My time as a teenage Lich ep 1 (2) Return to the (Un)Living

   So; I’m 15 and my mentor the great White Necromancer Killion Totenritter dies.  I am depressed (kind of… he has died like, twice before, and he got better then).  Then, he appears in one of my dreams and tells me that I am skilled enough to take over and that he really shouldn’t keep coming back every time he gets smashed to bits.  So I find myself on this quest through strange realms seeing things that no living person ever is allowed to see, the great knowledges of life and death are burnt into my very being.  It feels like two months but it couldn’t be because it must be just a dream.  I mean I was asleep and don’t remember waking up to start the quest so it must be a really long dream.  I wonder if I am in a coma. 

    Anyway… then, I get to the nexus point to reach New York.  Killian meets me there and gives me a small book that I’ve never seen before. He tells me that it contains some of his notes on the teachings of Rathma and his favorite passages from the great book of Rathma. Then, he puts his hands on my shoulders and chants in german.  I hate it when he chants in languages I don’t understand.  So I ask him to tell me what that was about.  He says just a little gift, and it will be dangerous out there.  I should have known something was wrong that didn’t feel like the type of necromancy you use on the living.

    I stepped through the portal expecting to wake up in my bed… or possibly the hospital from a coma or something.  Only I find myself in front of the crypt.  So I head inside to see what is going on and I run into a wall of concrete.  Someone filled Rathma’s Temple with concrete!!! 

   So I call forth my power and say the proper words and inscribe the sigil of transformation and assume ghostform.  I head into the temple to find several areas open and functioning.  I even feel the residue of a few recent rituals.  I wondered then who would be summoning here with Killian gone.

    I keep searching until I feel a build up of magical energy.  I head for the disturbance and find myself directly below it so I cast my derivation on one of Killian’s favorite tricks and summon forth armor of enchanted bone to protect me.  Now fairly secure I resume ghostform and float up to check on the problem.  I run straight into this ummm… spirit thing.  Why does everyone feel so weird?  Its like each one is a bonfire that I can feel across the room but they each have subtly different… textures?, or maybe patterns.  Did I mention this is weird? 

   Anyway, there is all this energy in the room and I look to the kids to find out what is going on.  I am not going to shoot before I can think up some questions.  Some kid hits me with a glowing axe.  It doesn’t hurt, but it is disturbing.  Some catgirl claiming to be Ranko showed up too and almost attacked me.

   That was about when the demon appeared. So I did what I could but I don’t have much in the way of “send demon back where it came from” powers.  I could have sent it somewhere else, but that might not have been a good idea.

   Luckily this left me able to notice the arrival of several amulets as the spirit thing and Ranko sent it packing.  We had to explain to the kids that it was bad to use gifts from demons.

   With the superhero stuff done I figured I ought to head out.  Unfortunately I knew I had to leave a note for the Chauffeur or I would be yelled at again.  So I explained what had happened in a note put it under his door knocked and fled through a wall. (Ghostform is soooo cool.)

   Unfortunately in my flight to dodge the local speed demon, I stumbled into Vasilko’s room.  He reached into the astral and grabbed me.  There were naked werewolves everywhere. Being the secure, manly man that I am, I most certanly did not blush. Not one bit. No matter what Vasilko says. Or any of the other werewolves. Not one bit at all.  Anyway I told him I was back and that I got Killian’s power or at least part of it.  He told me that I smell dead.  I looked at myself and felt for my pulse only to find none.  Strangely this wasn’t as worrying as it should have been.  He also told me that sometimes when Killian was tired he smelled dead too so maybe it was something he did to make him alive and it was tiring.  With new thoughts in my head, that were completely unrelated to any of Vasilko’s girlfriends, I left through the door and went back to the Crypt. 

    That was when I found the eggs.  It took some time to find one of the other apprentices.  Apparently they wanted to summon dinosaurs but only got eggs.  Dinosaur eggs!!!  That was soo cool.  Until I found out that there were 90 of the damn things.  I decided to go to the lab to see if they were really dinosaur eggs.  I met She Who Claims To Be Ranko on the way.  We went to the data node in the basement. 

    It wanted to know if this was a desirable species so I said yes.  It confirmed it as a dinosaur.  I went to call a paleontologist to find out how dinosaurs lived and find out how long we had to figure out what to do with them.  One of the kids asked if the eggs were alive.  I told him that it should hatch if it is cared for.  I didn’t much think about it then.

   I think the sun rose while I was looking.  Being undead is a pain.  I can’t judge time right anymore.  At least now I know what that weird feeling is that I keep getting.  I have undead senses.  I feel the very lifeforce of the living.  And, judging from the number of broken pencils I had after trying to write down the name and number for the paleontologist, I have the strength of the dead as well.  I eventually stuck the note beside the phone.

   Well that should hold for now.  Its not like baby dinosaurs will be dangerous any time soon.

   I spend a while cleaning out the crypt one chunk at a time. (wow am I strong!)   Later I hear a report of a robbery in progress by superhumans (aliens, or guys in powerarmor or something). The Chauffeur gives us a ride.

   We arrive to find a battle in progress.  Spirit guy thing is the Hauntsman by the way.  some knight is fighting two known supervillians.  We wrap up one and Ranko uses some weird magic arrow that blacks out the city.  the other guy escapes and we have to rescue the city from blind drivers. and other perils. 

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