Eclipse d20, Taric the Pit Fighter

   For today, it’s another special request – a relatively “normal” fighter.


Level Two Human Pit Fighter

   Taric, along with most of his family, was captured in a border raid. Unlike most of the youngsters who were sold as servants, he was more rebellious than sensible, and kicked up enough trouble to wind up being sold to a gladiator school a few years later.

   He was cheap and disposable – and so was drilled with heavy armor (to keep him standing for a bit) and a single, impressive, weapon. After all, he wasn’t expected to live long enough to use a second one.

   Unexpectedly, he turned out to have some talent (or at least decent muscles and plenty of anger), and survived his initial bouts. That really rather surprised his trainers – and so did the stroke of luck which gave him a good chance to escape and the speed at which he grabbed it.

   Taric is a paranoid, vicious, young man – and has a long list of people (captors, masters, trainers, people who killed friends of his, people who cheered too loudly for his opponents, and more) whom he’d like to see dead.

   A bit of adventuring offers a chance to stay ahead of any pursuit (there might or might not be any, depending on whether or not his owner cares enough and whether or not the trainers he took out on the way out survived), good cash, a chance to practice the few skills he’s got, to work off a little of his repressed (OK, not so repressed) anger, and – perhaps – a chance at collecting some allies and enough personal power to start working his way down his list.

   Basic Attributes: Str 16 (+3), Dex 10 (+0), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 16 (+3), and Cha 10 (+0). (32 Point Buy).

   Available Character Points: 72 (Level Two Base) +12 (Level One and Human Bonus Feats) +10 (Disadvantages: Valuable/escaped pit fighter, Dependent/Alcohol, and Irreverent) = 94.

   Basic Abilities (62 CP):

  • Hit Points: 20 (L1d20, 16 CP) +8 (L2d10, 6 CP) +2 (2 x Con Mod) = 30.
  • BAB +2, Specialized/Melee Weapons, Corrupted/Greatsword only for Triple Effect (+6 total) (12 CP)
  • Skill Points: 7 (7 CP).
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +0 (Purchased, 0 CP) +3 (Wis Mod, See Below) = +3
    • Reflex: +0 (Purchased, 0 CP) +3 (Wis Mod, See Below) = +3
    • Will: +1 (Purchased, 3 CP) +3 (Wis Mod, See Below) = +4
  • Proficient with Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor (15 CP), Proficient with Great Sword (3 CP).

   Special Abilities (32 CP):

  • Upgrade Human Fast Learner ability to +2 SP/Level (3 CP).
  • Improved Initiative +2 (3 CP).
  • Skill Emphasis/Survival, Specialized in Tracking for Double Effect (+4, 3 CP).
  • Paranoid Reflexes/Finesse, uses Wis Mod for Reflex Saves (6 CP).
  • Will to Survive/Finesse, uses Wis Mod for Fortitude Saves (6 CP).
  • Anime Master, Specialized in Greatswords (3 CP).
  • Track/Wilderness (3 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment, Corrupted/becomes increasingly paranoid when in use. (5000 GP Value/4 CP).
  • Madblade (Variant of Shillelagh, a normal Greatsword becomes +1 and is considered on size category larger, 2000 GP).
  • Whirling Guard (Shield, x.8 only works when holding a Greatsword, 1600 GP).
  • Focus of Madness (+2 Wisdom, Personal-only, 1400 GP).
  • Immunity/The normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Major, Trivial, Specialized/any abilities purchased this way must fit the blade expert theme and take the “paranoia” limitation, 1 CP).

   Total Skill Points: 7 (Purchased) +5 (Int) +10 (Modified Race) = 22.

  • Listen +8 (5 SP +3 Wis)
  • Survival +8 (5 SP +3 Wis)
  • Spot +8 (5 SP +3 Wis)
  • Sense Motive +8 (5 SP +3 Wis)
  • Tumble +1 (1 SP +0 Dex)
  • Use Rope +1 (1 SP +0 Dex)

   Taric is – obviously – very limited. He’s an angry young man with a very big sword with which he hits people – and when he’s having one of his paranoid fits, the blasted thing seems to get even bigger. Still, there are probably worse foundations for an adventuring career than the ability to take and inflict a lot of damage.

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