Power Packages

   This page is devoted to requested power packages – ways of buying eccentric or unusual powers in Eclipse (available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here) or with The Practical Enchanter (also available in print Here and in a shareware edition Here) that you can drop into your character. This will be subject to periodic expansion as requests come in.


The Maker of Potions, Scrolls, and Talismans

                        (9-12 CP)

   Per Derrick’s request, for those who want to know how to build a character who makes lots of minor items in point-buy without XP or money, here’s an easy way:

   Enthusiast (Double): Specialized: Can only be changed in laboratory, normally between adventures. Corrupted: Only usable on “Innate Spell” and similar magical gifts. The two modifiers triple the effect, providing a total of 6 “Floating” CP to make potions and scrolls with at a cost of 6 CP.

   Create Relic. Specialized: only to make limited-use items costing a maximum of 3 CP each. 3 CP.

   If you want to be able to loan items to other people, add Blessing: Specialized (only for use with items created with this package, +3 CP).

   Potions, Scrolls, and Talismans are normally bought as Innate Spell (Sometimes with Bonus Uses): Specialized (Does not recover, Half Cost). For example:

  • Pouch of Fireball Dust. Innate Spell: Fireball, +4 Bonus Uses. 1 CP. For 2 CP you can have a pouch with 13 uses. For 3 CP you get 21. The same pattern works for other L3 spells, such as Cure Serious Wounds (L2 spells get an extra use, if you want L1 spells you get two of them with the same number of uses each). Unfortunately, this doesn’t bypass the level requirements for using innate spells, so low-level alchemists may have to wait a bit before they can start blowing things up.

  • Minor Scrolls: Occult Talent/Improved, Corrupted: Slots must be preset, Effect x 1.5 (7x L0, 5x L1 spells in total). For a sample list, this would cover scrolls of Light, Message, Detect Magic (x2), Read Magic, Create Water, Mage Hand, Magic Missile, Silent Image, Obscuring Mist, Entangle, and Color Spray. As usual for “innate spells” these are cast at an effective caster level equal to the characters total level. 2 CP

  • Curative Ointment. Healing Touch with Bonus Uses (5 doses that Cure the user’s [Chr Mod x Level HP]) and Improved/Switch/Empower with Bonus Uses (4+Level/3 total uses of Remove Disease, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse, Neutralize Poison, and Restoration). 3 CP

   This character has a sneaky advantage built in here: not only does he or she have a plentiful supply of low-level gizmos to start off each adventure, but he or she can pass them around and can make them with any spell effect he or she desires: you don’t have to “learn” spells to get them as innate spells or occult talents.

   A fairly similar setup works for any minor artificer who specializes in a particular area, such as temporarily enchanting weaponry, granting physical feats, providing mystical senses, or any other limited field.


The Taskmaster: (Variable Cost):

   Per Raymond’s request, here are some ways to perform noncombat tasks at superhuman speed.

  • Option (1) Take Unseen Servant and Unseen Supervisor as (from The Practical Enchanter) Unlimited-Use Use-Activated Innate Enchantments (2000 GP value each, total 4000 GP/5 CP). Specialized: Unseen servants only act as assistants to increase the amount of work you can get done in a given time (Half Cost, net cost 2 CP). This multiplies the amount of mundane work a character can get done in a given time by a factor of four. Upgrading the Unseen Supervisor spell to L2 (12,000 GP) and could reasonably increase this to a factor of eight or so, but that’s probably the limit of the process – and upgrades the cost to 7 CP. The “Do it all yourself” special effect has no effect in game terms, and is therefore free.

  • Option (2) The Path of The Dragon/The Way of the Dragon’s Craft: This does require Shaping, but it could be taken “Only as a prerequisite” (Specialized, 3 CP). Taskmaster (+6 CP) divides the time required for small-scale mundane tasks by (Intelligence). Forge of the Dragon (specialized, only as a prerequisite, 3 CP) and Manufacture (+6 CP) allow you to speed up crafting, manufacturing, and similar tasks by an additional factor of ten – and to produce Masterwork items without taking extra time to do so.

  • Option (3) Action Hero/Crafting Option (6 CP, or more if additional AP are desired). While the discription here is that you “have been working on” a major project for some time, doing it at superhuman speed is an equally valid effect – and requiring that you have the necessary tools and materials, and delaying the completion of the project for, say, 1% of the time that it would normally require would count as Specialized – probably taken to double the number of AP available.

  • Option (4) Researcher (6 CP). This halves the time required for mental work in a particular field.

