cover doubles as a signal mirror), waterproof matches, three fireproof “space” blankets (also usable as tarps or stretcher beds), thermal packs, adjustable tactical flashlight, nylon rope, smoke grenades (for signaling), flaregun and flares, distress beacon, survival knife, rescue harness, two collapsible poles, water, thermal bag, foam pad, lighter, magnesium firestarters, water, glow sticks, marker, measuring tape, toilet kit, sunscreen and sunglasses, storage baggies, extra batteries, dental kit, camp stove and fuel, collapsible mess kit and pot, freeze-dried stew packs, trail mix, hatchet, whistle, surgical gloves, zip ties, pencils, waterproof paper, duct tape (brightly colored) (100 GP).
  • Survival Pack: Nutrient tablets, two “space blankets” (also usable as tarps or sleeping bags), distress beacon, signal mirror, wire saw, pen-type flare launcher (and six flares), full condenser/heater flask, water purification, stimulant, and salt tablets, fuel blocks, fishhooks and line, lighter, compass (cover acts as a magnifying lens), penlight, cord (500 Lb test), 12 pencil-sized steel pegs, gloves, sunglasses, sewing packet, survival manual (very small print), three filter straws, small telescoper, a memory-metal bar (usable as a hammer, axe, small shovel, knife, saw, .22 rifle barrel and stock), 50 cartridges, and the .22 firing mechanism. The lid functions as a small, collapsible, cooking pot (100 GP).
  • Thieves Kit: Includes some good lockpicks, EM alarm detectors, static jammer, fiber-optic beam diverters (for those classic laser grids), a stethoscope (for classic safecracking), a mini diamond drill, climbing gear, miniature tools, jumper lines, a small prybar, some plastique and a detonator (for when the classic safecracking fails), a powerful magnet, a penlight, a glass cutter, superglue, gloves (monogram optional), IR/UV goggles, and twelve knockout drug darts (400 GP).
  • Minor Items: Business Outfit (10 GP), Casual Outfit (3 GP), Gas Mask (10 GP), Fire Extinguisher (4 GP), Notebook Computer (50 GP)., Smartphone with GPS app (5 GP), and Steel Handcuffs (six sets, 16 GP).

That leaves her about 50 GP/a thousand dollars. I’ll mark it off as being invested in Ammo. With all those guns she must go through quite a lot of the stuff.

While Domino is technically a mutant, you could use pretty much the same build to represent any really top-end near-human soldier type – whether they’re getting their edge from drugs, super-intensive training, computer-controlled acupuncture, minor implants, or magic. She hasn’t got the raw power needed to handle cosmic – or even global – menaces, but she can pretty readily handle a swarm of thugs or a standard throw-away villain with a few minor powers.

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