Raven’s Friends

   Given Raven’s tendency to wander across the universe, he’s collected quite a few old friends and enemies along the way. Here are the most important ones.


First and Second Campaigns:

   Player Characters; Gwyntelyn, Ed Gruberman, Anthony (Tony) Gabriella, Gabriel, Tembria The Unpronouncable, Tickle Of The Unlimited Aliases and Sam The Navigator.

   Major Allies; Aurcalon Llawendraig and Tirkan (QV Ed)

   Major Enemies; Mengalith Ar Konn, and Kalimakorth The Unmaker (An evil wizard and a mad god. Both deceased).

   Anthony (Tony) Gabriella: Servant of a very weird and minor deity, Tony was possibly the only bookmaker- mafia-paladin ever. Possessed of some weird ability to warp probabilities, a business suit that acted like armor, a fistful of racing forms, and some weaponry that sounded very impressive (A few D6 and no strength bonus, good versus normals, but not much against monsters), Tony tended to gallop up to the opposition, and offer to take bets. He was always looking for more money. Apparently his ammunition and mandatory “donations” to his “church” were quite expensive. His personal motto; “Tell Me The Odds – And I’ll Beat `Em!”

   Aurcalon: A Philosopher-Druid, and something of a sage. He also apparently did not age, seemed to be far tougher then anyone else we ever met, and popped up at whim to give obscure advice and ask leading questions. He usually had money, and seemed to be quite indulgent (and fond) of Raven. We never found out why – although it eventually began to seem possible that the GM meant the name (Aurcalon; “Golden-Heart”. Llawendraig; “The Merry Dragon”) seriously.

   What that might have meant about Raven was a matter for speculation. He did somehow survive several things that he’d absolutely no right to. Todd (Our GM) never did really explain. Given his penchant for secret and peculiar backgrounds, Raven might not even be an Elf.

   -Phil (4’th Campaign) established that Aurcalon was yet another Alias for Paladine. That’s rather weird, considering that Aurcalon taught him druidical magic – untied to any divinity at that – but the gods of Krynn are notable for being weird.

   Ed Gruberman: An incredibly massive warrior, with great superhuman strength and resistance to injury. Ed was eight feet tall, wide in porportion – and wore armor of incredible thickness. We eventually found out that Ed wasn’t really human at all. He was the result of a necromancers attempt at raising the dead. His father, Tirkan, was a powerful black mage. Ed was idealistic and inclined towards the arts of war. Despite their arguments, Tirkan was unwilling to simply let his youngest child die when he found him after a skirmish. Unable to heal his shattered body, he transferred Ed’s spirit into one of his flesh golem bodyguards. That explained a lot of things about Ed – such as his metallic bones, immunity to poisons, and not needing to breathe. Ed’s ongoing relationship with Tirkan was rather complex. Ed was surprisingly gentle for a warrior – and Raven became very fond of him, not least because Ed was always willing to carry him when he got tired and let him sling a hammock under his pack.

   Gabriel: Warrior, exorcist, and minor mage, Gabriel commanded relatively little “fast” magic (spells), but was a formidable ceremonialist, demonologist, and circle master. He might not be able to do something directly, but he could usually summon something that could. That left the problem of dealing with whatever he called up of course. Gabriel was something of a pest about going to confront arcane menaces, but he made up for it with his ability to enchant minor magical devices. Items such as his “Boots of Dryness” (Which always kept your feet warm and dry) and “Self-Cleaning Clothing” may not be the stuff of high fantasy – or epic heroism – but they made adventuring a lot more comfortable.

   Gwyntelyn: A shapeshifting dolphin-mage, specializing in air and weather magics, Gwyntelyn possessed formidable psionic talents (telepathy and telekinesis) as well. A hopeless womanizer and practical joker, Gwyntelyn levitated or flew perpetually – always remaining about three inches off the floor. Anyone who inquired about it was given one of his dozens of ridiculous explanations. Extremely specialized (Airmagic was all he could use), Gwyntelyn wielded formidable powers. He worshiped his own set of minor dolphin-gods and spent much of his sleep-periods astrally visiting the “whale dream” to play and talk with them. He traveled around in a gypsy caravan, wore an absurd feathered cloak – and had enchanted a tooth to flash brilliantly whenever he smiled. Gwyntelyn occasionally explained this peculiar group by claiming that actually Tembria just had a bit of a split personality and hated to adventure alone. and a few months back she’d cast an illusion, we’d all shown up, and she was maintaining us all subconsciously. This tended to confuse things.

   “Sam”: A mysterious drow swordswoman, “Sam” never gave anyone her real name. Despite this, she seemed to have contacts and connections everywhere. She claimed to be a member of the Guild Of Navigators and had some psychic power to travel the dimensions. Apparently she also possessed some sort of adaptive ability which let her speak the local language and (probably) gave her a bit of local knowledge (enabling her to find all those people she seemed to “know”). Sam tended to appear and disappear a lot (OK, the player couldn’t always get to the game and came up with a reason to pop in and out. So?)