  • Option (5) Immunity to Time Requirements: If you can persuade your game master to let you buy this immunity to an aspect of reality, this is by far the most powerful option available. In fact, its so grossly powerful that I’d probably insist that it be limited to a very specific set of tasks… Trivial Immunity (Very Common/Major/Trivial, 5 CP) would cover minor, tedious, low-skill tasks, such as cleaning. Minor Immunity (10 CP) would cover basic skilled tasks and crafts, Major Immunity (15 CP) would cover advanced physical and basic mental tasks, such as building a cottage or memorizing a tome. Great Immunity (30 CP) would cover complex mental tasks, such as designing a building or building complex machinery. Epic Immunity (45 CP) covers spell research and similar activities, while Legendary Immunity (60 CP) covers major projects, such as enchanting items or running a political campaign. These could reasonably be Corrupted (some time is still required, albeit far less than normal) or Specialized (in a particular field, or for noncombat actions only).

  • Option (6) Inherent Spell/Moment of Insight (L1, see The Practical Enchanter, +20 to Checks four times per day): Specialized: only usable to overcome penalties for rushing tasks (3 CP) plus Luck (Specialized: Only up to the limit necessary to overcome penalties for rushing a task, double effect, Corrupted: only usable with Skill and Attribute checks, not in combat or with Saves, x1.5 effect, 6 CP) with Bonus Uses (total 5/day, 6 CP). This package has a net cost of 15 CP and provides a base roll of “20” with a bonus of +60 to overcome penalties for rushing a task. If that isn’t enough, I suppose you could get Augmented bonus or another skill-amplifier effect to help out with the task.

  • Option (7) Direct Magic. This includes effects like Witchcraft/The Hand of Shadows, taking Channeling and Conversion to produce a group of spell effects (Fabrication and perhaps a few similar spells), using the Create Item/Transmutation sequence, as in the Edward Elric sample character. Just as in option one, using “superhuman speed” as a special effect has no game effect, and thus costs nothing.

Cinematic Talents (6 CP Each): 

  • Dramatic Slow Motion: Abruptly the scene drops into slow-motion, while you somehow accomplish more in a moment than any human being has a right to (Reflex Action/Extra Actions variant, 6 CP)
  • Dialogue Editing: 1d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option, Specialized “in Changing What I Just Said” only (Double Effect, 6 CP).
  • Amazing Intuition, Cue Card, Flashback, or Dues Ex Scriptwriter: Inherent Spells, True Strike and True Skill, twice per day each (6 CP).
  • Brilliant Insight or Cut Scene: Inherent Spell, Specialized (Double Effect: Only works when the GM feels like activating it for a L6 effect up to 1/day), shows some important or informative scene happening elsewhere in space and nearby in time, which the user simply deduces must have happened, be happening, or is about to happen.
  • Penetrating Strike: Inherent Spell (L2, usable 2/Day): one attack ignores all modifiers for cover or penetrates any single obstacle without hindrance (6 CP)
  • Going Ballistic: Berserker with Enduring and Odinpower, Specialized: only usable when seriously injured or when avenging some horrible offense (Half Cost, 6 CP).
  • Climactic, Replayed, or Multi-Angle Blow: Enhanced Strike/Crushing (6 CP).
  • Smashing Stuff: Augmented Attack/Shattering Blow (6 CP).
  • Working Off Frustrations: 3d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option: Specialized (only to cause a gratuitous fight scene, double effect) and Corrupted (always produces people who want to attack the user, 1.5x effect) (6 CP).
  • Focused on the Action: Inherent Spells/Personal Haste and Expeditious Retreat 2/day each (6 CP).
  • Special Effects/Pyrotechnics/Stuff Blows Up: Inherent Spell/Fireball with +2 Bonus Uses. Corrupted (2/3′rds cost): must attack something which is at least remotely plausible as the source of an explosion for this to work (6 CP).
  • Special Coaching: Double Enthusiast (Specialized in Skills for double effect: +4 SP worth of Floating Skills) (6 CP).
  • Product Placement: Equipage with Purchasing. Specialized for half cost: the user may only specify (Int Mod) items which he or she will be “pushing” during this game session. (6 CP).
  • Catch Phrase: Improved Superior Presence: Specialized and Corrupted for 1/3′rd cost: may only be used for up to (Cha Mod) turns per day.
  • Reshoot: Luck with +4 Bonus Uses. Specialized for half cost: may only be used for rerolls, not to “take 20″ (6 CP).
  • Too Famous to Die: + 3/- Universal DR (6 CP).
  • Favors, Contacts, and Old Associates: 2d6 Mana/Reality Editing Option, Specialized in “knowing someone helpful in the area” (Half Cost, 6 CP).


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