Amit-Mursiel, The Voice of Winds, Guardian of Ma’at

For today our sample intelligent item followers are going to include a grossly overpowered device – an Adamantine Ring of Spell-Battle who also happens to be a highly optimized 17’th level Cohort, Since an Intelligent Item doesn’t have to pay for things like weapon proficiencies, base saving throws, and all the other stuff a normal character needs, and is an Eclipse build to boot, this is going to be about as effective as a heavily optimized low epic level Psion, Wizard, or similar – at least barring any of the really silly shenanigans and infinite loops.

Amit-Mursiel, the Voice of Winds, who bears the words of Heka-Akhu and the Seal of Isis, is a Pillar of Ma’at – a guardian of the balance of the world. Across the ages the seven Guardians have appeared again and again, always accompanying the greatest of heroes, those who will soon step forth onto the cosmic stage to stand against the powers of Apohis the Unmaker and his dark hordes. Hers is the art of the word which binds and upholds the order of the world, the power of names and divine command. As the Guardian of the Sigil, Amit-Mursiel comes always in the form of a Ring – usually a Ring of Spell-Battle. She is an ancient priestess-sage, who whispers wisdom.

The Basic Item:

Ring Of Spell Battle (MIC, 12,000 GP, CL14, Adamant +250 GP)

  • Detects all spellcasting within 60, allowing a DC (15 + Spell Level) Spellcraft Check to identify the spell being cast. Once per day it can activate to counterspell with a Dispel Magic (CL 14) or simply change the target of a spell to any valid target within 60′.

As an Intelligent Item:

  • Intelligent: Int 19 (+4 Level, 23) (+4 Magic, 27), Wis 19 (23), Cha 10 (12), 120′ Darkvision, Blindsense, and Hearing, Speech (Common and eight more languages) and Telepathy with the wielder (15,000 GP).
  • Lesser Power: Detect Magic at Will (3600 GP)
  • Lesser Power: +10 Ranks in Spellcraft (5000 GP)
  • Lesser Power: Invisibility 3/Day (6500 GP)
  • Greater Power: Lesser Globe of Invulnerability 1/Day (10,000 GP)
  • Greater Power: Has a continuous Detect Scrying effect (10,000 GP).
  • Neutral Good, Ego 18.

Intelligence Cost: 57,300 GP. All powers are used at an effective caster level of fourteen.

As a Level Seventeen Cohort:

Available Character Points: 432 (L17 Base) +36 (Bonus Feats) +34 (Duties; Supporting the Balance of Ma’at) = 502 CP.

  • Hardness 30 (20 Adamantine +10 Enhancement Bonus), Hit Points 250 (20 (Adamantine) +44 (17d4 for Level) +50 (+5 Enhancement Bonus) +136 (Int Mod x 17)). Construct Immunities.
  • Finesse: Bases Magical Attacks on Int instead of Str or Dex (6 CP).
  • +8 BAB, Specialized and Corrupted/only for targeting psychic rays and touch attacks (16 CP). (BAB for Rays, +16 with Int and Finesse, +20 with +4 Competence, +21 with +1 Morale).
  • Luck with +8 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/Only for Attacks, only with Rays (6 CP).

Equipment” (100,000 GP, effectively 50,000 due to being taken as Siddhisyoga enchantments): Healing Belt x 2 (MIC, 1500 GP), +4 Int (L2 x L6 x .7 Personal-Only = 8400 GP), +4 Wis (8400 GP), Artificer’s Monocle (1500 GP), Ring of the Forcewall x2 (MIC, 10,200 GP), Orb of Mental Renewal (MIC, 3100 GP), Sphere of Awakening (MIC, 1800 GP), Belt of Battle (MIC, 12,000 GP), Bracers of the Arcane Tendril (SL 1 x CL 1 x 2000 GP (Unlimited-Use Use-Activated) = 2000 GP. The user may touch things at Close (25 foot) range. If used to manipulate things, it’s Strength equals the user’s (Int -8) and it’s Dexterity equals the (User’s Wisdom -8) and fine manipulation is impossible in any case), and Phylactery of Faithfulness (1000 GP). (In theory this comes to 49,900 GP, leaving 100 GP – but that can wait for a later level).

