Shadowrun Ninja Crosslinks

   First up for today, it’s some links to the material that’s been being put up for Zheung Bao Shun, one of the current Shadowrun characters. As always, coming up with interesting material is worth bonus karma – and it doesn’t much matter whether it’s pictures to suit the characters (drawn personally or dredged off the Internet, printed out, and brought to the game), campaign logs, proposals for new equipment, or what-have-you.

   Here we have a speculative breakdown on the relationships between the basic magical skills. Now, while the assumptions I’ve built into the magic system about the way things work are somewhat different (and can be found HERE), experimentation and enquiry along these lines might prove quite productive anyway. Results you didn’t expect are often more revealing than those you did.

   Here’s a bit of speculation about the possibilities of using Metamagical Gates for long-range travel. Personally I’d encourage experimentation! What’s a little risk of destroying the world between friends?

   “The Ninja” is a secretive organization for Shadowrun. Personally, I’d suspect that the group never admits that there is more than one Ninja, simply implying that there is only one who is capable of virtually anything. See what you can do when you decide to share a name rather than fighting over it?

   The original Modified Armor Rules post that led to the Armor Rules we’re currently using.

   Here we have some of Zheung Bao Shuns Contacts and the original Character Setup for comparison with the version I created to make sure there was a complete version before the game. I expect the final version will incorporate some elements of both.

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