The Wehrmacht

   This group consists of the ghosts of six notable WWII-Era German superhumans – whether heroes or villains partially depends on who you ask. One – Deathurge, their summoner and de facto leader – has been known as a super -villain for decades. Regardless of their nature in life, the remaining five freshly-summoned spirits in the group are probably stuck working for Deathurge: the summoning almost certainly included some controlling effects. While most WWII era superhumans were of relatively modest power by modern standards, even relatively powerless spirits are tough to deal with; being dead already is an excellent defense against a wide variety of attacks.

   Deathurge, a.k.a. Theodor Eiche, once the necromancer-commandant of Dachau, a notable Nazi, and one of WWII’s major war criminals. Killed by the White Necromancer I, Fist-of-God I, Matsumoto, and the Indestructible Man while attempting to enact a necromantic ritual which would have laid waste to much of Western Europe. Later returned as a possessing spirit to wreak vengeance on the world in general. For a time he worked with DAGGER, apparently finding their attitudes congenial, but he’s apparently recently begun working for Tyrannon the Conquerer, who may finally help him fulfill his dreams of vengeance on all humanity.

   Das Impetus or Das Inertia, a.k.a Eugen Nacht. A mid-level telekinetic, albeit one with excellent fine control and the ability to work “blind”, Eugen served his country through most of WWII with the same brisk efficiency with which he’d acted as a minor superhero before the war. He was killed in the Battle of the Bulge by Blade and the Indestructible Man.

   Panzer, a.k.a. Hans Schaefer. An old-school German military man, Hans was honorable, chivalrous and loyal to Germany, not to the Nazi Party. Assigned to the eastern front, he developed the ability to absorb vehicles (including, towards the end, an entire Tiger Tank), and add their abilities to his own. He was eventually lost in action somewhere in the Ukraine, and was presumed dead. His recent reappearance as a ghost tends to confirm that.

   Fenris (real name unknown, unconfirmed reference as Shulte). One of the (many) claimants to the power of the true Fenris Wolf, Fenris was a minor juggernaut, weaponsmaster, and darkness-manipulator, capable of creating wolf-styled armor of “solidified darkness”, shrouding areas, short-range teleportation, and either storing or creating an immense range of weapons. A feral killing machine, Fenris was sent to England on an undercover assassination mission with a lengthy list of targets, but was defeated and eliminated by Arnold Mycroft, a.k.a Mycroft the Magician, an invocation master.

   Hugin, a.k.a Lorenz Kuefer. A mid-range telepath and clairvoyant, Lorenz served in the intelligence services with some distinction throughout WWI and WWII. Lorenz carefully maintained his distance from political factions and was, notably, never accused of any form of misbehavior before, during, or after the war. He died quietly in 1973, aged 76 and surrounded by grandchildren. His personal papers from later years indicated that he quietly opposed the excesses and atrocities of WWII through careful telepathic manipulation of personnel assignments, patrol routes, and responsibilities, but there is little confirming evidence: this may have simply been an attempt at self-justification for the benefit of his family.

   Das Ubermensch, a.k.a Albreacht Himmel. One of the first Nazi-party superbeings (although there are reports that this was a political convenience rather than real loyalty, as well as reports of him being necromantically enhanced), Albreacht was highly favored by Hitler and his henchmen and possessed the abilities of flight, superhuman strength and durability, and (possibly) some form of electromagnetic control. He was reportedly killed during the Battle of Britain, in Normandy during D-Day, and during the defense of Berlin. There are also reports that he successfully escaped Germany after the end of the war.

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