Star Wars – Valerie Soung of the Varen Sith

   Here we have another somewhat-edited background piece from Kira’s player…

   Being a daughter of the Varen Sith has it’s perks. Valerie’s life has been one with few hardships. Servants, tutors, and the best toys were all hers. Her Force lessons tended to be a bit more brutal than the rest of her life, but she accepted it as part of being a Sith. She and her mother would frequently be at heads with each other over some matter or another, but that is to be expected from two willful Varen.

   The day she got her first personal lightsaber was to be the crowning achievement of her hard work and study over the last twenty years. Finally she would be able to take her rightful place in Varen society and become a full Sith like her parents and grandparents. No more training lightsabers and no more borrowing a lightsaber from her parents when she was trying to actually kill someone. With a war in full swing she could gather spoils and attract suitors to pick from.

   She could barely contain her excitement as the crystal baked and grew in the special oven. She could feel the crystal forming and adapting to her personal power. Her tutor had to repeatedly tell her to slow down assembling the final pieces to the lightsaber as she hurridly slapped the crystal into place and powered it on for the first time. Soon everyone would know of Valerie Soung!

   It was pink.

   The blade was the most little-girl frilly girly pink possible. Not some light shade of red or “looks pinkish under the right lighting conditions”. No, this was pure pink. No one could possibly take her seriously with this! Disassembling and reassembling the lightsaber repeatedly did not change the result at all. This couldn’t be happening, she would be the laughing stock of the Sith at the Academy with this abomination!

   Valerie had not undergone the full training and conditioning needed to control herself when under the influence of the Dark Side. It was hoped that in another year she would be ready. Now, her frustration over her lightsaber was beginning to cause the uncontrolled feedback loop that was inherent in the Dark Side. Her tutor and parents had a great deal of difficulty in restraining her before she finally managed to regain control again.

   Dark Side control and conditioning suddenly got top priority.

   Her father seeing the lightsaber as a sore point, decided it might be best to tone down the emphasis on lightsaber combat in Valerie’s training. A shift in focus towards martial arts and better use of Force powers in hand to hand was probably in order.

   Valerie’s training continued. She even got sent on a few simple missions from time to time. The incorporation of shield generators into her bracers enabled her to use her martial arts techniques against foes wielding lightsabers – even if that still required tremendous skill and caution. Life was beginning to return to the track Valerie hoped for with only a few minor alterations. Her prestige was rising and she was considered one of the star pupils at the Academy. Soon she would be able to have her pick of suitors and the spoils of war at her fingertips. Life was going well.

   When her father picked a veritable loser to be his personal apprentice, Valerie was perplexed indeed. While at first it looked like he was already deep in the bonds of the Dark Side with the unnaturally pale skin, white hair and yellow eyes, she soon learned it was merely a genetic defect of some sort. It didn’t even look like the guy had received any training prior to his arrival at the Academy. What in the galaxy was her father thinking?

   Ah, so this Keldav was a latent then? Well, that explained a lot of things, but it still bothered her. Why would her father continue to train this unremarkable kid? Given the number of Force Sensitives streaming in, her father should be able to cherry pick the most powerful apprentice. Yet he chose this guy. Keldav laughing at her lightsaber when she wielded it during one of the sparring sessions her father set up was met with a severe beating that left Keldav in medical for a week. While her father scolded her for the outburst, that smug grin of Keldav’s definitely deserved it.

   Things really began to take a turn for the unusual in the events leading to when Kira’s lightsaber was finally constructed. Black was unheard of, none of the records she had found made mention of it, nor did they make mention of pink either. Interesting that two individuals would have unique lightsabers like this. The day that Keldav escaped was one she would never forget. He even walked right past her with that grin on his face again. Only after she was gone did she learn what happened.

   Wounding her father and then escaping was worthy of a lot of credit. No one had managed to escape before. This one had a good head on his shoulders and appeared unafraid of going against convention. Her father had chosen well indeed.

   It was only a matter of time before she was sent to bring him back. These fools that leapt to the initial call to hunt him down would be dead soon enough. The reports that soon began to circulate through the Academy only confirmed it. Soon they would have no choice but to send someone capable of both overpowering and outwitting Kira – unlike most of the usual blundering idiots!

   When the guards came to inform Valerie of her father’s summons, she knew it was finally time. Her turn to either bring Kira in or kill him. After all, their fates were linked, she had seen it.

4 Responses

  1. The only think I love more than playing Star Wars is playing Star Wars with characters that have good backgrounds.

    • A protagonist only really shines when presented with a good antagonist. Ergo, we have Valerie to serve as an antagonist to Kira and the rest of the party.

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