The Distant Voyager

The Distant Voyager, Layout and Notes

The Distant Voyager, Layout and Notes

   For today, it’s another item from the World Tree game – the Distant Voyager, the character’s primary base, mode of transport, and home for more than two decades of game time.

   The Distant Voyager is a relatively small, if fairly fast, airship, originally commissioned in Ketheria as an exploration craft for an adventurer-naturalist, his companions, and a modest crew. As such, it’s basically a personal yacht, with six sizable personal staterooms/apartments, four smaller ones to accommodate guests, and bunks for 20 crewmen – more if they sleep in shifts, although there probably won’t be much for that many people to do; most of the time it shouldn’t take more than six to handle the ship.

   It doesn’t have enough storage space for really extended trips – at least not unless the passengers are willing to stop and resupply regularly or use a lot of magic – or much cargo capacity of any kind. It does have an elaborate galley capable of preparing excellent meals, a magically-cooled wine “cellar”, a warded chamber for performing spellweaving and other rituals, equipment for enchanting, forging, and other hobbies, a selection of cleaning charms, and a sizable naturalists workshop – filled with cabinets, small cages, and equipment for preserving specimens.

   The Distant Voyager fulfilled it’s mission for many years, and was eventually handed on to one of the owners descendants – who found a slightly more practical mission, using the ship as a traveling mansion, spice-gathering base, and perfume distillery while poking around in some of the lower branches.

   Unfortunately, while cruisingaround in the Verticals in pursuit of such products, the ship had the misfortune to pass too near a hidden Cyarr outpost. The Cyarr – throughly paranoid about scouts, ships, and potential attackers – didn’t wait to see if they’d been spotted. They launched an immediate attack, bridging the miles to the ship with Locador magic.

   Despite their surprise, the primes aboard were well-experienced in the wilderness and put up an impressive struggle against a considerably greater number of Cyarr. When the ship crashed, a dozen miles further on and another twenty miles down, the impact, and the creatures of the verticals, took out the last few survivors.

   Eighteen years later, a small group of adventurers stumbled across the Distant Voyager, cleared out the creatures lairing in it, effected enough repairs to get it back into the air – and nursed it to the city of Shivolin for more extensive repairs. It served as their home base for some time, and was – with a variety of augmentations – eventually taken to visit the sun, the silver moon, and on their quest to visit all the gods.

   They got to be very very good at repairing and enhancing it.

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