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   Here we have a set of four (or perhaps five, depending on how you count them) Occult-based charms for the Solar Exalted. It’s probably worth noting that – at least in our games – inventing your own charms has proven quite popular, even if it does take somewhat more careful monitoring by the game master.

   This particular charm-sequence was the creation of Vere Lugard, Solar exalted and Ambassador of the Mountain Folk for the Exalted: Stellar Explorers game – which changed the setting from “Creation” to Earth-Future, where the Exalted (having re-appeared in the 1940’s for the Exalted: Fortress Europe WWII campaign, and gone through the semi-current Exalted: High School Havoc game) were now helping with the exploration of the galaxy.

   The charms in this sequence include:

  • Essence Gathering Technique ->
  • Strength of Gaia ->
  • The Winds of Shu ->
  • The Great Awakening

   Essence Gathering Technique

Cost: One action
Duration: Two actions
Type: Simple
Minimum Ability: Occult 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisites: None

   You may take an action to gather ambient essence before using another technique requiring essence motes. Make a (Wits + Occult) roll: each success beyond the first reduces the cost of the next technique you use by one mote, to a minimum of zero. Unfortunately, gathering power in this way requires complex gestures and incantations – and often causes random side effects. Roll 1d10 if there are no successes and consult the following table:

  • 1-2: There’s a minor magical “splash”. Nearby essence-users will notice the disturbance automatically.
  • 3-4: There’s a major magical “splash”. Magical entities will notice it from quite a long ways away.
  • 5-6: A minor spirit shows up and is a bother for the next scene.
  • 7-8: There are gusts of wind, swirls of mist, odd lights, strange smells, and similar annoyances. The user takes a level of bashing damage.
  • 9-10: A shockwave – whether physical, magical, or mental – strikes the area. Physical ones occur on a 1-4 and shatter glass, knock things down, and attract attention. Magical ones occur on a 5-8 and may attract attention, foul up other spells, or cause random magical effects. Mental ones occur on an 9 or 10, and can induce bizarre emotional effects in anyone in the area. That can be quite dangerous.

   There are very similar charms available to spirits and to several of the other types of Exalted characters.

   Strength of Gaia

Cost: 6 Motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Ability: Occult 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisites: Essence Gathering Technique

   You surround and infuse your body with the energies of the earth. Thanks to this arcane exoskeleton, you may add your Occult skill level to your Strength and Stamina, although you may not more than double either by this means. Anyone you’re currently holding is protected by your stamina-based soak as well while the charm endures.

   The Winds of Shu

Cost: 6 Motes, 1 Willpower
Duration: One scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Ability: Occult 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisites: Strength of Gaia

   Infused with the power of elemental air, you may send forth psychic winds. You may communicate your thoughts to others, and hear their replies, at immense range using (Perception + Occult). The number of successes needed depends on how much searching is involved, and how alien the mind to be contacted is. Checking up on your friends is relatively easy, communicating with animals is harder (if only because they’re really very bright), and trying to reach a spirit is pretty hard. At closer ranges you may exert actual force – a telekinetic effect with an effective strength equal to (Willpower + [Roll Stamina + Occult] successes.

   Thanks to its dual nature, the Winds of Shu counts as two charms, both of which must be purchased at the same time.

   The Great Awakening

Cost: 12 Motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Minimum Ability: Occult 5
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisites: The Winds of Shu

   You may command the attention of a spirit, whether of an area, a force, or an item. If it’s sleeping, or unaware, you awaken it. Of course, rousing the spirit of a currently-dormant volcano isn’t necessarily a good idea. The spirit will at least listen to you – you gain automatic successes equal to your essence when attempting to persuade it to do something for you – but it may still resist and isn’t likely to do something suicidal unless it’s very stupid.

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