Welcome to Champions

Character Creation Basics: 

     ● Characters are built using Champions Role Playing Game, Fourth Edition, and a base of 125 points. They may have up to 200 points worth of disadvantages, no more than 50 of which may come from any one category. A few abilities – notably Clairsentience, Healing/Aid, Summoning, Extra-dimensional Movement, FTL and Transform – must be discussed with the GM before they may be taken.

     ● Power Pools are available, but must be strongly themed and conform to the limits noted in the Power and Super-Power section. Generic power pools tend to make everyone look alike.

     ● Character’s should be tolerably well-balanced and should have at least some non-combat skills. As a rule, offensive powers should range from 50 to 70 points, defenses from 20-35, speed from 4- 6, and OCV/DCV from 7-11. While there is room for variation here, all powers must conform to the material in the Power and Super-Power section.

     ● Characters must pay points for major equipment. Minor items, such as “pocket secretaries” (cell phones/PDA’s/pocket recorders/notepads), rope, flashlights, basic kits (first aid, tool, etc) for skills you have, pocket knives, watches, compasses, snacks, pocket signal flares, handcuffs, low-powered binoculars, winter clothing, matches, and junk you can easily pick up in wal-mart or a convenience store doesn’t cost points. It also doesn’t usually have any notable game effect.

     ● Characters are superheroes; they are expected to be the good guys, and to protect people. They are also expected to operate as a group. Taking disadvantages such as “casual killer” or “loner” is generally not appropriate. They are important, but are not the most powerful heroes around

     ● All characters must fit into the world and it’s background; there’s plenty of flexibility, and a lot of different ongoing plot lines, but character elements which don’t fit in will be adjusted to do so. Character’s will not necessarily win, and can be killed.

    Character creation files with campaign package options are available for Metacreator, will be made available in text formats if necessary, and may be made available as Hero Creator files later on.

    Just in case anyone is hunting for a Champions game, we’re currently playing in Knoxville Tennessee at the University of Tennessee library, nominally from 7:00 to Midnight (more realistically from 7:30 or so), on Wednesday Nights. We can usually be found on the first floor: if you need more detailed information than that, just leave a comment.

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