Exalted – Wyld Endowments

Wyld Exaltations are a popular notion. While there’s no such thing in canon, you CAN do something – however limited – along those lines with a single new raksha charm.

Transmigration Of Mortality

  • Cost: — (2g); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
  • Keywords: Glamour (1), Mutation (1), Shaped-Only.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Assumption Of The Person’s Heart.

This charm allows a Raksha using Assumption Of The Person’s Heart to spend two glamour to secure itself within the target’s very soul. The combined entities no longer get separate actions and must agree on whatever actions they do take together, but the combined being may use either its raksha or human trait or pool as is convenient at any given moment – and may expend its XP to raise either set. Struck by a cold iron weapon? That doesn’t bother a human any more than any other weapon does, so it has no special effect. Order Restoring Blow? Take it as a human. Being checked by magical senses? Show as human or raksha or some combination thereof as suits you. Wyld Mutation check? Raksha don’t have to worry about those and so you don’t either. Respire in Creation? Keep motes from stunting past the end of a scene? Well humans can do that, and so can you. There is only one exception; Endowed mortals continue to age, albeit at only half the usual rate. They can, however, stack that with the benefits of longevity mutations.

If this charm is combined with Extinction of Desire, the Raksha user becomes an Endowment – an intangible artifact that bonds with a human soul and bestows Raksha powers on him or her – and which will drift off to bond with another user if the current user dies, somewhat like a (cheap imitation) Exaltation. If someone with sorcerer’s sight or otherwise-decent essence senses should happen to get a look at an Endowment they’ll see a swirling, throbbing, sphere of raw power that somewhat resembles a (smaller and weaker) Protochinimaic Vortex. Interestingly, if this Charm is taken in an Adjuration, Extinction Of Desire can be added at the cost of (1 MP). Once such an oath is fulfilled (a promise to serve until seven mortals have been Endowed until death with only those who survive at least ten years counting is a fairly standard price for being allowed to live) the Raksha who swore it will be restored to existence, gaining whatever extra abilities have been bought for the Endowment in the meantime as a bonus.

If you want a mortal character to possess an Endowment take an Artifact. A one-dot version is built as Commoner Raksha, two-dot versions are built as Heroic Commoners, and the three-dot version is built as a Raksha Noble. Increase those by one dot if you wish to spend an extra forty XP upgrading your endowment, two dots for eighty, and three dots for one hundred and twenty.

While mortals and god-bloods with Endowments are sometimes called “Wyld Exalts”, that’s very much a misnomer. When you come right down to it, Raksha simply aren’t anywhere near as powerful or versatile as Exalts, even if they can become quite competent as martial artists and an Endowed Human is basically a Raksha who can use Terrestrial Sorcery, resist iron, and respire in Creation. That’s handy – but they’re still just more playable Raksha and will fall behind an Exalt very rapidly indeed. They do make an interesting change of pace though.

So what might a Noble Endowment look like? Well to throw one together…

Sardion, the Wanderer’s Song, a Noble Endowment ****

Once Sardion wandered creation as (oddly enough) a martial-artist/detective. Unfortunately, in an investigation of what turned out to be a rampaging Lunar Exalt, Sardion was easily defeated – but the victor opted to use him to empower a favored child rather than destroying him. Sardion is now on his second host, and need serve only five more through their lives to once more walk the lands of Creation in freedom. By then there will probably be a lot of new things to investigate…

  • Attributes: Str 5, Dex 7 (8), Sta 7, Cha 5, Man 6, App 5, Per 7 (8), Int 3 (4), Wit 3
  • Abilities:
    • Caste: Investigation 5 (6, 1 BP), Larceny 5, Medicine 5, Occult 5 (6, 1 BP), and Stealth 5.
    • Favored: Athletics 5, Dodge 5 (7, 2 BP), Martial Arts 5 (7, 2 BP).
    • Specialities: Martial Arts/Fighting in Dream-Armor +3d (5d with mutation).
  • Backgrounds: Ally 1, Artifact 3 (4, 2 BP), Birth 3 (4, 2 BP), Gossamer 3. Style 5 from Style Improving Spirit. Backgrounds like “Retinue” are possible in theory, but they seem a bit silly.
    • Ally: A Small God has been assigned to monitor the doings of Sardion’s hosts – and knows that, once Sardion wins his freedom, he will be at least temporarily out of work! To forestall that unpleasantness Vendion usually appears as a cheetah and helps out a bit much as a “familiar” might do (yes, I like cheetahs and yes, there aren’t that many suitable backgrounds for an Endowment. Things like “Retinue” should probably simply be considered in abeyance for the duration).
    • Artifacts: While the notion of artifacts that come with an “exaltation” seems reasonable – they need only be stored Elsewhere between hosts – when you don’t know what the prior host may have used his or her endowment to stash away it seems reasonable to limit any “Artifacts” that come with an Endowment to the Adjurations it has sworn to before using Extinction of Desire (and cannot break until it regains it’s freedom) and Onieromancies using Assumption Of The Person’s Heart so that they can reasonably transfer from host to host with it.