  • Occult Sense/Detect Ma’at: This ability detects disturbances in “the balance” – a criminal going unpunished disturbs the balance. A child’s inheritance being stolen disturbs the balance. Opening a rift into another dimension disturbs the balance. Many other things disturb the balance – and how far away then can be sensed depends on just how great the disturbance is. Specialized and Corrupted: what constitutes “a disturbance of Ma’at” is determined at the discretion of the GM, as are any details that he or she provides (2 CP).

Survival Abilities (39 CP):

  • Reflex Training/3 Extra Action per Day variant with +4 Bonus Uses (12 CP).
  • Luck with +8 Bonus Uses, Specialized / only for Saving Throws (9 CP) (Saves are +1 Morale, but that gives Will +5 with Fort and Ref being irrelevant).
  • Finesse: Bases HP on (Int Mod) (6 CP).
  • Grant of Aid, Specialized for Double Effect/Repairs HP damage only (Six times per day for 2d8+10, not an action, 6 CP).
  • Returning (6 CP): Unless melted down in a magically-important forge to sever her links with the prime material plane, Amit-Mursiel will always be back eventually.

Heka Magic (Psionic Manifestor Progressions, 326 CP):

  • 20 levels of Int-Based 3.5 Psion Manifesting (240 CP, 423 Power, 36 Powers, Save DC 18 + Effect Level).
    • L1) Astral Construct, Psionic Daze, Psionic Minor Creation, Synchronicity.
    • L2) Bestow Power, Control Sound, Energy Missile, Psychoportive Shelter.
    • L3) Dispel Psionics, Energy Wall, Telekinetic Thrust, Time Hop.
    • L4) Death Urge, Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Metamorphosis, Psychic Reformation.
    • L5) Hail of Crystals, Ectoplasmic Shambler, Psionic Plane Shift, Psionic True Seeing.
    • L6) Crystallize, Psionic Disintegrate, Greater Psionic Fabricate, Null Psionics Field.
    • L7) Decerebrate, Divert Teleport, Energy Wave, Eyes of the Basilisk.
    • L8) Bend Reality, Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Psionic Mind Blank, Psionic Greater Teleport.
    • L9) Psionic Etherealness, True Creation, Reality Revision, Stygian Conflagration.
  • Additional Powers: Psionic Charm (L1), Mind Thrust (L1) (6 CP),


  • 20 levels of Wis-Based Wilder Manifesting (60 CP for the Powers, +20 CP to upgrade the Specialized Caster Levels from Psion to Corrupted (Psionics Only) (80 CP). +403 Power (826 in total), 11 Powers, Save DC 14 + Effect Level.
    • L1) Call Item, Ectoplasmic Repair
    • L2) Detect Hostile Intent
    • L3) Steal Item
    • L4) Psionic Divination, Dimension Door (Cpsi), Gemstone Breath
    • L5) Change Fate, Cranial Deluge
    • L6) Stygian Bolt
    • L7) —
    • L8) Planar Embrace (Get flight, half-celestial spell-like abilities)
    • L9) —

Advanced Heka Magic (21 CP).

  • Metamagical Theorems: Amplify, Area, Easy, and Multiple, with Fast and two levels of Streamline (-1 to the cost of each theorem), all Specialized / the user is restricted to (Int Mod + 2) specific metamagical effects, the user must apply at least +2 levels of a given metamagic to an effect for the reduction for Streamline to be effective (IE; no “free” metamagic).
    • Amplify Effects: +50% to the effect (+2 Power), Augment Astral Construct (Astral Construct gains +2 abilities of each level that it can use, +4 Power), and Double Effect (+6 Power).
    • Area Effects: Hammer (double radius, length of cone, or similar, +2 Power), Ray Burst (ray affects 30′ radius, those within 10′ get no save, +4 Power), and Boundless (manifestation affects an entire battlefield, +14 Power).
    • Easy Effects: Effect is an Immediate Action (+2 Power),
    • Multiple Effects: Combine (manifest multiple powers at once up to a limit of 8 levels worth of effects, +2 power), Chain (effect jumps from target to nearby target, each time losing 1 manifestor level, +4 Power), and Bump (effect hits primary target and one secondary target at half effect per caster level, +6 power).

Lesser Path Magic (Witchcraft, 18 CP).