   Tembria The Unpronouncable: A Svirfneblin Thief / Illusionist, Tembria had long ago replaced her missing left eye with the arcane Eye Of Shadows, a fragment of primal darkness. While this enormously augmented her power, it also showed her many things she’d rather not have known, and led her down paths she’d never have been willing to take on her own. Her flashes of vision left her depressed and brooding. At other times she tended towards maniac, and somewhat desperate, merrymaking, and indulged bizarre whimsies (Such as charming Ed’s armor so that if you peeked inside you saw turning gears and little men with oil cans running around. The helmet “contained” a piloting cockpit, and when (if) he bled it looked like machine oil. The rest of the group got in on the gag when they started installing gadgets in the armor so that they could tell people he was a brownie `mech).

   “Tickle”: A Sohei/Ninja from a distant continent, “Tickle” used dozens of names. in a conversation. If you counted from day to day, there were thousands. It seemed to be something of a neurosis. Tickle delighted in creeping up on people, but hated to hurt anyone. He liked to try to sneak up on wild animals and pet them. Apparently he’d seen too much war in his past, and had decided to leave it behind him. He would take up his weapons again against monsters and creatures of evil but preferred to heal and protect people. He was good at it.


Third Campaign:

   Player Characters; Soladon Greymist, Gorath Makann, Tarsis Folcwine, and Aspen Osgeof.

   Allies; The Elder Magi.

   Enemies; Termangoth The Balrog (Deceased), Assorted Dinosaurs, and Menthakk (Vampire Prince of New Orleans).

   Aspen Osgeof: A roguish bard of some skill, Aspen had remarkably refined social skills coupled with some odd spell which allowed him to “pick up” languages and local background knowledge. While this would have made him a near-ideal companion while dimension-hopping, he also tended to see himself as the gods gift to women and was terribly egotistical.

   Gorath Makann: Your basic huge barbarian warrior, mostly notable for a throughly tribal mindset, fervent belief in various totems – and an annoying tendency to base all of his actions on what he’d been dreaming the night before. He actually did possess some shamanic skills – although most of the others in the party felt that the actual utility of dream-questing and such was open to doubt.

   Soladon Greymist: Once a fairly ordinary paladin, Soladon thought he was going to sacrifice himself when he used his own weight to topple Termangoth (A Balrog) into the fires of the celestial forge. His death was of no importance compared to the barest chance of Termangoth’s somehow imbuing the reforming cosmic crystal with some demonic influence. They hadn’t gone to all the trouble of regathering the long-scattered eternity shards just to turn the multiverse into hell.

   Raven, his powers linked to the celestial flames of the forge, refused to let it happen.

   Soladon, ablaze with force, pulled himself back out of the celestial flames – imbued with much of what had been his enemies demonic energies. While no longer a paladin, and forced to deal with demonic urges, he was still (Once more?) alive – and was prepared to wield his new, black, magics against other darknesses.

   He’s less fun then he was. Darker, driven, and far more ruthless – but he’s still one of the good guys, and still a good friend to have.

   Tarinn Folcwine: A youthful half-elf priest/mage, Tarinn had apparently mastered the creation of magical wands early in his career – and usually carried at least half a dozen, relying on them in combat, and reserving his personal spells for special purposes. Tarinn had a far more “defensive” attitude then most adventurers do – preferring to become a part of the local community and be supported by them as he dealt with menaces, instead of trying to support himself by gathering treasures in old ruins. Tarinn apparently retired to Cynosure – to join the Elder Magi – very shortly after the “Fangs Of The Midnight Sun” episode (QV; “History”).


Fourth Campaign:

   Player Characters; Assorted Companions Of The Lance (Used as PC’s by drop-in and occasional players), Taliff Starslayer, Talos Pendragon, Duran Blackthorn, “Lotus” (“Flowering Petals Of Blood In The Shape Of The Divine Lotus Flower”), Cordelia Underroot, “Slayer” and Louie The Gypsy.

   Allies; Fizbin/Aurcalon/Paladine, Timmy (the Street Urchin), Aerium The Spelljammer, Elminster The Sage, and Ariana The Operative.

   Enemies; Takhesis, Various Minions (Some deceased), The Zanathar (Beholder thieves guildmaster), Wrath The Drow (Deceased), Soviah Darksinger (Drow priestess), and Armond the Butler (Deceased).

   Aerium: A mercenary spelljammer captain, and one of the few around who knows how to reach Krynn. He’s been keeping an eye on Raven since his first encounter with the boy; his ability to manipulate the Flow would make him an invaluable asset, or a potential catastrophe if he got upset.

   Ariana: Apparently some sort of “freelance operative” from the City Of Doors, Ariana possessed quite a lot of contacts there. On the other hand, she seemed to find it quite advantageous to have some outside associates as well. Ariana was a skillful warrior and had a collection of gadgets from a wide variety of places. She also had some really weird tastes (As was shown by her affair with Talos) and was rather hedonistic.

