Exalted – Hearthstones III

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   Here we have a sampler selection of five Hearthstones (Earth, Wood, Solar, Abyssal, and Water) created using yesterday’s Hearthstone Design Rules, along with a new Art and some new thaumaturgic rituals to go with it.

   A Builder’s Stone (Earth *) is a thumb-sized lump of roughly baked red or brown clay – and has a very simple function: whenever the user holds out his hand and wants a brick, he or she will abruptly find themselves holding one. Such bricks are ordinary, baked, clay and quite mundane (and make relatively poor weapons) – but they’re perfectly serviceable as firebeds, building material, props, ballast, weights, and ways to keep your bedroll out of the mud. A few Exalts swear by the utility of Builder’s Stones; most others are quite content to leave them to the mortals.

   Of course, that’s simply Material Creation at (*).

   The Surgeon’s (or Franken-) Stone (Wood **) is a lenticle of clear crystal surrounded by a ruby rim, and can be used as a monocle. It’s most valued by mortal physicians, but is occasionally useful to Exalts.

   If used as a simple magnifying glass, it allows the user to see details clearly, even if they would normally be obscured by blood (a trivial effect, with no cost).

   It bestows full mastery of Biothaumaturgy (*) as well as knowledge of twenty rituals (see below) and a +2 bonus to Medicine checks (*) – for a net rating of **.

   Biothaumaturgy rituals are listed with their resource and reusable resource requirements, and include the nine Bioenhancement rituals that don’t deal with Soulgems as well as eleven rituals of it’s own. Note that the Bioenhancement versions of Biothaumaturgy rituals tend to use animal parts, odd alchemical and magical reagents, wax, and similar materials in place of the metal and crystal components typically used by the thaumaturgists of autochthon.

  • Analyze and Cauterize (0, Intelligence, 3, five minutes, R0, RR2).
  • Engineer Prosthesis (1, Manipulation, 4, ten hours, R2, RR2).
  • Engineer Bioenhanced Prosthesis (2, Intelligence, 5, 100 hours, R3, RR3).
  • Engineer Organ (2, Manipulation, 4, twenty hours, R4, RR3).
  • Implantation (2, Dexterity, 3, ten hours, R1, RR2).
  • Nerve-Muscle Graft (2, Dexterity, 3, ten hours, R2, RR3).
  • Programmable Response (2, Wits, 3, one hour, R3, RR3).
  • Engineer Bioenhanced Organ (3, Intelligence, 5, 200 hours, R4, RR3).
  • Output Maximization (3, Manipulation, 5, one action, R4, RR3).
    • As well as eleven rituals of it’s own:
  • Acupuncture (1, Medicine, 3, one hour, R0, RR1): Produces an effect equivalent to Seven Bounties Paste.
  • Hands of the Healer (1, Wits, 0, special, R0, RR2): The user may take twice as long as a medicine check normally takes to add his or her Occult skill to it.
  • Transfuse (1, Intelligence, 1, ten minutes, R1, RR1): Transfers up to three damage levels between subjects.
  • Wound Cleansing (1, Perception, 2, three minutes, R2, RR0): This treatment is as effective as using Wound Cleansing Unguent.
  • Biostasis (2, Intelligence, 2, One Minute, R2, RR0): Stops biological decay for up to one day per success, allowing subjects who aren’t yet brain dead to be revived later with Revivification (below) after repairs are made.
  • Cleansing Lightning (2, Stamina, 3, six ticks, R2, RR0): A voluntary target is instantly purged of any and all poisons, but is knocked out until the next day.
  • Purgative (2, Intelligence, 2, one minute, R3, RR2): Eliminates toxins and mundane parasites as per River Dragon Tablets.
  • Revivification (2, Intelligence, 4, ten minutes, R0, RR0): Magical CPR, it stops the process of death instantly once started, but must be continued until the victim is stabilized.
  • Flesh Golem (3, Intelligence, 5, one month, R4, RR5): Creates a very strong, and rather independent, Zombie-type creature.
  • The Laying on of Hands (3, Intelligence, 3, one hour, R3, RR)): The subject heals as an exalt for three days.
  • Transplant Organ (3, Dexterity, 4, four hours, R2, RR5): Transplants organs between to subjects in Biostasis. Yes, if you transplant brains, the Soul and Exaltation (if any) go with it.

   Ok, so the “mad scientist” overtones are more-or-less gratuitous – but it’s very hard to believe that there WOULDN’T be a well-developed thaumaturgic art devoted to healing and compensating for injuries; Exalts may not need it much, but there are an awful lot of mortals – the primary practitioners and developers of thaumaturgy – who often need it very much indeed.  

   A Radiant Sunstone (Solar ***) is a palm-sized mass of crystalline spikes growing from a central core which glows with a beautiful silver-gold radiance. Unusually, it requires no attunement to use (a minor effect, and thus free); when set in a simple pouch or other container with some gold and either left or carried for a week, it will apply the Distill Orichalcum adept-level thaumaturgic ritual to the gold – resulting in a (considerably lighter, but considerably more valuable) pouch of Orichalcum at the end of the week. That’s Duplicating a Thaumaturgic Effect for a base cost of ***.

   A Shadow Warrior’s Stone (Abyssal or Lunar ****) is a fragment of primal darkness, of seemingly infinite depths – although some observers say that a tiny spark of red light glows within it, almost infinitely distant. It allows the user to wrap himself or herself in a portion of that darkness, using it as armor, cloak, and weapon.

   The user gains +4 to Stealth and +2 to related abilities (notably Larceny, Dodge, and any attacks made while the victim cannot see the user) (die bonus ***) as well as the ability to reflexively infuse the objects he or she carries with darkness (for two mote per scene), allowing the user’s clothing to function as any desired mundane armor and simple sticks, stones, and common items to serve as any desired mundane melee weapon (Bokken *). (That’s very slightly more versatile than usual for Bokken, but Bokken doesn’t usually cost any motes at all).

   An Earthblood Stone (Water *****) is a dark and oily looking mass which can easily be molded into various simple forms – but which solidifies into the usual rocklike hardness of a hearthstone once attuned. Unusually an Earthblood Stone does not need to be placed in a hearthstone socket to be attuned; it tends to cling to the skin, and the user can simply mold it into something wearable and commit a mote to the stone directly if he or she so desires. Once attuned, the user may produce large quantities or oil and/or warm tar at will, and may crudely shape and project it at ranges of up to forty feet. This is (at the least) very annoying and uncomfortable (and sticky in the case of tar), and can impose various penalties – but it’s not damaging, cannot be parried, and can only be dodged if it is individually directed rather than being sprayed over an area. Individuals affected can make D5 (Dexterity + Resistance) checks (basically rolling against the rating of the stone) to avoid problems such as temporary blindness, being stuck to things, and suffering suitable external penalties. More constructively, an Earthblood Stone can be used to caulk leaks, fuel fires, provide raw materials for the production of flame weapons, and help pave roads.

   That’s Create Material *** with the Large Quantities and Control options at (+*) each.

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