  • Witchcraft III (18 CP), with the Missions and Hunted Pacts (-12 CP), The Secret Order (All 12 basic abilities, +4 Power for 830, 6 CP) and Spirit of the Sage (+6 Int for 1 Power/10 Minutes, 6 CP),

Minor Functions:

  • Cloaking (Appears as a normal ring of Spell Battle to magical and psychic detection, 6 CP).
  • Empowerment with +3d6 (10) Mana and Rite of Chi with +4 Bonus Uses, all Specialized and Corrupted / only to add to the effective number of charges / uses available for Amit-Mursiel’s “Ring” functions (Currently Spell Battle and Force Wall) (12 CP).
  • Mystic Link (Currently with Uncle) with Communications, Power, Travel, and Identity (21 CP).
  • Imbuement (Unarmed, 6 CP): taken as Psychic Weapon (+2 Bonus, provides a +5 enhancement bonus while Power is 130+) and Defending (+1), with Blessing (Specialized for Reduced Cost and Corrupted for Increased Effect / only to share the bonus from Defending (normally +5) with the wearer (3 CP). Also provides +10 Hardness and +50 HP.
  • Extended, Mighty, Hysteria (Psionics), Specialized in boosting the Power or Caster Level of Manifested Psionic Abilities and Witchcraft Powers. As a free action the user may spend 4 Power to add +6 to the Manifestor Level, Check, or Save DC of an ability or 8 power to double the effect of an ability. At double the cost the effect will apply to all powers manifested for a full minute (9 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment (6000 GP Value, 7 CP):
    • Ray Mastery (+4 BAB with Rays); Weapon (Ray) Mastery SL1 x CL1 x 2000 GP Unlimited Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 1400 GP).
    • Touch Mastery (+4 BAB with Touch Attacks); Weapon (Touch) Mastery SL1 x CL1 x 2000 GP Unlimited Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 1400 GP).
    • Inspiring Word (+1 Morale on Saves, Attacks, Checks, and Weapon Damage. SL1 x CL1 x 2000 GP Unlimited Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 1400 GP).
    • Enhance Charisma +2 (SL1 x CL1 x 2000 GP Unlimited Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 1400 GP).


  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills for Double Effect (6 CP).
  • Immunity/Not getting skill points for Int boosts retroactively (Uncommon, Minor, Great, 6 CP). (This is a common house rule, and the default in Pathfinder and some other editions. But I’ll pay for it explicitly here).
  • Adept (Concentration, Knowledge/Arcana, Knowledge/History, Knowledge/Religion, Listen, Spellcraft, Spot, and Use Magic Device, 12 CP)
  • Available Skill Points: 160 (Int Mod x 20) + 34 (Fast Learner) +16 (Purchased, 16 CP) = 210 SP.
  • All Eight Adept Skills: +20 (Effectively 80 SP with Adept).
    • Concentration +20 (SP) +0 (Con) +1 (Morale) = +21
    • Knowledge/Arcana +20 (SP) +8 (Int) +1 (Morale) = +29
    • Knowledge/History +20 (SP) +8 (Int) +1 (Morale) = +29
    • Knowledge/Religion +20 (SP) +8 (Int) +1 (Morale) = +29
    • Listen +20 (SP) +6 (Wis) +1 (Morale) = +27
    • Spellcraft +20 (SP) +8 (Int) +10 (“Racial”) +1 (Morale) +2 (Synergy) = +41
    • Spot +20 (SP) +6 (Wis) +1 (Morale) = +27
    • Use Magic Device +20 (SP) +1 (Cha) +1 (Morale) = +22
  • All Seven remaining Knowledges: +10 (70 SP). +8 (Int) +1 (Morale) = +19
  • Search +20 (SP) +6 (Wis) +1 (Morale) = +27
  • Diplomacy +20 (SP) +1 (Cha) +1 (Morale) = +22
  • Perform/Religious Ritual +20 (SP) +1 (Cha) +1 (Morale) = +22

Since we’re presuming psionics/magic transparency, Knowledge/Psionics, Psicraft, and Use Psionic Device are covered by Knowledge/Arcana, Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device.

Overall, Amit-Mursiel really doesn’t NEED a party for much of anything. Even if it can’t find someone or something to carry it around, it can simply create a construct for that – and it’s certainly got enough powers to handle almost any situation.

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