Star Trek Templates

   Star Trek has – over the years – become less science-fiction, and more drama.

   Well, there are only a limited number of people who are actually interested in the technical details of how things are supposed to work, but everybody is interested in people and excitement. Nevertheless, it means that Star Trek character types are no longer very closely related to realistic ship crew positions.

   Since it’s been requested, here are a few Star Trek 24-point (one level) templates for the Eclipse: The Codex Persona classless d20 rules. OK, they’re a bit tongue-in-cheek in some ways – I preferred the original series – but they should serve for a lot of the later shows very nicely.

   The Ensign is usually a part of the security forces aboard, but may be assigned elsewhere. While he or she usually has some talent at SOMETHING, as often as not it will have nothing to do with whatever his or her job is supposed to be. He or she may carry a weapon, or be assigned to use some sort of equipment, but the odds are good that a passing chimpanzee would do it better.

  • Extraordinary Returning (Series must be cancelled to keep The Ensign from coming back). Corrupted: The Ensign must assume a new name with his or her return – as well as always wearing a red shirt and being the primary target (8 CP).
  • Shapeshift and Variants: Specialized and Corrupted: only to periodically assume new identities, only covers minor variations on the base species (3 CP)
  • Double Enthusiast. Specialized and Corrupted: GM selects use to fit plot, can only change between sessions, and then only if there’s time. 6 CP worth of abilities (6 CP).
  • Inherent Spell: Summon Shuttlecraft (Specialized: must go to an appropriate place to find a shuttle, such as a hanger bay, landing zone, or similar, Corrupted: Only works when someone else – preferably someone else in the line of command – is looking for a shuttlecraft. (L9 effect, L7 base plus lasts for hours) (6 CP).
  • Knowledge Speciality/Star Fleet (1 CP).

   The Infiltrator may be an alien shapeshifter who temporarily replaces one or more regular characters, a regular character being remotely manipulated, or some sort of possessing entity – whether physical, spiritual, mental, or energy-based. Regardless of the Infiltrators exact nature, it moves in on everyone else and begins making all kinds of trouble. Oddly enough, no matter how bizarrely it acts short of blatant attacks, no one else will ever realize what’s going on.

  • Augmented Bonus/Adds it’s [Cha Mod] to it’s BAB (12 CP). The nicer, and more adept at handling people, the Infiltrator is, the deadlier it will invariably prove to be when attacking.
  • Immunity/Suspicion (Common/Minor/Major, 6 CP). Note that this also covers up the fact that the infiltrator may or may not have ANY idea of how to do whatever the individual it’s replacing normally does.
  • Major Privilege/Gets to replace some regular character with no rational explanation up to three times per episode (6 CP).

   The Engineer: In the real world, the Engineer tends to be the practical fellow who tells you why your nifty new idea either (a) will not work, (b) is impossibly expensive or inefficient, or (c) was tried and discarded years ago because there are much better ways. In Star Trek the Engineer is the person who usually performs the ritual pressing-of-the-buttons but who, on occasions, can be turned to to call upon the gods of techno-babble for special miracles – accomplishing never-to-be-repeated feats and blatantly violating many laws of nature along the way. That’s about as anti-engineering as you can get actually, but who are we to defy Starfleet?

  • 3d6 Mana with Reality Editing. Corrupted: Techno-babble tinkering is required. 12 CP.
  • Inherent Spell: Two level two spells, each usable twice per day: Repair Device (makes minor repairs with a moments tinkering) and Tweak Device (makes a device do something vaguely related, but definitely better than usual or abnormal) (6 CP).
  • Skill Specialities: Technobabble +3 (1 CP), Star Fleet Technology (1 CP), Electronics +1 (1 CP), Mechanics +1 (1 CP), Random Technical Field +1 (1 CP), and +1 Equipment Operation (1 CP).

   I’ll put up a few more shortly.

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