So for a list of those artifacts…

  • Adjuration ***/Tower of Invincible Egotism (3). Provides the equivalent of a Lesser Dream Of Battle (Three Dot Artifact Armor):
    • Lesser Dream Of Battle (Normally Treasure *** and 1 Mote to Attune but here taken as a Mutation):
      • “Perfect” Lamellar: Soak +10L/10B. Normally Mobility -1 and Fatigue -1 but as a mutation it has no penalties, does not count as armor, never needs repair, has no attunement cost (beyond the cost of swearing to the adjuration anyway), and also counts as shaping armor.
      • Adamantine (1): The Lesser Dream provides 5L/5B Hardness.
      • Augmenting (5): +2 each to Archery, Athletics, Dodge, Martial Arts, and Melee.
      • Disguised (2): The Lesser Dream has no fixed physical form; it can “become” any type of armor or clothing that the user desires; it is the user’s fey and dangerous aura that is the real mark of it’s presence.
      • Exoskeletal/+1 Dex (2): The Lesser Dream grants it’s wearers swiftness and sureness – a boon to those who wish to survive a battle.
      • Hearthstone Socket (Free): The user may mount and use one hearthstone by pressing it against his or her skin.
      • Talismanic/Walkaway (1): Three times per scene the Lesser Dream can reduce the final damage from any attack or flurry by three levels. In conjunction with the Warding function this will reduce damage to nothing – and negate any associated special effects.
      • Warding (3). The Lesser Dream limits the maximum damage that the wearer may suffer from any attack or flurry to three levels.
  • Adjuration ***/Veiling The Gods Eyes. Sardion can use the Telekinesis thaumaturgic science without expending motes or willpower or requiring components and need not raise the DC to get results in a single turn. He must still roll for it however.
  • Adjuration */Transmigration Of Mortality and Extinction Of Desire. The basic “indentured as an Endowment” version. As a rule,
  • Adjuration */Swift Wings of Song (add Cup to initiative rolls) and Surpassing Excellence (+2d on Martial Arts when fighting in Dream-Armor, 1).
  • Adjuration */Essence Channeler Upgrade: Add (2 x Willpower + Sum Of Virtues) to Mote Pool (2)
  • Adjuration */In the style of the Renaissance Masters (2). All equipment and animals the user employs are treated as being “Perfect” (even if that’s been removed from the game this is Raksha Magic).
  • Adjuration */Ward Of The Complex Form (2): Has health tracks for each arm, each leg, chest, abdomen, and head. Limbs are Crippled if taken below “Incapacitated”, and can absorb no further attacks. Wound penalties apply to actions involving the damaged body part only. Environmental damage is always applied to the chest, otherwise the defender always gets to pick where damage is applied.
  • Hero’s Guiding Star (Onieromancy *):
    • Assumption of Dreams and Passion/Inspiration (1)
    • Assumption Of The Person’s Heart (1)
    • Bestial Transformation (Inward-Facting, 2): Gain (Ess + 3) Mutation Points (May be changed with each activation).
    • Mad God Mein (1): The spell cannot be destroyed by countermagic.
    • Gossamer Wing Flight (Inward-Facing, 2): Allows Flight
    • Elegant Muse Attitude (Outward Facing, 3): +3d on all rolls where Inspiration might help.

Which is a pretty comprehensive suite really. Of course, Raksha are known for their small arsenals of Grace Magic.

  • Gossamer: Have Resources-5, begin each story with +6 Gossamer.
  • Birth-Charms: Assumption of the Bestial Visage, Ravishing the Created Form, Banquet of Crumbs, Essence-Forging Art, Awakened Dream Manufacture, and all five Forging the (Grace).
  • Other Charms:
    • Bestial Evocation: Give a useful Wyld possession a form in Creation.
    • Worker’s Gift: Gain gossamer when fulfilling the users motivation.
    • Style Improving Spirit: Gain Style 5
    • Bastion of the Self (Heart): Provides invulnerability against non-magical , unstunted, damage and environmental effects. Against magic and stunts it provides +3 DV or dice as appropriate.
    • Radiance of the Invincible Warrior: A short-range teleport usable in step 9 of combat.
    • Host-Summoning Glory Of Command: Call up items/instant draw.
    • Transient Works of Flesh and Bone: Produce Army or Behemoth
    • Glorious Hero Form x2/+1 Dex, +1 Int and +1 Per.
    • Root of the Perfected Lotus: The user may learn Terrestrial Martial Arts.

With the XP for being an upgraded four-dot Endowment Sardion will also have seven martial arts charms – probably enough to master a Terrestrial Style. Go ahead and pick one you like.

  • Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 5, Temperance 1, Valor 5 (2 BP)
  • Graces: Heart — (3 effective), Cup 1, Staff 5, Ring —, Sword 5.
  • Flaws: Amnesia (The user cannot access Sardion’s memories beyond how to use his powers, -3), Code of Honor (The user is afflicted by a portion of the usual Raksha bound-by-their-word troubles, -3), and Obligation (The user owes a big favor to the Lunar who bound Sardion to serve as an Endowment, -3). Sardion had some enemies and quirks of his own of course, but none of them mean anything while he’s being an Endowment. Similarly, his user is going to be pretty blatantly using Raksha powers, but that’s what you get for using an Endowment.
  • Willpower 10 (5 BP). While Sardion has no volition, and cannot spend willpower while he’s being an Endowment, his host can draw on his reserves.
  • Essence 3 (10 BP). Essence Pool: 62, 14 Committed, leaving 48 available for use.

Sardion is impressive for a human – but when you come right down to it, he’s just another Noble Raksha. While he can easily survive in Creation, so can any other Noble Raksha with a Chancel * – which no sensible noble will be without. 

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  2. […] Transmigration Of Mortality: How a Raksha can share his or her powers with a mortal host. […]

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