Exalted – Integrity Charms

English: Caption reads "Papuan charm".

No no… I HAVE Charms, I’m not Charming!

And here we have a little more of Charles’s eccentric charm research…

Destiny Manifesting Mastery

  • Cost: Special, Minimums; Integrity 3, Essence 2; Type; Permanent
  • Keywords: Realm (Creation).
  • Duration: Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: None.

Solars cannot be bound by the threads of fate, instead drawing them – and the less potent creatures and spirits that they entangle – in their wake. A Solar with this charm has mastered that effect, and may cast his or her personal threads of fate into creation to entangle creatures and events in his or her personal goals. The user may select a specific, narrow, purpose – such as defeating a particular creature – and gain a “-1” target number modifier on rolls that are directly related to that goal. Sadly, once a Solar impresses his or her will on the cosmos in this fashion, he or she may not select a new purpose until the old one vanishes with Calibration – even if it has already been fulfilled. Fortunately, he or she may also may reflexively spend one point of temporary will to roll (Essence) dice in search of good luck (as per the Destiny background) at any time.

*”Realm” keyworded charms only work in limited areas of the cosmos – usually because they’re dependent on some special property of that area. In this case, “destiny” normally relies on the Loom of Fate, and so this charm only functions in Creation.

Contingent Destiny Assumption

  • Cost: —, Minimums; Integrity 3, Essence 3; Type; Permanent
  • Keywords: None
  • Duration: Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: Destiny Manifesting Mastery.

As the threads of fate may be manipulated, so may the seas of chaos which they bind. A character with this charm adds the Realm (Wyld) keyword to Destiny Manifesting Mastery, may purchase Raksha backgrounds, and may grant up to (Essence x 10) mortals and near-mortals (Awakened Humans, Jadefolk, Raksha, Dragon Kings, Et Al) at any one time a Destiny of “Work for Me” rated at (Occult). (Yes; that does mean that pretty much any roll meant to aid the granting character directly or indirectly, or aid the recipients own survival, qualifies easily). Dice added through Destiny are due to environmental circumstances, and do not count as dice added by a charm.

Phoenix Declaration Oath

  • Cost: Special, Minimums; Integrity 3, Essence 4; Type; Permanent
  • Keywords: None.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Contingent Destiny Assumption.

Dedicating their essence to some great purpose with an oath, and drawing deeply upon the infinite possibilities of the Wyld, the user reforges himself or herself as a being of terrible purpose. He or she acquires a new and permanent motivation that may never be abandoned – and can only be violated with a D4 Will check. As the user becomes a new creature, and permanently sacrifices this charm to power the transformation, his or her pools are refilled, his or her wounds are healed, and he or she may bypass training time and simply spend XP to purchase up to three new charms that fit his or her newly-declared theme. In the process, the user may redesign his or her anima banner (which flares to the maximum) and add appropriate decorative touches to his or her caste mark. Every being of essence 3+ within a radius of (user’s essence x 100 miles) (on earth; 10,000 light years in deep space) will be aware of the new powers ascension and purpose, and may opt to either support or oppose it.

Anima Merger Prana

(A.K.A. “Gangnam Anima Style”)

  • Cost: Special, Minimums; Integrity 4, Essence 4; Type; Permanent
  • Keywords: None.
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Prerequisite Charms: Having (or having previously used) Phoenix Declaration Oath.

The user may permanently alter his or her personal lightshow (caste mark and anima display) to suit his or her personal style, has background music whenever he or she wants it, and may add a secondary anima effect (agreed on with the game master) to his or her original one.

Silly dance steps are optional – although you explicitly MAY take “Gangnam Caste Anima: Spend 3 motes to dance like you’re riding a horse, gaining (Essence) successes on rolls to make people laugh at you over and above any other bonuses you apply” if you so desire. Just how this meme got attached to an Exalted charm remains unknown, but it is getting in everywhere these days isn’t it?

5 Responses

  1. The Motivation granted by Pheonix Declaration Oath being permanent seems to me a bad idea. If the Motivation of the character cannot be changed, then he’ll be stuck effectively doing the same thing over and over, even after the criteria for completing the Motivation have been met. Perhaps you should edit it so that if the Motivation has been completed, the player then chooses a new one that fits the themes chosen upon the charm’s activation. But barring change by completion, no other method of changing the Motivation would work.

    • Well, you do get to keep (and change normally) your existing motivation(s) – but I think I’d require another special charm to change your newly acquired one. After all, it represents a dedication and transformation powerful enough to provide instant healing, mote refreshment, and “training” – so using it really should be a major decision rather than a simple way to win battles.

      On Charles’s side, of course, this is more of his stepwise path of transcendence-by-building, and he was thinking of primordial-style motivations – things like “Dominate and Rule”, “Bring Hierarchy and Order to All Things”, and so on. (He, of course, is headed for something like “Heal the Cosmos” or “Fix Everything”, but that is for another time).

  2. […] Integrity Charms: Charms for manipulating and transcending your destiny. […]

  3. […] Integrity Charms: Charms for manipulating and transcending your destiny. […]

  4. […] Integrity Charms: Charms for manipulating and transcending your destiny. […]

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