   Assorted “Companions Of The Lance”; Flint, Caramon, Raistlin, Tasslehoff, Sturm, Riverwind, Goldmoon – and Tanis. Later joined by Prince Gilthanis, the Princess Laurana, and Fizban/Palladine. Raistlin became very, very, fond of Raven (Partially for practical reasons – Raven kept bringing him new spells and mystic items, and found a way to cure his cough and health problems), he got along well with Tasslehoff, and Laurana and Goldmoon tended to mother him. On the other hand, Sturm seemed to think that thieving street urchins were ignoble – and was only charitable about feeding him out of some sort of a sense of duty. Tanis kept trying to drop him off someplace safe on the theory that kids had no business getting involved in great quests – but had a hard time finding anywhere safe in the middle of the DragonWars. Gilthanis apparently decided that he was a page – or a servant – or something – and paid no attention to him. He had more important things to worry about. Some of these were being used as PC’s, some were not.

   Cordelia Underroot (Corker): Corker was a dwarvish warrior-cleric with spikes, an endless supply of beer, and an attitude. She was incredibly tough, extremely dangerous with her warhammer – and had some sort of direct link with “Moradin Soulforger” which allowed her to work on Krynn. There was some evidence that she possessed “wild” psionic powers that boosted her Str and combative abilities – and she definitely possessed a set of spells which allowed her to conjure up supplies (in case her usual pack train gave out). In Corker’s view, almost any situation could be resolved if you just hit it hard enough. She almost adopted Raven.

   Duran Blackthorn: This elvish psionicist tended to concentrate so hard on his mental power that he needed someone to guide him through everyday life. He latched onto Taliff, and wound up signing up as his bodyguard/servant. While Duran was skilled in Psychometabolism and Psychoportion, he merely dabbled in Psychokinetics – and had no skill in other disciplines. He really became formidable when he became a werebear – although Raven had to locate a (very) specialized spell to straighten out his head. That let him maintain a “compromise” human/werebear personality – and use his mental powers – in either form. He was rather grateful.

   Flamestrike, Autumnsfire, Sunspark, and Forgelight, deserve a mention just because they’re unusual. The four are now pure elemental spirits, free of the usual compulsions and limitations of physical bodies. This has relatively minimal effects: they’re immune to the ill effects of old age, they’re TN (like other elementals) rather then CE, and have lost their clerical spells. Otherwise, use standard red dragon attributes.

   “Lotus” AKA “Flowering Petals Of Blood In The Shape Of The Divine Lotus Flower”: A fervent eastern-style priest of Tempus, god of war, Lotus was highly skilled in both armed and unarmed combat, and used spells mostly to enhance those abilities even further. Lotus seemed to regard it as part of his job to foment conflicts in any situation; his association with the group was very brief, and not especially friendly – although they did bring him back after he got himself pointlessly killed since he had been “helping” them at the time.

   Slayer: Amnesiac after taking a glancing crossbow bolt to the head while pursuing his target in The City Of Doors, Slayer was apparently a ranger/bounty hunter equipped with remarkable skills as an archer and various magical enhancements to those capabilities. He chose a memory-restoration spell and a trip home as his reward for the recovery of the Chaos Orb. Everyone else was happy to see him go; his personal enemies kept popping out of the woodwork.

   Louie The Gypsy: A thief/mage of very specialized talents (Illusion and Divination ONLY), Louie would’ve been quite a lot more successful if he’d been a little more creative in the use of his abilities. An illusory monster isn’t ALWAYS the best tactic. Louie eventually decided to go back to working as a con artist, instead of being an adventurer. It was so much safer.

   Taliff Starslayer: A skillful necromancer, and an incurable tinkerer, Taliff was remarkably chaotic. He invariably denied being “The Leader”, usually with the statement “How should I know why they’re following me! They’re all free individuals!”. An excellent, and most persuasive, speaker, Taliff tended to try to talk his way out of difficulties. If that failed, he fell back on his spells – and on his apparently endless arsenal of small gadgets and minor alchemical preparations. Unlike many adventurers, Taliff viewed business and investment as the best way to get money. Unlike most chaotics (and necromancers), Taliff was helpful and reliable. He seemed to feel that you needed reliable help and friends to attain great wealth and power – and that the best way to get and keep them was to be a reliable help and friend.

   Talos Pendragon: A massive minotaur who claimed to be an exiled “noble”, Talos was a powerful (and rather stupid) warrior with berserker tendencies. He tended to be arrogant, impatient, and threatening, as well as remarkably well equipped with practical skills. He was useful to have around sometimes – but provoked so much unnecessary chaos and trouble that the rest of the group often quietly speculated on how much gelding him would improve things. He calmed down somewhat when Arianna was around, as they were carrying on an affair.

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